Best Wolverine Work Boots Reviews For 2021

Work boots should be dependable, long-lasting, and ready for any kind of challenge. These serve as your protection during a rough, long work day. Sturdiness is the first factor commonly looked for when selecting the right work boots. It is an important feature as people looking for this kind of boots need that extra protection while battling through the day. The best Wolverine work boots provide you with many of the features you need from a reliable work boot. The following are some recommend features:

  • Comes with some protection standard certification;
  • Capable of safeguarding you from punctures, electrical hazards, and many others;
  • Has a composite safety toe or steel toe;
  • Has insulation; and
  • Comes with a non-metallic upper.


Best Wolverine Work Boots – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures 
Wolverine Gold Waterproof Insulated100% Leather

Rubber sole
Removable full cushion insole

Moisture managing mesh linings

Wolverine permanent direct attached constructed outsole
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Wolverine Legend100% Leather

Rubber sole
A unique cushioning design

Stabilizes your foot

Four independently responsive quadrants
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Wolverine Raider100% Leather

Rubber sole
Removable insole

Full-cushion Wolverine Multishox insole

All-day comfort and support
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Wolverine Floorhand100% Leather

Synthetic sole

Slip resistant rubber lug outsole

Lightweight cement construction
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Wolverine Floorhand Waterproof Steel-Toe100% Leather

Synthetic sole
Full-grain waterproof leather

Rubber outsole to provide extra traction

Cushioned footbed for all day comfort
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Wolverin Durashock SR100% Leather

Synthetic sole
Shock absorbing compression pads

Moisture managing mesh linings

Removable full cushion footbed
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Wolverine Overman Waterproof100% Leather

Rubber sole
Carbon max safety-toe

Strong and lightweight nanotubes

Toe cap lighter and thinner
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Wolverine I-90 Durashocks100% Leather

Synthetic sole
Durashock shock absorbing outsole

200 grams thinsulate insulation

Direct attached construction
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Wolverine Contractor LXLeather

Rubber sole
Abrasion resistant toe

Reduce wear in a high impact area

Breathable waterproof membrane
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Wolverine Blade LX100% Leather

Rubber sole
Fatigue-fighting epx footbed

Direct-attach construction seals out water

Slip-resistant rubber lug outsole
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The best Wolverine work boots are designed to give you all those. Wolverine are a 135 year old boots brand and became the go-to work boots brand since the 1910s. This was when it first launched the original 1000 Mile boot. Wolverine boots also set itself apart from the competition with the manner it engineers its work boots. The company ensures that every work boot it produce are integrated with comfort, tailored to the specific need of the wearer, and can survive any condition or challenge.


Best Wolverine Work Boots Reviews

Wolverine offers a wide selection of work boots. Each of them designed with a specific use in mind. If you are confused on which Wolverine work boots is the right one for you, here are the top ten picks from the trusted brand:


Wolverine Gold Waterproof Insulated

These waterproof boots from Wolverine features rubber soles, is slip-resistant, insulated, and is made from leather. It also provides comfort allowing air to easily come in and out. The boots come with a breathable mesh lining while still being waterproof with water-sealed sole. Winter and cold days will not be a worry with the Wolverine Gold as it is integrated with thermal foam to provide insulation when working on the field during a chilly day. Comfort and durability are the selling points of this work boot. Long time users of this boot swear on how it was able to last through several years without wearing out and degrading in the level of protection and comfort it delivers. Additionally, this boot is also made and designed for stepping out to the nearest bar and going out with friends.




Wolverine Legend

The Legend is part of the Wolverine DuraShock work boots portfolio. It was designed with the company’s new Durashocks energy return system with advanced components. This new design offers greater comfort and performance compared to previous models of the Wolverine DuraShock work boots. Comfort with each step when using this Wolverine steel toe work boots are provided by its insole cushions. The boot also offers stability with its comprehension sidewalls that absorbs shock while superior grip is made possible by the durable outsoles.

This boot is also known for its great fit, being lightweight despite having the Wolverine steel toe work boots technology built-in, and its durability that allows it to be used daily for years. One disadvantage that comes with using the Legend work boot is that its collar can cause discomfort at initial use. However, prolonged use of the Legend can soon make the discomfort disappear. It then allows for a greater experience when wearing it to work. Its waterproof claim can also be a hit and miss. There are situations when these Wolverine steel toe work boots’ upper and tongue provided protection against the rain, but there are times when its materials were not capable enough to keep the water off the work boot.




Wolverine Raider

Wolverine’s Raider boot is a work boot that packs several technologies to bring comfort and reliability synonymous with the Wolverine brand. This leather boot comes with rubber sole, a heel that measures about 1.25-inches, and shaft that measures an estimated 5.5-inches from arch. The Wolverine work boot is also integrated with the company’s Multi-Shox technology that offers great cushion and flexibility that in turn provides you comfort when worn all through a work day.

The Raider is also considered an icon in the brand’s boots portfolio. The boot is also known for integrating style and function. It comes in black or brown color option, which are both great not only for work wear but also when stepping out to the nearest bar or a day in the city. Pros echoed by users of this boot is that it is made up of good quality leather and the comfort offered by the Raider work boot.




Wolverine Floorhand

The Floorhand work boot from Wolverine is best for people who spend a lot of time in a wet working environment. This Wolverine work boot is waterproof that protects not only its leather material, but also your feet from being soaked throughout the day. Despite being waterproof, it incorporates a moisture-wicking mesh lining that allows your feet to be cool. It also has a removable full-cushion footbed and a rubber midsole. The Wolverine Floorhand comes in a lightweight cement construction. Many claim that they have difficulty in wearing the Floorhand boot. However, once in, it was proven to easily mold to any size of feet. In terms of style, its design is the biggest convincing factor for anyone to buy the Floorhand boots.

Its design can rival boots that are sold on a higher price range. With that said, the Floorhand can easily also be a boot for any kind of occasion. On the downside, the boot is lacking on its promise of being waterproof. A day spent working on outside on a rainy day easily damp this work boot. The reason behind this is the lack of insulation to keep water out of your footwear. While the leather is thick enough, there are times when it is not sufficient to keep your socks and feet dry when working on during heavy rain and wet environment.




Wolverine Floorhand Waterproof Steel-Toe

Workers whose employers require a Wolverine steel toe work boots should take a look into Wolverine’s offering. The waterproof Floorhand work boots is already praised by many for its durability and the comfort it brings. This Wolverine steel toe work boots version of the Floorhand also features waterproof full-grain leather upper looks, which makes it look like a more premium footwear. It is also integrated with moisture wicking mesh lining to provide a cooling effect, a removable full-cushion footbed, and lightweight cement construction.

The premium look of this Wolverine boot makes it great not only as a work boot, but also for going out on a date or during any special occasion. A downside with this boot is might not be as comfortable as other work boots. The lack of shock absorption makes it less comfortable after a few hours of work.




Wolverin Durashock SR

The Wolverine Durashock SR work boot is taunted by the brand as a footwear engineered for energy in every step. This Wolverine boot features a tumbled full-grain leather upper looks that gives it a premium look. Workers who spends much of their working hours in wet environment will find it the boot’s waterproof feature useful. The Durashock SR was made using the direct-attach construction to prevent the entry of water. Premium look and being waterproof are not the only advantages offered by this boot, but it also boasts of energy-retuning Wolverine Durashock work boots SR polyurethane outsole. The Durashocks SR work boot’s biggest selling point is its lightweight comfortable insoles, compression pads in the heel and forefoot. People who used it claimed that the boots lasted them years even on a daily use.




Wolverine Overman Waterproof

The Overman waterproof work boot takes advantage of what modern technology offers to make a great work boot. Wolverine, being a leader in innovation, reimagined a modern work boot with the Overman. It incorporated comfort, being lightweight, and impact-absorbing. As part of the Wolverine composite toe work boots line, the boot features the company’s CarbonMAX technology. It is a modern feature that makes the boot strong while being light and more comfortable for your toes. It also comes with the individualized, energy-returning Wolverine Multi-Shox compression pads, removable Multi-Shox footbed cushioning, and durable nylon shank that gives it additional strength. This Wolverine composite toe work boots is definitely a must for those looking for something lightweight but still waterproof.




Wolverine I-90 Durashocks

People looking for style and function should look no further with the I-90 Durashocks work boot from Wolverine. The mid-cut Wolverine composite toe work boots come with premium waterproof full-grain leather, removable dual-density polyurethane footbed, and advanced comfort polyurethane midsole. It was made through direct-attach construction and comes with lightweight stability provided by its nylon shank. This Wolverine work boot also has built-in safety features including the Wolverine Durashock work boots technology, the CarbonMax composite toe protection technology, and is compliant with ASTM F2413-11 standard.

The biggest advantage of this Wolverine composite toe work boots is its great fit. It comes on top of being waterproof, comfort brought by its unique shock absorbing technology, and strength with its nylon shank. If you are looking for something that can be easily brought from work to a date night, the I-90 Durashocks might not be as stylish as other work boots in the market.




Wolverine Contractor LX

Waterproof, comfort, and protection are all delivered by this work boot from Wolverine. The Contractor LX work boot is described by Wolverine as a versatile footwear for those in the construction industry. It features an athletic fit from the heel to the middle part of the feet. Materials used are also top of the nocth with gunuine leather, a breathable waterproof membrane, and rubber sole. With its waterproof membrane, the Contractor LX ensures that gone are days when you have to suffer from wet socks all through the workday. You also don’t need to worry about the leather deteriorating easily.

The leather used in this work booth comes with a technology that allows it to last for a long period of time. Protection is also guaranteed when wearing the Contractor LX. The work boot comes with a rubber lug outsole and ladder shank, which makes it a great work footwear for those who climbs ladders and other surfaces on a daily basis. Despite all these technologies, the Contractor LX is still lightweight thanks to Wolverine’s unique CarbonMax safety toe nanotechnology.




Wolverine Blade LX

A long work day is sure to tire you. However, there are some ways for you to keep the fatigue away after your work hours. Aside from adopting a positive outlook, wearing the right outfit and work shoes help in keeping you from absorbing all the shocks that cause fatigue. The Wolverine Blade LX is a 6-inch boot that comes with anti-fatigue technology that allows comfort to stay all throughout the day. Wolverine’s EPX technology absorbs shock you encounter during work and returns the energy to fight off fatigue. The work boot also comes with a foot bed with a honeycomb heel that also absorbs impact. It was also designed in a way Wolverine describes as a having unrivaled support step by step.

Wolverine’s unique CarbonMax technology is also found in the Blade LX work boot. This safety toe nanotechnology makes it lightweight, great fit and a strong structure. Like all Wolverine work boots, the Blade LX also comes with a waterproof breathable membrane that makes sure your feet stay dry all day. The Blade LX is also compliant with standards like the ASTM standard F2413-11 M I/75 C75 EH. This work boot is for those looking for something that is shock absorbent while at the same time able in providing protection.




Choosing The Best Wolverine Boots

The best Wolverine work boots for you depend mostly on your work needs. Each industry has its own specific set of needs in terms of what work boot should be worn during working hours. However, all work boots from Wolverine are capable enough to meet the specifics required by your employer. The brand has been in existence for years and is known for making the best work boots in the U.S. In recent years, Wolverine has also incorporated modern technology into its boots. The Wolverine Durashock work boots shock absorbing technology that lessens fatigue is one of those found in its work boot offerings.

The CarbonMax technology is another modern feature that it incorporates in the Wolverine composite toe work boots line. This technology allows for a lightweight footwear while still providing the needed protection every worker must have. In terms of design, Wolverine work boots have also proven that it is not only great for protecting yourself onsite, but it can also be a great fashion statement when you are going straight to any kind of occasion after work.

Once you have identified how you are going to use your boot, it is fairly easy to choose which are the best Wolverine work boots for you. With the wide range of choices from Wolverine, you can definitely find one that suits your needs and wants.