Best Tony Lama Boots In 2021 – Guide & Reviews

If you have never tried Tony Lama Boots, then you have no idea what you’re missing! Each pair celebrates the humility and diligence of the Old West while still being functional. Today’s Tony Lama boots have over 100 to the production process each pair of boots that combine the same craftsmanship and modern comfort as well as durability techniques. The stellar construction and excellent quality make the best Tony Lama boots one of the most famous western boots in the world.


Best Tony Lama Boots – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures 
Tony Lama Waterproof TW1018 Work Boot100% Leather

Rubber sole
Performance Work Boots

Come Rain Or Shine

Waterproof Cheyenne leather
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Tony Lama Men's Saigets Worn Goat 6979, Tan100% Leather

Leather sole
Shaft measures approximately 12.75" from arch

Heel measures approximately 1.5"

Boot opening measures approximately 13.25" around
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Tony Lama Waterproof Steel Toe TW1009 Work Boot100% Leather

Synthetic sole
Advanced Tlx Comfort Insole System

Extra cushioning in the weight-bearing area

Maxxon cellular urethane foam insole
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Tony Lama Water Buffalo Comp Toe Western Boot100% Leather

Rubber sole
Western boots handcrafted

Extremely durable

Handcrafted with imported leather
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Tony Lama Women's 3R Tuscola Steel-Toe Work Boot100% Leather5" Saddle Tan Tonk Top


Moc toe
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Tony Lama Boots Women's Rancho VF6015 Boot100% Leather

Leather sole
Suit your lifestyle

Super stylish and sexy

Beautifully handcrafted
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Tony Lama Women's Clay Santa Fe VF6005 BootLeather upper

Leather sole
Super cute and comfortable

Enables comfortable all day

For long-lasting wear!
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Tony Lama Women's Athos Plush Ivory Cowgirl Boot100% Leather

Smooth Ivory Leather
Fun design

13-inch shaft height

All the classic features
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Tony Lama Boots Have:

  • Genuine leather!
  • Detailed stitching patterns!
  • Special insoles for comfort!
  • Durable soles!

These are just some of the materials and design elements used in the construction of a variety of styles of Tony Lama’s cowboy and work boots. You will find that Tony Lama boots are one of the best cowboy boots on the market! Using only the finest classic smooth leather, including exotic leathers such as ostrich, caiman, lizards and crocodile.

With so many styles to choose from, you can choose from an array of Tony Lama cowboy boots to find the perfect leather color, such as brown, black or cognac. They also have many work boots, as well, from steel toe to synthetic toe boots that provide the protection you need for your work, and waterproof work boots to keep you dry throughout the season.

Are you looking for more style? Then check out my favorite Tony Lama boots below!


Best Tony Lama Boots Reviewed

Tony Lama Men’s 7956 Americana Square Toe Western Boot

Tony Lama Men's 7956 Americana Square Toe Western Boot

Tony Lama’s Americana collection cowboy boots are square-headed with a unique look and feel. This ultra chic style of cowboy boot is made with worn goat’s skins, 100% leather and even a leather sole. The shaft is 11 ” from the arch and has a prestine and detailed stitching pattern design.

With a heel height of about 1.25 inches and a 13.75 inch opening, these cowboy boots are easy to get in and out of. Once these boots are on your feet, the cushioned insole along with the beaten goats leather make for an ultra comfortable and long lasting fashion statement.

Down Side

I wish these boots were waterproof because I’d hate to ruin them. But, for quality material and style like this, not being able to wear them in the rain is a small exchange.




Tony Lama Waterproof TW1018 Work Boot

The Tony Lama waterproof work boot is made of a beautiful brown leather with a sort of worn and rugged look. These waterproof western boots are sort of like a combination of your classic cowboy boot mixed with a construction workers boot. It’s like the mullet of boots… cowboy at the top, construction in the front. These boots are made very well with a durable and waterproof material, to help keep your feet nice and dry. These tony lama work boots are made to last and functional while keeping you casually stylish at the same time.

Made of 100% leather with a rubber sole, these tony lama work boots are some of the most stylish casual boots I’ve ever seen. While the rubber sole and rounded toe gives these tony lama work boots a laid back look, the intricate and detailed stitch pattern gives these tony lama work boots a pop of pizzazz.

These tony lama work boots are durable with a rugged look that provides much comfort with a special comfort insole system just in case you need to be on your feet for long periods of time. What else can I say? I love everything about these tony lama work boots. I love the style, and the fact that they are high functioning and long lasting.




Tony Lama Men’s Saigets Worn Goat 6979, Tan

Now these Tony Lama boots are truly giving me American Cowboy vibes! I would pair these beauties with a pair of denim jeans and a tough leather jacket and then head out on the town. As stylish as these boots are, surprisingly enough they are extremely comfortable and made to last.

With a 13 inch shaft in a gorgeous hue of dark, worn goat skin, these handcrafted leather Saigets western boots are what cowboy living is all about.




Tony Lama Waterproof Steel Toe TW1009 Work Boot

Now this is what I call a work boot! These 100% leather tony lama steel toe work boots have a rubber outsole for extra traction, special insole comfort system for long wearing periods and are stylish at that. These boots have a steel toe for the ultimate protection on the job site and they are waterproof! These are great for working in a factory or even doing construction. However, these are so nice, I wouldn’t want to wear them on a construction site and risk ruining them.

Specs aside, I have to say that these tony lama steel toe work boots are just all around awesome! The functionality aspect is amazing but the fact that they look so good too, is the icing on the cake. I would actually wear these boots as merely part of my wardrobe. Normally you have either or when it comes to a boot. Either it looks good but the quality sucks. Or, it is super functional yet looks a mess. These work boots have truly blown me away hands down!




Tony Lama Water Buffalo Comp Toe Western Boot

Not only are these Tony Lama Water Buffalo Western boots handcrafted, aside from being stylish, they are extremely durable. Handcrafted with imported leather, the Water Buffalo collection has a 12 inch shaft, a rubber sole with a heel height of 1.5 inches and a square shaped composition toe that protects against electrical hazards.

Here is yet another pair of work boots by Tony Lama that redefine what a work boot should look like! Never have I seen work boots with so much style while staying true to the functionality of the boot. With the Comp Toe’s stylish design and even waterproof capabilities, this boot is the boot of all boots.




Tony Lama Women’s 3R Tuscola Steel-Toe Work Boot

Feel safe and comfortable when working on construction sites in these steel-toe Tony Lama boots. Available in a tan color, they match the design of work boots for men and offer all of the protection that you need. You get a mock toe with a steel piece hidden inside that absorbs any impact from a falling object as well as a thick sole with good traction. The boots help you walk across slippery surfaces and avoid objects that would otherwise puncture the bottom. These boots also have a waterproof exterior with a large toe box and cushioning inside. Tony Lama offers this boot in 5.5-10 sizes for women.




Tony Lama Boots Women’s Rancho VF6015 Boot

These VF6015 women’s Rancho Western style tony lama womens boots are screaming cowgirl life. The Rancho Western style Tony Lama cowgirl boots are designed and manufactured to suit your lifestyle. Weather you’re a cowgirl or not, these boots are super stylish and sexy.

The 100% leather is beautifully handcrafted with single stitch detail adorning the arc and the shaft. The daintiness of the design is ultra feminine and girly, something many woman loves.

Sturdy and strong, the chocolate colored VAQUERO collection Rancho boots are not only sleek but they provide maximum comfort as well. With the cushion insole, you could Dosey Doe all night in these.

Down Side

Although the Rancho boots aren’t waterproof, they are such an excellent quality and well made boot that it doesn’t matter. As beautifully made as these boots are, who would want to wear them for anything but style? .




Tony Lama Women’s Clay Santa Fe VF6005 Boot

Tony Lama’s Vaquero Western womens boots are super cute and comfortable! The leather sole enables comfortable all day wear while the narrow snip toe adds some edge! The Clay Santa Fe boot with it’s 11 inch top and a cushioned insole has all of the qualities every girl dreams of in a shoe! Super comfortable without sacrificing style.

These tony lama womens boots also feature an modest 1.5 inch western heel, and a leather outsole for long-lasting wear! Made from a leather outsole, the 100% leather Vaquero Collection is perfect for any woman who needs a comfortable boot and maximum functionality.

These tony lama womens boots combine cushioning and comfortable foot pads for flexibility and maximum moisture wicking. And that’s essential to any woman’s wardrobe!




Tony Lama Women’s Athos Plush Ivory Cowgirl Boot

You can muck all of the stalls and do all of the chores on the farm in these cowgirl boots from Tony Lama. The fun design that uses ivory leather with embroidery makes them look just at home on the dance floor in your favorite bar. With a 13-inch shaft height, the boots hit along the calf but have a wide opening that keeps them from rubbing against your leg. All the classic features that you love about cowgirl boots are available in this pair, including a rounded toe box and a slight heel. The Athos comes in women’s sizes 6 to 11.




Final Thought

Tony Lama never seems to disappoint when it comes to showcasing quality, comfort and style in every boot design.

I’m really liking his Western Signature Series. And I must admit, the women’s shoe collection is very nice! I’m a sucker for detail and I really like how they always add the stitching detailing in all of the shoes. It’s expected in the cowboy boot but even in a simple work boot, he tends to add some very nice design elements as well and I like that.

Tony Lama’s boots are divided into casual, classic, dress, exotic, western and work styles, suitable for all occasions and preferences. There so many options to choose from and a variety of styles and shapes like round heads, square heads, and pointed boots.

When choosing a style of boot, keep the toe shape in mind as this may change not only the appearance of the cowboy boot but how it fits as well.

The western style shoes and boots by Tony Lama definitely celebrate the cowboy life and culture and I’m loving it! I really love the design of these shoes and of course the quality and consistency. So far, I haven’t seen one style of shoe that I didn’t like, even if it was just a simple work shoe.

Tony Lama shoes seem to be designed and manufactured to not only suit your lifestyle, but your style in general!