Best Snake Proof Boots – 2022 Guide & Reviews

Snake boots are just that – boots that prevent venomous snakes from biting you. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 5.4 million people around the world are bitten by snakes each year, with nearly 2.8 million of those occurring from venomous snakes. And, though true statistics are unknown, the WHO also reports that up to 138,000 people die every year as a result of snake bites, with up to three times as many permanent disabilities such as amputations occurring annually.

Contrary to popular belief, most snakes are not poisonous; they are venomous. What’s the difference? Venom must be injected, as in a snake bite, while poisons are toxins that can deliver their affliction via skin contact, or by being eaten or inhaled.

So what if you’re someone who enjoys being in areas of the world where venomous snakes live? Or what if your occupation depends on you trudging through these dangerous terrains? Or maybe you’re just a person who loves spending a great deal of time outdoors. What can you do to protect yourself from venomous snake bites? The best snake proof boots are the answer.


Best Snake Proof Boots – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures
Rocky Men’s 16” Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boots
Leather and fabric

Rubber sole
Prolight BioMech outsole

GoreTex waterproof construction

Durable and breathable
Chippewa Men’s 17” Waterproof Pull On Snake Boot
80% cordura

20% leather,
Chip-A-Tex waterproof membrane

Breathable leather

Exceptional waterproof boot
Rocky Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boot
Rubber sole

Full-grain leather

Nylon construction
6 inches of snake proof protection,

Pretty affordable

Attractive and highly functional
Rocky Men's Knee High Boots
100% Synthetic

Rubber sole
Platform measures approximately 1 inches

Full-grain Leather and 900 Denier nylon

Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Construction
LaCrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot
100% rubberHand-laid rubber

Good flexibility and durability

Waterproof design
Thorogood Men’s Snake Bite 17” Waterproof Hunting Boot
100% leather

Rubber sole

Mossy oak design


Functionally camo
Guide Gear Men's Waterproof Snake Boots
Sturdy leatherComfortable Protection

Easy Maintenance W/ Waterproof Design

Size Zipper For Easy Wear
Danner Women’s Wayfinder Snake Boot 15”
Suede and nylon360 degree snake proof

Stylish choice for women

Lace-to-toe design
LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 MO 1600G Hunting Boot
100% neoprene and rubberSubstantial waterproofing capabilities

Functional flexibility



What are snake proof boots?

The name really says it all; snake proof boots are boots that prevent snakes from biting you. Both men’s and women’s snake proof boots typically are made from durable, virtually impenetrable materials such as rubber and leather. And we’re not talking just one layer either.

Manufacturers develop the best snake proof boots by layering several layers of thick rubber and/or leather and other tough natural or synthetic materials in order to stop a snake’s sharp fangs from puncturing those protective shields and making their way to your skin. And, even though they’re carefully made with so many defensive layers, manufacturers are still able to artistically craft their snake proof boots so that users can still maneuver easily while wearing them.


What makes them snake proof?

It’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t wear sling backs while you’re trudging through terrain that could contain venomous snakes. But what about canvas tennis shoes, or even regular winter or work boots? What makes the best snake proof boots so snake proof compared to regular old boots? It’s those tough outer layers, all the inner layers, and the fabrics used that make them so.

Natural and synthetic materials such as rubber, leather, polyurethane, and neoprene can be used as tough outer layers as well as inner layers or even linings in order to create a barrier between your skin and a snake’s sharp fangs. On top of that, snake proof boot manufacturers use pass-fail tests at various stages of development that involve snake handlers using real venomous snakes that, yes, actually strike the boot with their fangs to ensure its impenetrability. (Don’t try this at home, kids!)


Who needs snake proof boots?

Where venomous snakes live may surprise you. If you were to Google dangerous snakes and where they live, you’d be surprised to learn that Africa, Asia, and Australia aren’t the only continents where you can get bitten by a venomous snake. In fact, nearly every state in the United States contains more than one species of dangerous, venomous snake. For instance, Pennsylvania, a geographic area far from being considered by most as ‘exotic,’ contains copperheads and rattlesnakes that can bite and kill.

But snake proof boots typically are utilized by hikers, hunters, ranchers, and lovers of the Great Outdoors alike, who all intend to spend fair amounts of time in locations where any such venomous snakes may lurk.


Can snakes really bite through leather?

It isn’t 100% impossible for a venomous snake to bite through leather, but it is unlikely those fangs can penetrate. And, though wearing just regular leather boots is better than wearing, say, canvas or regular shoes, it is best to wear an actual snake proof boot while walking terrain that contains snakes, particularly the venomous kind. As mentioned above, snake proof boots are made with several layers of such heavy, nearly impenetrable materials as leather and rubber.

It’s those layers of virtually impassable fabrics that make snake proof boots a must for hikers, hunters, ranchers, or even anyone planning a visit to areas that could contain dangerous snakes.


Are snake proof boots waterproof?

Yes, these types of boots are typically waterproof snake boots. Think about it; if these boots keep sharp fangs from penetrating them, wouldn’t they also keep something like water off them? So, the wisdom here is – don’t buy snake proof boots if they’re not also waterproof snake boots!


What features should I look for in a snake proof boot?

Do your homework. Whether you’re looking for women’s snake proof boots, waterproof snake boots, snake proof hunting boots, or any other specialized type, you should learn what you’re looking for and why before you make a purchase. If you’ve already decided you need a pair of the best snake proof boots, it’s time to do some research to find the best pair for your needs.

Just like you wouldn’t consider trudging through dangerous terrain without first researching what types of venomous snakes you could encounter, you shouldn’t purchase a pair of snake proof boots without first doing a little investigating about which pair would be best for you.

As a best practice, it’s also important to be sure to check out every seller’s return policy before buying anything. Whether it’s an online or in-person purchase, you need to know if you’ll be able to return your snake proof boots for cash or credit, or if you won’t be able to return them at all. Also be mindful of how difficult the return policy is, i.e. how far away is your purchase coming from and will a return shipping label be included? You should also be aware of returning sale items. Answer these questions beforehand, and you should be good to go.


Best Snake Proof Boots Reviewed

Snake proof hunting boots, women’s snake proof boots, waterproof snake boots, Rocky snake boots, Chippewa snake boots – holy cow! How do you know which of these to purchase? The answer is simple and it bears repeating — do your research. Following are some of the top-rated, best snake proof boots available on the market today.

Rocky Men’s 16” Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boots

PROS: These Rocky snake boots are a top-rated snake proof boot, in part, for their Prolight BioMech outsole that provides great traction on difficult-to-maneuver terrains. They are crafted with both leather and fabric, and they have a rubber sole that helps to create that barrier between snake fangs and your skin. Additionally, their GoreTex waterproof construction is both durable and breathable. Also, as with pretty much all Rocky snake boots, their guaranteed Rocky waterproof construction helps to give them their rugged high-level performance.

Their affordability is a plus that hikers and hunters alike will appreciate. Another thing shoppers of Rocky snake proof boots will appreciate here is reviewers’ comments of how impenetrable and true-to-fit these can be.

CONS: Some reviewers comment that the boot can get a little hot if worn for longer periods of time.




Chippewa Men’s 17” Waterproof Pull On Snake Boot

PROS: Chippewa snake boots are a staple in the boot industry. Chippewa Boots, or as it was originally known, Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company, is a manufacturer of Chippewa snake boots and other footwear that has been around for well over a hundred years. And this pull on, waterproof snake boot is no exception to their fine reputation. At 80% cordura and 20% leather, this mixed-media tall boot is both attractive and high performance.

The breathable leather used in its construct makes it a great snake proof boot, and its Chip-A-Tex waterproof membrane means it also doubles as an exceptional waterproof boot, even if you’re not anticipating potential contact with the venomous kind.

CONS: These Chippewa snake boots have a few reviewers commenting that they can get a little warmer if worn too long.




Rocky Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boot

PROS: Another top-rated of the Rocky snake boots comes this pair of snake proof hunting boots that is both attractive and highly functional. The rubber sole and full-grain leather and nylon construction make these a great boot for warding off snakes as well as navigating rough terrain. The guaranteed Rocky waterproof construction and polyurethane/rubber outsole of these Rocky snake boots, combined with 16 inches of snake proof protection, mean these boots have a good reputation as snake proofers.

These are also pretty affordable compared to some other snake proof boots.

CONS: Some reviewers comment that they dig into the ankles, so it’s important to find a good fit.




Rocky Men’s Knee High Boots

From hiking and hunting to camping and bird watching, these boots are perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. They have a 16-inch shaft that offers more protection for your lower legs and a rubber sole that offers plenty of traction. The sole also has a slight platform that supports your arch and works with your natural gait. Thanks to the waterproof design, the boots will block all types of moisture to keep your feet dry. Rocky even includes a guarantee that the boots will keep your feet dry and warm. There’s a lining inside that wicks away moisture and helps you stay even dryer. You’ll also like the camo pattern on the outside and memory foam on the bottom. While the memory foam keeps you comfy, the camo pattern helps you blend into the surrounding environment.


  • Platform measures approximately 1 inches
  • Full-grain Leather and 900 Denier nylon
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Construction




LaCrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot

PROS: Affordable and eye-catching, these boots from LaCrosse are made of 100% rubber, which makes for great snake proofing. Their waterproof design and hand-laid rubber makeup give them good flexibility and durability.

CONS: A few commenters mention that these boots tend to run a little narrow.




Thorogood Men’s Snake Bite 17” Waterproof Hunting Boot

PROS: Thorogood is a name that’s been around for well over a hundred years in the footgear industry. These imported snake proof hunting boots look great, with a mossy oak design that’s attractive and functionally camo. The 100% leather with rubber sole and cement construction means these work great at both warding off snake bites and navigating rough terrains.

CONS: Some reviewers comments include difficulties with either zippers closing or leaks.




Guide Gear Men’s Waterproof Snake Boots

Guide Gear designed these boots to keep the wearer safe when hunting, but they’re just as useful if you spend a lot of time outside. The boots have a higher shaft that stops just above the calf to below the knee and have a camo design. This allows you to hide in any situation without animals or others seeing you. As they are waterproof, the boots keep moisture away from your feet and ensure the liquid rolls off them. Don’t let the laces on the front fool you as the side zipper makes wearing these boots a snap. You’ll also find a mesh lining that absorbs sweat and other liquids to help you stay cooler. The boots also have leather accents on the sides that absorb impacts and prevent snakes from biting through to your skin.


  • Comfortable Protection
  • Easy Maintenance W/ Waterproof Design
  • Size Zipper For Easy Wear




Danner Women’s Wayfinder Snake Boot 15”

PROS: Danner is a name in the footgear world known since 1932 for its craftsmanship in hunting, hiking, work, and even military and law enforcement footwear. These Danner snake boots are a stylish choice for women who want to look great while they trudge through the woods casually warding off nasty snake bites. Imported and made with suede and nylon, these boots are touted as providing 360 degree snake proof protection. Also, their lace-to-toe design helps give them their snug fit.

CONS: This pair of Danner snake boots may run a bit narrow, so be sure to check the latest reviews and order a half size up, if necessary.




LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 MO 1600G Hunting Boot

PROS: These are another attractive imported women’s boot that looks great and helps to serve as a proper camo distracter. Their 100% neoprene and rubber construct gives them ample snake proofing, while their hand-laid rubber over neoprene core leaves them with functional flexibility, substantial waterproofing capabilities, and even comfort that LaCrosse touts as ‘scent-free.’

CONS: Just a few reviewers of these Danner snake boots comment that they may run a bit small, even with one in the pair a bit smaller than the other.




If you regularly or even semi-regularly trudge through ground that contains venomous snakes, consider purchasing a good pair of snake proof boots. Are you guaranteed not to be bitten by a snake if you wear them? Well, are you guaranteed not to be shot by another hunter if you’re wearing orange safety gear? Of course not; however, as a hunter, would you ever go hunting without wearing all the proper protective gear? Clearly, the answer is not a chance, you would not ever consider it.

The best snake proof boots are another effective piece of safety equipment that quite literally has the power to save your life in the event that you encounter a venomous snake whose bite can kill you or cause you to lose a limb due to infection. And, whether you purchase Danner snake boots, Chippewa snake boots, women’s, hunting, or any other kind of waterproof snake boots, the most basic and essential step is always research. Read not just product details but also reviewers’ comments in order to find the ideal pair of the best snake proof boots for your needs.