Best Wildland Fire Boots Reviews For 2020

Fighting wild fires is a difficult and dangerous task that might put you in the way of significant harm, but it’s a job that someone has to do. If you’ve made the commitment to put yourself in that degree of risk, then it’s vital that you do everything you can to make sure you’re fully protected. That starts with picking out the right equipment and making the commitment to do everything you can to stay fully protected. Your feet are your first point of contact with the fiery landscape, so it’s vital that they carry the necessary level of protection to keep you secure.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some options in purchasing wildland fire boots that should protect you when you’re out combating wild fires. Sorting through these options should give you a better perspective on what you can do to keep yourself secure and should also highlight some of the available products that you may not have been aware of. Keeping up with developments in the marketplace is an important part of committing to your own safety, and by examining the pros and cons of these boots, you can be confident that you’ve invested the time and effort necessary to keep yourself secure.


Best Wildland Fire Boots Reviews

Danner Men’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter Work Boot

The durable upper leather of the Danner tactical boots should provide you with fire-resistant protection all the way up your ankle and into your calf while guaranteeing full coverage in the most difficult of circumstances. The moisture-wicking fabric will also help keep your feet dry and clean, making sure that you can withstand the challenges of spending long hours in the bush fighting off dangerous fires. By maintaining healthy and dry feet, you can hang on to your stamina and guarantee that your foot health isn’t risked by wearing boots which don’t breathe properly.

The steel shank in the heel of the boot should offer you maximum stability in what can often be a difficult or dangerous landscape. Many fires are fought in challenging areas that may not come equipped with readily available footholds, so making sure that you can stay stable under those difficult conditions is essential to being able to fight fires effectively. Solid footing can also help assist in the rescue of vulnerable people or in your ability to transport heavy and unwieldy equipment, so it’s vital that you take all the necessary steps to maintain that footing.



Adtec Men’s 1964 10″ Fireman Logger Black Work Boot

Adtec’s full grain leather and fire-resistant laces should keep your feet protected from heat up to 500 degrees. That provides you with the protection and durability necessary to make sure you can be an effective combatant in fending off fires in difficult environments and can allow you to approach hot ground to apply treatments right to the heart of a burning area. Additionally, because the laces are fireproof, you can be sure that the boots will remain stable and solid along even their most vulnerable areas.

The brass eyelets and steel hooks mean that the solid metal construction in the hardware of the boots is yet another area where you can feel stable. The rubberized heel will help provide for a more stable grip, and the tall, lace-up design will allow you to determine the tightness of the boots for yourself and select a fit that you find most comfortable and yet responsive to your needs for flexibility. Be aware that extensive hikes over difficult terrain may cause wear and tear on the soles of the boots, and be prepared to make adjustments to your usage in order to prolong their life.



Georgia Boot Men’s Logger 8″ Black Non Steel-Toe Work Boot

Georgia Boot makes a wide range of products designed for combatting wildland fires, and the Men’s Logger boot is their standard issue option for those who are planning to be out on the front lines. The leather design is intended to repel oil and other potential contaminants from the interior of the boot, providing you with the security of knowing that the structural integrity of the boots should hold up. That oil resistance will also help prevent any risk that an accelerant could cling to your boots and be spread accordingly.

The boots also come with a removable polyurethane insert which is designed to help keep your feet dry and comfortable while also providing another barrier between your feet and the fire. The rubber lug outsole performs the difficult work of providing you with the necessary stability to handle difficult terrain, and as with other models, the lace up design guarantees that you’ll have full control over your own mobility. The Georgia Boot Logger provides for maximum flexibility and customization while still being able to handle the most difficult kinds of terrain you’ll face when fighting fires.



White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot

Perhaps the most notable design difference in the White’s Boots Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe boot is the depth of the area covered by laces. As the name suggests, the lace pattern runs all the way from the edge of the toes up the full length of the boot to high up on the ankle. This might make them more time-consuming to put on and take off than other similar models, but it also helps to guarantee that the flexibility which comes with a lace design is available throughout your complete range of motion.

The laces themselves are leather, and as such, they’re specifically designed to be as resistant to fire as the remainder of the boot construction. The boots are totally capable of being rebuilt, and if any area of them is damaged during your ownership, you can have them re-tooled and re-built to your exact specifications. The additional lace-in tongue guard provides you with another layer of protection and support, as it guarantees that any area of your foot which may be exposed by the laces will instead be covered by yet another protective insert.



Danner Men’s Flashpoint II 10 inch All Leather Work Boot

Danner’s wide range of boots includes these Flashpoint II all-leather boots which are designed to handle heavy duty firefighting under difficult conditions. The vibram sole should be able to absorb stress in a high variety of difficult environments while still guaranteeing that you’re able to maximize your stability. The raised heel also can assist you in gaining a better vantage point as you work to combat a fire by slightly altering your eye line and giving you a more true understanding of the scope of fire suppression being put out by your hose.

The polyurethane foot bed and steel shank in the sole will provide you with additional stability and protection and should help the boots hold up under even the most demanding of all possible conditions. The boots are also rated as safe for use around electrical hazards, offering you even more security by way of knowing that downed lines or malfunctioning equipment will provide less of a danger as long as your boots are being worn correctly. As with other boots, available recrafting for the life of their usage will allow you to have the boots rebuilt and stabilized to your precise needs if they suffer any damage under your care.



Menx27;s EMS/Wildland, Size 7, Footwear Width: M, Footwear Closure Type: Lace In Zipper

The lace in zipper enclosure with these boots offers a different style that’s preferred by some fire fighters who have concerns about the effects of underbrush on their boots. If you frequently find yourself trekking through difficult terrain, you may be at risk of falling victim to trip hazards or other concerns which might crop up in the wilderness. Rather than allowing your laces to catch on those hazards, securing them behind a zipper can help make sure that your boots are always working in your favor.

The welds on the boots are Goodyear constructed and should stand up to even the most extreme temperatures that you might endure while you’re out in the wilderness fighting fires. The puncture-resistant insole is yet another layer of protection that should help secure your feet and your boots in the face of potentially difficult terrain. By focusing on the strength of the soles of the boots, you can be sure that you’re operating from a stable footing that guarantees your ability to fight on firm ground.



Wildland Fire Boots, Mens, 10-1/2W, PR

Hellfire is a long time industry leader in their production of rugged, secure boots that are guaranteed to provide you with the full scope of protection that you desire. Their wildland fire boots are their standard model that comes with all of the features and durability that fire fighting professionals look for when securing their equipment. The waterproof outsole should provide you with the necessary protection to secure your footing in bodies of water or to keep yourself protected from your own hose when you’re working hard to beat back flames.

The vibram soles will also resist any cuts and damage, guaranteeing that your grip and stability should remain true for the entire duration of your ownership of the boots. The comfort weave lining on the interior of the boots will provide you with the secure fit you desire while also guaranteeing that you can maintain a dry environment that stops your feet from being damaged in the process. Maintaining the best possible foot health is essential for being able to work on your feat in difficult conditions, and Hellfire’s interiors are designed to achieve precisely that goal.



Wesco Men’s Firestormer 10″ Black Fire and Water Resistant Lace-to-Toe Boots BKF310100F

Wesco’s Firestormer boots trend toward the top of the line in terms of both durability and available options. As with other lace-to-toe boots, the full range of flexibility that comes from being able to adjust your footing and find your grip on your own terms can go a long way toward helping you to tackle difficult terrain. Choosing the tightness and comfort of your fit will guarantee that you’re never slowed by protective equipment that may not be serving all of your precise needs.

Wesco’s intuitive design also makes their Firestormer boots a popular choice among civilian and volunteer firefighters who may not have the equipment expertise of professionals. If fire fighting isn’t the core of your identity but it’s a task that you feel compelled to contribute to, it’s vital that you take all of the necessary steps to make sure you have the maximum amount of protection possible. Wesco boots are designed to provide that full coverage and are designed in such a way that you can be sure you’re not missing any steps or tricks when you head out to combat a wildfire.

Some of that care is seen in stitching around the seams of the boots. Kevlar is used as opposed to a more fragile material, guaranteeing that your seams won’t burst and that you won’t be subjected to heat in those vulnerable areas. The tongue of the boots is also fully removable, allowing you to thoroughly clean the boots of any mud, dirt, or carbon scoring which may build up over an extended period of fighting fires. This should help guarantee that you can extend the life of the boots as long as possible which should in turn give you confidence that the boots are worth your investment.



Thorogood Men’s 8″ Waterproof Work Boots

Thorogood is another well-established leader in the fire-resistant boots industry. Their investment in innovation has resulted in the creation of products which should fulfil all of your needs. The brand Thorogood is devoted to their lace in zip design. These provide an extra layer of protection and security for those concerned about the integrity of their laces. The padding around the collar will help keep your calves and ankles comfortable while simultaneously guaranteeing that your boots will fit as snugly as possible to your leg.

The Sympatex liner which covers the inside of the boots is not only waterproof and breathable, but it’s also specially designed to be resistant to blood-borne pathogens. This can be important if you frequently find yourself in a situation where you’re forced to provide emergency assistance to stricken individuals whose lives may rely on your ability to offer emergency assistance. Rather than requiring you to put yourself at risk, keeping your feet sealed off and protected will guarantee that you’re able to maintain the full range of your stability along with your health throughout the rescue process.

The puncture-resistant insole forms a potent combination with the security of the zipper which protects your laces. When you’re out in the wilderness trying to beat back a dangerous fire situation, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not your feet are vulnerable to potential injury. The rigid Thorogood sole design is intended to remove all of those concerns. And instead give you the confidence that you’ll always be able to be on proper footing. With your feet soundly out of mind, you can be sure that your fire fighting skills will be top notch.