Ten Best Waterproof Work Boots For 2022

When looking at safety boots, a couple of things come to mind, dull and boring. You think you are looking at boots that serve their purpose and nothing else. In many instances that might be the case but I have created a review of the best waterproof work boots on the market today. These are anything but boring. There are a number of things to look at when deciding to purchase these boots. Some of them come with electrical circuit protection, along with protection from falls, slips, and oil.

It is always good to check the boots out to see whether the boots live up to what they claim concerning being waterproof. You also want to have some type of air system so your feet can breathe. If you find yourself on a very tight budget, the price of these work boots is important. You must understand that you can not go too cheap when it comes to keeping you safe in the workplace. Another issue to consider is the comfort of the boot. You just simply can not work from eight 12 hours a day in hazardous conditions with hurting feet. That alone is a real safety no-no.


Best Waterproof Work Boots – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures
Keen Utility Men's Milwaukee Wide Work Boot
Full-grain leather

Rubber sole
100% Waterproof


Provide safety for your feet
Timberland PRO Men's Gridworks Moc Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial Boot
Leather and Textile

Rubber sole
Waterproof membrane

Antimicrobial treatment

Dual-density Dynamic Anti-Fatigue Technology polyurethane footbed
Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot
100% Leather and Textile

Rubber sole
Breathable leather upper

Slip resistant Outsole

Waterproof Membrane
Wolverine Men's Floorhand 6 inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Shoe
100% Leather

Rubber sole
Provide extra traction

Cushioned footbed

All day comfort
Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men's Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots Insulated Rubber Outsole

Rubber sole

Break In Free

Lightweight Easy Wear
Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip Boots

Rubber sole
Provide full protection

Lightweight comfort and cradled support

HydroGuard keeps your feet dry
Timberland PRO Men's 6" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot
100% Leather

Synthetic sole
Waterproof work boots

Exceptional slip resistance

Shock-absorbing, geometrical technology
KEEN Utility Men's St. Paul Waterproof Industrial Boots
100% Leather and Textile

Rubber sole
Oil- and slip-resistant


Grip even on slick surfaces
Carhartt Men's CMF6371 Rugged Flex Six Inch Waterproof Work Boot
100% Leather

Rubber sole
Provides comfortable support

reduces foot fatigue

Waterproof and breathable membrane
Ariat Men's Workhog Pull-on Waterproof Pro Work Boot
100% Leather

Rubber sole
ATS Max platform

Maximum torsional stability

Slip-/oil-resistant outsole


Waterproof  Work Boot Buyer’s Guide

Sure, you want a work boot that will give top-notch safety for your feet but what if it is super comfortable for you to wear everywhere else? Construction, manufacture, heavy machinery, and utility jobs are what you would buy this boot for. It would be part of your daily safety uniform. Because the type of work you do can be dangerous, these boots protect your feet, from injuries. Believe it or not, your feet are a major asset. Your livelihood depends on both of them functioning normally. An injury in this area would kill your income.

That is why some of these boots come with steel toe caps. It is important to check every safety feature that a work boot offers. You want one that has everything when it comes to protecting your feet. You need to understand that not all work boots are created equal. Safety and comfort are both the most important elements when buying a good work boot.


Top Ten Best WaterProof Work Boots Reviews

1. Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boot

This work boot is suited to both the terrain and the job. You are going to want this boot because it is versatile. It works hard to provide safety for your feet during the day and plays nice at night. This boot is waterproof and comes with a breathable membrane. While the boots are oil and slip resistant, you can travel to the beach, mountains, and city streets in them. It does come with steel toe protection. When it comes to this particular boot, it is all pros but no cons. This has everything you need to keep your feet safe in your work environment.




2. Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks Moc Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial Boot

This boot comes with leather and textile. If you need odor control and structural support, it will give you that. This boot is good for all types of weather. However, it comes with a lot of cons. For the price, it does not offer any real safety for your toes when something falls on your feet. As comfortable as they are you don’t want to be found in these doing construction work. They are mostly for terrain and soft work such as landscaping.




3. Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot

This is another boot that offers comfort and a nice quality grade of leather but no steel toe. You would wear this boot for landscaping and milder jobs. The price is very reasonable as well. It is a least slip resistant. This boot is awesome in that you can wear it everywhere. The only thing missing is the steel toe for the hazardous jobs.




4. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 6 inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Shoe

If you are looking to adjust your level of comfort, here is a work boot that is not only waterproof but has a removable footbed. That means you can get stand run and jump in these boots and still not have to worry about hurting feet. However, you have wear this boot on milder jobs where there is less of a hazard. The con is that there is no steel toe. Also, it comes with extra traction for slip resistance.




5. Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men’s Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots Insulated Rubber Outsole

This boot provides heavy waterproof protection. You get full grain leather with a breathable membrane, waterproof laces and stitching with shock absorbance. The boots are lightweight so your feet do not feel heavy. You can use these boots for farming, gardening, landscaping, and outdoor hiking. It does say that you can use these shoes for heavy construction but they offer no protection for your toes so be careful with them.




6. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip Boots

With this particular boot, you have a side zipper which makes it easy to get in the boot. Plus, you are in comfort all day with an added structural steel shank. It is good with traction and easily grips dirt, fences, and ladders. Your feet stays dry regardless to the outside elements you face. Like most of the other shoes, there is no toe protection. So this one can be good for hiking since it has an awesome grip.




7. Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

This boot comes with a steel shank and a steel toe. You have extra protection from drips and it’s waterproof. You get all day comfort. Timberland does not disappoint with the comfort. It comes with anti-fatigue and slip resistant technology. For those that are heavy duty construction, these are the boots for you. It comes all pros and no cons. The style is even nice.




8. KEEN Utility Men’s St. Paul Waterproof Industrial Boots

Water and other hazards will never get in your way again when you have these industrial boots. Suitable for both contractors and construction workers, the boots have a carbon toe that functions as a steel toe. The composite toe is lightweight and gives you more room for your feet while still meeting all safety standards. These standards also apply to the outer sole, which uses rubber that is resistant to oil. You get the traction that you need and a sole that won’t leave behind marks as you walk. KEEN added a liner made from a waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps water out of the boots. The boots only come in black leather but are available in men’s sizes 9.5 to 14 and some wide options.




9. Carhartt Men’s CMF6371 Rugged Flex Six Inch Waterproof Work Boot

If you are looking for a boot that is just as rugged as you are, you found them. You can go hiking and do some construction in these boots. It does come with a composite safety toe which is different from a steel but offers protection. Also, the boot is slip resistant. Like all the others it also has good waterproof leather.




10. Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on Waterproof Pro Work Boot

So you want a work boot that is rough and rugged at the job site but at night it is stylish and full of charisma. Not only that they are easy to put on because they are pull ons. While they are considered athletic because of the jobs you can do with them, they are slip resistant. However, they offer no steel toe protection. You could wear these at the rodeo when you are working with cattle or bull riding. Landscaping, farming, and gardening is the best place for their use as well.




As you can see very few of these boots offer steel toe but have other extras that you might enjoy. Most of these can offer some structural safety support for your feet. You need the slip resistant feature to protect you all major falls. Where dryness is more important than structural support, these boots tick all the boxes. You can pick any boot on this list to help you with this. It is a requirement just like steel toe is for the hazardous job site. However, if you don’t work in construction you can wear any of these boots for your job and still wear them out at night to go and play.


The Right Boot For The Right Job

All of these work boots are of good quality leather. There were only two steel toe boots available on the whole list. However, the other boots are mainly for light to medium jobs. Always wear the correct boot for the right job. It will keep you from getting injured. Safety in the workplace is very important.

Being waterproof means that there is no water getting into the stitching. In the winter, that is so helpful because if you working and the water got in that would cause hypothermia. Every boot on the list has some type of waterproof leather or rubber that holds off water from getting inside the boot. The boots offer the breathable membranes so that your feet have wall to wall comfort. Only the best names in work boots give the breathable membrane so your foot can have some space. That means they will not hurt. You can wear them all day and not have a single ounce of pain.


Protected Toes

For those needing the added help in structural support, you get the steel shank. This helps you keep your balance. The steel shank protects the underside of the foot just like the steel toe protects the top of the foot. They both also retain the shape of the workbook. Steel shanks protect your foot from sharp objects that would try to penetrate the boot. Also, if your boots are expensive, they keep them in good condition so you are not constantly buying more. You can also get good arch support. Because they are a very thin flexible metal, you do not have to worry about your boot being weighed down.

They come in many different sizes. If you are using a ladder on a daily basis with your job, steel shanks protect you from ring bruises. Your feet will not nails or any other items penetrating through it because the steel shank will prevent that. Walking on uneven ground is never an issue either, that is also the job of the little piece of flexible metal. It will keep you balanced. They make good investments in a work boot just like the steel toe. The list included several pairs of shoes that had it. Thanks to the steel shank your boots will not fall apart because of overuse and it will more protection than the other features combined.

Getting a waterproof work boot is essential to your safety. With all the features offered by the workouts on the list, you should be able to determine what you need as far as your job is concerned. Just asked your employer what type of workboot would they recommend for your everyday use. Just make sure if you are in construction, you have a waterproof work boot with a steel toe and steel shank. These are the most important features a work boot could ever have. Go and get your waterproof work boots now.