Best Womens Combat Boots – 2022 Reviews

Combat boots have never gone out of style. The early 90s were the heyday for female combat boot wearers, but recently with synthetic materials and better soles, you can find more affordable boots without sacrificing any quality. If you aren’t sure where to look, no worries. We’ve compiled a list of the best women’s combat boots. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions you may have about how to choose. Let’s take a look.



Best Womens Combat Boots – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures
DailyShoes Women's Military Combat Lace-up Boots

Rubber sole

Special traction grip

Heavy-duty vegan leather
DREAM PAIRS Women's Military Combat Boots
Rubber soleRubber TPR outsole, Faux fur lining

Heel Height: 1", Platform Measures: 0.5"(approx)

Military-inspired combat boot
Top Moda Pack-72 boots

Rubber sole
Lace-up closure

Full functioning side zipper

Variety of colors
Harley 12 Women’s Military Lace up Studded Combat Boot
100% Synthetic

Worn leatherette has the look of a broken-in shoe

Spiked heel detail is a nice touch

Zipper pocket can hold a small ID or some other thing
Shenn Women's Round Toe Knee High Punk Military Combat Boots
split leather

Rubber sole
Can be matched for all casual clothes

Rubber TPR outsole

Lace up
Amazon Essentials Women's Lace Up Combat Boots
100% Synthetic

Rubber sole
Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch

Leather-like material with soft and smooth touch

5mm latex and memory foam padding
Forever Link Women’s Mango-31 Round Toe Military Lace Up Knit Ankle Cuff Low Heel Combat Boots
SyntheticFabric detail is a unique touch

Suitable for wide feet

Textured appearance
Twin Tigers Lug 11 Women’s Military Lace up Combat Boot

Rubber sole
Taller shaft offers more coverage

Scratch resistant

Suitable for vegans
Herstyle Florence2 Women's Military Ankle Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee Booties

Rubber sole
Padded insole

Lace-up front

Optimal support


Best Womens Combat Boots Reviews

DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Lace-up Boots

DailyShoes are synthetic blend shoes with a rubber sole. They’re lightweight and a bit more comfortable for long periods of walking because of the type of sole. THey’re a combat style boot with an extra pocket that can hold cash, an ID, and other little items for when it’s uncomfortable to carry a bag.

The shaft is just under ten inches, so they comfortably cover your ankle to offer support. Lace fronts allow you to tie your shoes to complement your dimensions. The shaft and the circumference should fit a wide variety of women well.

They aren’t waterproof, and you have to keep an eye on the sole to make sure it doesn’t detach from the boot itself. However, they don’t require any time to break in and are great for light walking.


-synthetic materials are lightweight and don’t need to break in
-high enough over the ankle to offer some support
-pocket for little things


-sometimes the sole detaches from the boot.
-not watertight




DREAM PAIRS Women’s Military Combat Boots

With these military combat boots for women, you get the style and comfort that you need. The boots are available in many colors and sizes up through a women’s 12. They have a rubber TPR outsole with multiple tread patterns to give you as much traction as you need. In addition to the soft and supple exterior, the boots have a liner made from faux fur that keeps your feet warm. You don’t need to struggle with the laces because of the side zipper that lets you open the boots wider to pull them on over jeans or leggings. That zipper also hides a small pocket inside that is big enough for your money or a few cards. The boots also have some fun buckle accents along the back as well as a one-inch heel and 0.5-inch platform.


  • Rubber TPR outsole, Faux fur lining
  • Heel Height: 1″, Platform Measures: 0.5″(approx)
  • Military-inspired combat boot




Top Moda Pack-72 boots

Top Moda’s combat boots are another synthetic pair of boots that age well and are lighter to wear than some traditional combat boots. They have a rubber sole with about an inch heel. It has a cute buckle detail in the back and a full functioning side zipper. You can set the laces how you like and then use the zipper to get them on and off.

They fit pretty accurate to size, but they aren’t waterproof. They come in a variety of colors to match your style. There’s a zipper detail to the side of the laces, but it doesn’t actually hold anything. These are a fun update to the traditional combat boot style.


-buckle detail is cute and adds visual interest
-you don’t have to untie the laces
-synthetic materials don’t show scratches or normal wear and tear


-not waterproof
-zipper detail isn’t a real pocket




Harley 12 Women’s Military Lace up Studded Combat Boot

Harley’s combat boot is a fun update to the traditional combat boot. They have studded details on the heels, a zipper detail one side of the shoe and a fully functioning zipper on the other side. You can set your laces and keep them there. Use the side zipper to get the shoes on and off.

The material is leatherette with a worn effect. It looks like you’ve spent some time breaking them in. You can choose from a few different colors and one color without a spike heel detail. The zipper detail is a real pocket, but you might have trouble fitting anything into it because it’s minimal.

They can be a bit stiff at first, but the leatherette should break in quickly. The capped toe leaves you a lot of room, and they fit right to size.


-worn leatherette has the look of a broken-in shoe
-spiked heel detail is a nice touch
-zipper pocket can hold a small ID or some other thing


-zipper pocket sticks and could be bigger
-stiff during first few wearings




Shenn Women’s Round Toe Knee High Punk Military Combat Boots

Shenn’s boot is a shiny black boot with a stud detail across the top. There’s no functioning zipper, but they shouldn’t be hard to lace loosely if you want to slip them on and off. The shaft height is a little shorter at seven inches, but they should still provide plenty of ankle support.

They have a skid resistant, rubber sole that absorbs shock and helps you maintain comfort even as you’re walking. They use vegan leather polished to a high shine. These boots wear well although gloss finishes can show scratches more than some other types of materials. They do have a pretty strong odor that needs to dissipate over time, but wearing them regularly should help.


-high gloss shine is very trendy
-lower shaft length allows you to wear them a little more loosely
-rubber sole absorbs shock.


-gloss shows wear sooner than other finishes
-strong smell




Amazon Essentials Women’s Lace Up Combat Boots

You can get the look of Dr. Martens at a lower price with these boots from Amazon Essentials. They have a classic look that you can pair with jeans or dresses and are available in both brown and black. Amazon added padding inside that uses both memory foam and latex. While the memory foam provides cushioning for your feet, the latex bends and flexes with your feet. Though made from synthetic materials, the boots look like leather boots and are easy to maintain. Not only do they feel soft to the touch, but they allow water to roll down the sides instead of reaching your feet. You also get a slight heel that works with the low platform sole to give you both height and a little traction. If you want a classic military boot for women at a low price, these are a good option.


  • Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch
  • Leather-like material with soft and smooth touch
  • 5mm latex and memory foam padding




Forever Link Women’s Mango-31 Round Toe Military Lace Up Knit Ankle Cuff Low Heel Combat Boots

Forever Link uses a small cloth insert to create visual interest around the opening of the boot itself. The materials they use are synthetic and vegan. The zipper on the side doesn’t really work, so you’ll have to tie your laces each time you wear them.

They come in a few different colors of materials and fabric. If the lace thing isn’t an issue, they’ll be a very reliable, vegan option. They’re roomy enough for even wearers with wide feet.

The synthetic material doesn’t show wear as quickly. It has a textured appearance, so they shouldn’t show wear for a while.


-textured, synthetic materials don’t show wear
-fabric detail is a unique touch
-suitable for wide feet


-no zipper for getting them on and off. You have to lace up each time.
-might be too warm for summer wear




Twin Tigers Lug 11 Women’s Military Lace up Combat Boot

Twin Tigers’ combat boot is a taller, synthetic boot with slightly over nine inches in shaft height. These are going to come up to mid-calf and offer a lot of support for your ankles. They have a low heel, but still provide just a bit of height.

You may want to order them a half size up to allow for a thicker winter sock. They do fit a bit snug, so a half size isn’t a bad idea anyway. The faux leather material should break in well and resist scratching.

This pair has a pretty strong smell when you first get to them. This should air out as you use them for regular wear.


-taller shaft offers more coverage
-synthetic material is suitable for vegans and other non-meet eaters.
-scratch resistant


-no zipper for easy access
-strong smell when they first arrive




Herstyle Florence2 Women’s Military Ankle Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee Booties

Herstyle’s combat boot uses padded insoles and a rubber heel to absorb shock and keep your feet more comfortable. The lace-up front allows you to customize your tightness preferences.

The soul is slip resistant and grippy, so they should keep their shape and safety even in bad weather. They have one, and a half inch heels and the rounded toe gives you plenty of space within the boot to wear a thicker, winter sock.

They wear in well and don’t show scratches as much as other materials. The boots are synthetic, but they aren’t waterproof or resistant.


-the grippy sole keeps you from getting lost
-they’re a genuinely affordable pair


-no size zipper for getting them on and off.




Best Women’s Combat Boots Buyer’s Guide

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are our recommendations.


Why Should I Buy Combat Boots?

Combat boots are suitable for keeping your feet warm and protected. They reduce the amount of wind that gets into your shoe and helps keep your feet warm even when it’s winter outside.

Combat boots are also suitable for supporting the ankle. Ankles can be weak sometimes, so when you lace the boot up past your ankle, you’re reinforcing this tender joint. You might find that if you suffer from ankle pain, combat boots may stabilize your ankles and allow them to function better.

Combat boots can be better for rough terrains as well. Your ankles aren’t as likely to twist while going over uneven ground, and the sole can reduce impact in your joints as you walk. They probably aren’t suited to your job unless your job is guerrilla marketing or art director, but they do make a good weekend option.


How Do I Choose A Pair?

There are a few things to consider when you’re deciding on your combat boots.


Leather is the traditional boot of choice, but with synthetic fabrics, you don’t have to worry as much about wear and tear. Leather is also a lot more expensive to produce. If you want to save a few bucks and get a material that everyone thinks is leather, Vegan Leatherette is a good option.

Synthetic materials help bring the cost down and are easier to find than true leather combat boots. If you can swing the cost, leather might be a good long-term investment, but synthetic materials have come a long way since the polyester days of yore.

Now, you can get a quality pair of boots that look like real leather but are actually a more affordable synthetic fabric.

Rubber soles can provide grip and help reduce the impact of walking on your hips and joints. They absorb shock and give way a little better so that your hips and knees aren’t receiving the full impact of your steps. This is especially good if you walk on cement or other harsh surfaces frequently.


Laces Or Zippers

Ideally, you could set your laces the way that makes the most sense for your foot and ankle type. If you find a pair with a zipper, you can get them on and off without continually untying them.

The downside to this is that zippers sometimes break. Your zipper should be heavy duty and unzip easily without forcing it. If it sticks, you’re more likely to put stress on the teeth and the surrounding materials, shortening the life of your boot.

Laces are simple to replace because they aren’t sewn into the boot, but it can be a pain to find the right lacing only to undo it when you take the boot off.



Carrying a purse isn’t always possible. If you need to travel light, some of the combat boots have little pockets that are just big enough to hold an ID and some cash. Although not necessary to the women’s combat boot category, you might find yourself using it more than you thought you would.


Heel Height

Taller heels might look sexy, but they can put a serious strain on your knees and lower back. Lower heels can absorb shock and prevent you from overextending your spine while trying to balance in taller heels.

Most of these boots hit a sweet spot with heels that are just about an inch. It keeps you off the ground and absorbs maximum shock while you’re out and about.


Final Thoughts

Combat boots are fashionable and functional. They translate well from a weekend with the girls to a wintery day during the week. They protect your feet and ankles while providing substantial support underneath that absorbs impact and keeps your feet and joints from taking the impact so hard.

What’s your favorite outfit/combat boot combination? Let us know in the comments below.