Best Work Boot Socks For 2021

The best work boots money can buy won’t keep your feet comfortable without the right pair of socks, but separating the fact from the hype when choosing the right one for the job can be intimidating. Cotton, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, wool — what do these fibers do and how can you know which socks will live up to their advertising? Keep reading to learn more about which fabrics keep your feet protected and what special features to look for in the best work boot socks.


The Science of Work Boot Socks

Work socks are made to do more than just look pretty — they’re like a second skin whose purpose is to keep your feet comfortable and protect them from blisters and irritation.

The technology behind these socks has come a long way as specialty fibers and innovative designs are helping a new generation of feet get through the work day in comfort.

Before digging into the many benefits of quality work boot socks, here’s more about the individual fibers they’re made of and what they bring to the table.



Acrylic is a durable synthetic fiber that’s soft, warm and lightweight. Common in sweaters, it adds extra cushioning to socks without weighing them down and holds up to the repeated washing work socks need. If you need toasty, hard-wearing socks that don’t feel heavy, acrylic in the blend helps.



Elastane, also known as Spandex or Lycra, is derived from polyurethane. It’s stretchy and when blended with other fibers, holds its shape, helping socks fit snugly around the arch and ankle. If you need socks that don’t slip and slide in your boots, look for elastane in the blend.



The same fiber that gives carpet its durability does the same for work socks. It’s strong, versatile and often used with other fibers to stretch to fabric and improve its longevity. Nylon is a key component in heavy-duty sock blends.



Polyester is sturdy, water-repellant and helps keep socks from fading. Used to enhance durability, expect to find some polyester in most boot socks.


It’s not uncommon to see a small percentage of rubber in socks. It adds valuable elasticity and is a top choice for helping sock ribbing stay firmly in place.



Marketed as Olefin, synthetic polypropylene fibers are exceptionally lightweight and water-repellant. When combined with moisture-absorbing fibers, polypropylene wick moisture away from hot, sweaty feet.



Have you ever seen a sheep shiver? Wool from sheep and other animals is the original stay-warm fabric. It’s naturally wrinkle-resistant and absorbs tons of moisture before it starts to feel damp. If you’re worried about itchiness, look for socks made with Merino wool. It has the same general properties as regular wool, but it’s luxuriously soft.



Cotton is an all-natural, lightweight fiber that’s durable, breathable and absorbs moisture, but without added materials like nylon, can hold wetness to your skin.

You’ll see many high-quality work socks with cotton in their blend, but if you wear tall, heavy work boots that accumulate moisture inside, look for blends that also contain polypropylene or another moisture-wicking fiber. Cotton socks labelled preshrunk are a plus to avoid shrinking when washed.


The Benefits of Work Boot Socks

The biggest benefit of sock technology today is the ability to custom blend fibers to create advanced fabrics for every need. Here’s more about the most important features quality work socks offer over other styles.



Socks labelled moisture-wicking absorb sweat from your skin and allow it to evaporate, keeping feet dry and protected from uncomfortable bacterial and fungal infections. The best fibers for moisture-wicking include wool, polyester and polypropylene.


Gliding Technology

Marketed under a number of brand names, gliding technology is designed to reduce friction. Socks with this feature are lightweight and encourage the evaporation of moisture that makes socks get sticky and bunch up. It’s not only comfortable; it helps prevent blisters and irritation.


Compression Comfort

Taking a cue from doctors who’ve long prescribed compression stockings for swollen, achy feet, work sock makers are now offering styles that offer light compression to provide extra support and discourage the accumulation of fluid that makes feet feel tired.


Odor Neutralizers

Socks treated with antibacterial and antifungal agents not only protect your feet from infection, they keep offensive foot odor from building up in your boots. Titanium, charcoal and other proprietary blends of ingredients control odors and stand up to repeat washing.


Advanced Cushioning

Layers of heavy cushioning in pumps don’t look great, but in heavy work boots, it’s a necessity. Cushioning helps protect your feet against pressure points in your boots as well as adding to moisture-wicking capabilities and all-around comfort. For a custom fit, better work socks are designed with special zone cushioning that puts layers just where you need them in the heel, arch, and toes.


Best Work Boot Socks Reviews

Work boot socks should offer a blend of the fibers and features that best fit your needs. Here’s a breakdown of ten great choices to start the search.

1. Native Planet Patrol Cushioned Military Boot Socks

Made to withstand the rigors of military patrol, these well-cushioned socks are sure to be a perfect fit for working in tough terrain. Native Planet’s Technowool fibers blend wool and acrylic for the ultimate in four-season comfort and durability, while reinforced cushioning in high-impact zones offer extra shock absorption.

Heat and moisture are controlled with unique mesh zones built into the fabric for increased ventilation and light compression over the arch decreases foot fatigue. Native Planet guarantees you’ll be thrilled with your purchase or your money back.


– Non-irritating, flat-knit toe seam
– Shape-retaining spandex content


– Unisex fit may not be precise for women
– One pair costs as much as multi-packs of other brands




2. Pembrook All Season Crew Boot Socks

Pembrook has spent years developing an optimal fiber blend for its medium-duty work socks. Their premium socks are made from a blend of cotton, synthetic fibers and elastic for maximum performance, durability and odor control.

What sets these apart from the competition is their versatility. They’re a little lighter than conventional boot socks for those who don’t need heavy cushioning, but rugged enough to stand up to any job site. It’s the perfect sock for going from work to play without stopping to change footgear.


– Reinforced toes and heels for durability
– High polyester content makes fabric long-wearing


– Women’s sizes run large




3. The Sock Crew Men’s Crew Work Socks

These socks have a great reputation for hot-weather performance and represent a good value with eight pair included. The high polyester fabric wicks away sweat that causes odor and encourages fungus to grow, while mesh toe ventilation channels let air circulate, keeping feet dry and comfortable.

For working in the heat, these socks go all the way with compression support around the arch that’s also made of breathable mesh. Thinner yarns make up the body of the sock to keep foot temperature under control, but heels and toes are reinforced for durability.


– Perfect blend of features for working on balmy days
– Non-slip, reinforced comfort-mesh top that won’t unravel


– Less elasticity than other brands




4. Enerwear Men’s Merino Wool Blended Trail Socks

The heavy, all-over cushioning in this sock makes it an excellent choice for a variety of climates and conditions. They’re good for hiking, camping, trail cycling and any outdoor work.

Made of an acrylic blend that’s one-quarter wool, they were developed to provide optimal warmth while still controlling moisture. Users report the reinforced toe and heel hold up to heavy use and they wash like a dream.


– Fabric blend is ideal for extreme conditions
– Wool provides natural warmth and moisture-control


– Lack of zoned cushioning makes the sock less suitable for hot climates




5. Dickies Men’s Multi-Pack Dri-Tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

If you love the feel of cotton, these socks are for you. They have just enough polyester, nylon and spandex to hold their shape and discourage moisture-buildup, while giving you old-fashioned cotton comfort.

Known for their full line of quality work wear, the folks at Dickies have designed these socks with just the right features including arch compression support, reinforced heels and toes and ventilation channels to control moisture.


– Soft, breathable cotton blend
– Durable fiber construction


– Slightly less cushioning than other brands




6. Carhartt Breathable & Lightweight Work Crew Men`s Socks

Made by the workwear experts at Carhartt, these socks can handle desert-level heat without breaking a sweat with all-synthetic fabric that wicks away sweat and allows it to evaporate long before it can make you uncomfortable.

They’re cushioned enough to be a dream to walk on, but are strategically zoned to eliminate weight where it’s not needed. With added odor-resistance technology, these Carharrt socks are ideal for hot, humid conditions.


– Compression arch for stability
– Lightweight and well-ventilated


– Tight fit around calves




7. Carhartt Men’s All-Terrain Boot Socks

These robust socks are the real deal with a package of the best features can money buy. Truly all-terrain, they’re engineered to take you from work to weekend with absolute comfort.

It starts with a perfect blend of hard-wearing wool with just enough acrylic to add softness. The fast-drying fabric keeps your feet dry while zoned mesh panels and ventilation channels promote optimal circulation. For comfort, Carharrt added extra arch support that improves fit without compromising motion.

Wrap it up with gliding technology to prevent friction and blisters and these stylish socks should be on everyone’s list.


– Naturally odor-resistant
– Maximum breathability in a four-season sock


– Less fabric elasticity results in sock falling on smaller calves
– Fabric is slightly scratchy until it’s washed




8. Working Person’s 8766 Black 4-Pack Steel Toe Crew Socks

These socks are made of a cotton, nylon, and spandex blend that washes well and holds it shape in any weather. Features include integrated arch support, extra- thick padded heels and toes and built-in odor control protection.

Made in the USA, Working Person’s socks are designed for both work and casual wear and are versatile enough to wear every day. The preshrunk cotton is good to go right out of the package and stays soft, wash after wash.


– Work to play versatility
– Thick heel and toe padding give old boots new life


– Sub-par packaging can damage socks




9. YUEDGE Women’s Multi Performance Year Round Trekking Socks

YUEDGE has created a great outdoor sock that’s packed with comfort features and comes in a variety of flashy colors. No more boring work socks!

Made just for women, they’re well-sized with plenty of elasticity to ensure a blister-free fit. The Y-heel and supportive arch add comfort, while zoned mesh keeps the socks breathable. The compression top holds the sock up securely and the naturally odor-resistant fabric keeps them smelling fresh.


– Comes in popular assorted colors
– Designed just for women


– Hang-dry only
– Short calf is shorter than some boots




10. Anchovy Ladies Lightweight Casual Cotton Knit Boot Crew Socks

If your work boots have heels instead of lug soles, these dressy work socks fit the bill.

The versatile styling can be worn folded or pushed down like slouch socks and the range of neutral colors matches a range of boot shades They’re perfect for the business-casual office while still offering the moisture-wicking capability you need to keep your feet dry all day.

The lightweight cotton blend has just enough spandex to ensure a good fit and shape retention.


– Thin, lightweight fabric is suitable for any dress boots
– Fashion colors are a must for any business wardrobe


– Not made for outdoor work in harsh conditions




If all-day comfort is what you’re looking for, forget the all-purpose tube socks at the department store. Work boot socks are engineered with features not found in all-purpose styles and can help your feet feel as great at the end of a shift as they did at the start. You’re worth the investment.