Best Shoes For Standing All Day At Work – Reviews For 2021

If you work in the fields of healthcare, retail, restaurant service, or even valet service, you are standing on your feet all day to do your job. Nobody will come to relieve except for at lunch. What if you are work 12-14 hours a day in a standing position. You need good shoes and good support to keep your balance. There also has to be good arch support. It can hurt going from one shoe to the next because of the comfort level and the arch. Having the best shoes for standing all day at work, that are comfortable all the time is a must in any high paced job. Sore feet are not fun to have. How can I find the perfect shoe that will not give me so much pain?


Best Shoes For Standing All Day At Work – Buyer’s Guide

Having Sore Feet Is Not Good

If your feet are sore all the time, it is not always caused by any diseases. You can have sore feet just by standing too long, wearing the wrong shoe size, standing in heels all day, too much walking, running races and marathons, strains, sprains, and feet trauma. Bunions, a bone fracture, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and diabetes can play a part in the pain as well. You have to make sure that your body can handle an increased workload. If not, then your feet will pay the consequences for it. That is not fair to put your health in jeopardy just because your boss needs some overtime done. However, if you have no choice, there are shoes in this review that can help you make that decision.


Do Something

Take ownership of the fact that your feet are always in pain. When you know those heels are hurting you, but will not take them off, what does that say about how you are treating yourself? Women have this bad. They find a shoe they like and will gladly cram their feet into because they just have to look cute or fabulous. However, when you go to work the next day and have to stand in your uncomfortable work shoes all day, you are in for a very long and painful time. Since you seem to be the cause of most of your foot pain, look at this review as a way to find the shoes that will keep your feet comfortable without any pain. Look at this review as guidance to no longer wanting to keep harming your precious feet.



Top Ten Best Shoes For Standing All Day At Work Reviewed

1. Superfeet Addy Women’s Crafted Sport Shoe

This particular shoe can be worn with anything. If you stand up on your feet all day, this is the shoe for you. It’s breathable and lightweight. Your feet are really comfortable because of the insoles. These shoes provide support to the feet, which gives the body support as well. You can wear these shoes with a casual sun dress and look so nice. These shoes were specifically designed for all day, everyday wear. You will be so comfortable you might need look down to see if they are still there.




2. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion Walking Shoe

This shoe is for the man whose job requires him to be all over the place at work. No other shoe can give him the comfort he needs as he is walking and running. If you are a man working in a demanding environment, you will find that these are the best shoes out there to cushion your feet. It has a beveled heel so you walk with a stride. This shoe received an upgrade and is the perfect all day, everyday walking shoe. As a man who likes practicality, you may find yourself wearing to more than just your job. That is ok because your feet the the comfort and support. You can wear these with anything and look really nice.




3. HKR Women Lace-up Suede Platform Sneakers Low Top Wide Toe Mid Heel Wedge Oxfords Shoes

If you are looking for a shoe that is comfortable and yet gives you a bit of a lift, this the perfect sneaker wedge for the job. The best part about having these shoes is that they are very easy to clean. They are very cozy on your feet and will accenuate your beautiful legs. As you wear them all day, you will enjoy the comfort they bring to your foot. These shoes are considered casual wear and for standing all day. In order to get these shoes, you must measure your foot to get the right accuracy. This way, they will be taylored just for you. You can wear this with anything and look really good.




4. Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On

Timberland believes in adding technology to their shoes to fit the needs you have. With this slip-on, there is the anti-fatigue technology. You get toe boxes and the outsoles are slip resistant. Because you are on your feet all day, you will be comfortable. Nurses everywhere should rejoice that Timberland kept you on mind when making these shoes. The company knew that your feet needed saving. They designed their shoes for women that have done just that.




5. Superfeet Birch Women’s Casual Comfort Shoe

For this shoe, the name says it all, casual comfort. The soles are slip resistant, which is a must have if you are a nurse, or food server at an elementary school. You want your feet to be relax while you serve the people that matter most. There is leather that is full grain and has heeled webbing. You do get some sense of style. The best part is there is a hint of sport to give this shoe a boost in the “cute” category. Whether you are working in a nursing home or hospital, you feet will thank you for not being sore at the end of the day.



6. Superfeet Ross Men’s Casual Comfort Shoe

Men get to have their turn with the Superfeet Causal Comfort Shoe. The sole is slip resistant. If you are an orderly, then you know what it is to be on your feet all day and wanting to catch a break. These shoes are designed to bring your feet to top notched comfort without you wanting to take a break. You can stand in these all day long, run, and briskly walk without feeling any soreness. This designed definitely came with you in mind. Your feet will love the feel of these comfort shoes. It is like putting on your house slippers at work.




7. Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

This shoe comes with a little bit of everything. It has shock absorption, breathability, flexibility, stability control, cushions, mesh lining, drying, and a latex footbed. This shoe comes backed by one of the best names in sneakers, which is Addidas. Having a comfortable shoe that comes with all the trimmings and sophistication, but is lightweight all at the same time makes it a worth checking out. This shoe is good for work, casual, and dress. So go on and slip this on and feel how comfortable your feet will get. You can concentrate on other things now and not foot pain or bunions.




8. Danner Men’s Tramline 917 Fashion Boot

If you have a concern about slipping and falling, try these shoes out. They come with traction control and slip resistance that keeps you falling on wet surfaces. It also comes with breathable protection. The shoe is waterproof, which is good if you hate wearing wet socks. It offers a combination of leather and textile with a cushioning footbed. It looks like a mini work boot, but it does not feel like one. Get ready to fall in love with a pair or two of these. Working in these and standing all day will definitely be a breeze. There are different color options available. So if their is an older gentleman out there who has a concern about slipping and falling, give the Danner’s a try. You will not be concerned anymore.




9. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 3.0 Walking Shoe

Reebok is a very trusted shoe brand. You can work in these all day, stand, run, and jump without feeling any foot pain. It is important to take care of your feet. They are the most important assets you will own. Why not trust Reebok to provide you with the cushioned comfort you deserve. The shoes comes with abrasion resistance and a breathable mesh lining for the inner part of it. Traction control and slip resistance makes this shoe safe to wear in harsh work invironments. Not to mention that your walking is important you, so you can improve your stride as you do it with these shoes. Let your feet enjoy the comfort they were meant to have with a brand that will give it to you.




10. Crocs Coast Clog

Out of all the shoes you can deem comfortable, here comes the Crocs. They are wonderful for just about anything. Whether you are working all day, standing,or walking crocs are the best shoe to have on your feet. You can even wear these on vacation to your favorite gigantic amusement park so your feet can be as comfortable as possible. These crocs are for both men and women. You get some upper canvas suede and some swellular technology. This croc also comes with traction control. You can where these around the house as your favorite comfy shoes. It is so cool to have a shoe that is designed for both men and women come out to be so comfortable. The playing field is equal here.




So here it is the guide that will get you on the right track to owning the shoes you need for your job. Standing and walking all day really does not have to hurt. Any of these shoes will give you the much needed comfort you desire. No one is above foot pain, so if you take charge and care for your feet, you will be a very happy person. You are going to love the shoe you chose from this guide. Some of these are owned by big name companies and they offer up what is expected of them with wonderful results. You can not go wrong with the decision to check out and buy shoes on this review list.

I hope this guide provided you with what you needed to keep from experiencing sore feet. Please check them out to see what could be the right fit you. Your boss will be asking you information about your nice comfy shoes so they can get a pair too. You will be sure to turn heads, without paying the heafty prices. So go now an get your shoes today. You never know if time are running late in the market. You owe it to your feet to make them comfortable as possible. So, take care of that now since you have the knowledge on hand to make that possible.