Best Shoes For Nurses In 2021 – Guide & Reviews

Some people might find it odd that a profession could influence the type of shoes one wears. But for people who spend most of their work time on their feet like nurses, finding the right type of shoes is essential. A nurse will be required to help patients, the doctor, and fill up records, tasks that require constant running, walking, and standing. It is important, therefore, to find the best shoes for nurses, comfortable and supportive shoes so you don’t strain your arch and back.

The shoes should be able to protect your feet against pain as well as accidental spills. Working in a medical institution also means that you may have to deal with wet floors due to various spills. As such, getting anti-slip shoes will go a long way at preventing injuries.

Although you may not experience any foot problems currently, wearing the wrong shoes as a nurse is likely to take a toll on you. You may soon start complaining of back pain or plantar fasciitis. To avoid this, you need to get shoes like clogs, slippers, slip shoes, sneakers, or tennis shoes. Each type of shoe has its own benefits to nurses and you should analyze them to identify the one that best fits your needs.


Best Shoes For Nurses – Buyers Guide

What makes a good shoe for nurses?

The best shoes for nurses should provide the right arch support to the wearer. If you experience any arch problems, you should go for shoes with motion control. However, it your arch has attained the standard height, using shoes built for stability will be ideal.

After purchasing the nursing shoes, you should put them on and walk around to feel how comfortable they are. They should not be too tight on your feet or too loose. The shoes should also be comfortable, flexible, and light enough to enhance your speed.


Features you want in this type of shoe


Nursing shoes should be durable and made from high quality materials. The bottom should be solid built to protect the sole from wearing out due to friction between the feet and floor.


The best shoes for nurses should be anti-slip to avoid accidents on the slippery hospital floor.

Protect the feet

As a nurse, you are likely to deal with spilling fluids all over the place. Some of them are bloody, puke, water, syrup medication etc. Finding shoes that will protect your feet and socks from these fluids is important.

Ease of maintaining

Nursing shoes should be easy to put on and remove. The spills can be sticky so the shoes should also be easy to clean.

Provide arch support

Shoes for nurses ought to provide support to the back. This helps you to maintain the correct posture all through.


Nurse shoes should be light enough to allow you to remain swift and enhance your performance.


Why having the right footwear is essential for this type of job (standing all day, strain/posture etc.)

The Permanente Journal wanted to know how much walking a nurse does in 24 hours and went on to conduct a research into the subject. According to the result, the average shift of a nurse is 10 hours. During that period, a nurse can walk up to 3 and 1/2 miles.

This means that a nurse is constantly walking around the workplace and will need the most comfortable shoes for that. They also stand for hours hence the need for shoes with arch support to help maintain a good posture without straining.

Nurse shoes should also allow your legs to move naturally without causing accidents and frequent injuries. This keeps your ankles, lower back, hips, as well as knees from aching.


Reviews of the 10 Best Shoes For Nurses

Nurse Mates Womens Velocity

You could use these super comfortable nurse shoes to maintain your style and enjoying unmatched comfort in the workplace. They come in 7 colors that you can choose from based on your preference.

They come with multilateral corrective orthotic that will help your feet stay stable and sufficiently supported all through. The shoes for nurses are made from full-grain leather that is not only durable but also easy to maintain. They are super light so you can walk and run without straining your legs and back.


They are easy to wipe off.
The shoes are super comfortable.
They are high quality and come at a friendly price.


They may not be true to size for individuals with wide feet.
Some users feel that the insole could be a little thicker for a better feel.




Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

These shoes are handmade with leather to assure you of durability and to provide a classy style. They also have a polyurethrane sole that absorbs shock as you walk and run around.

The shoe’s heel measures approximately 2 inches while the platform is only 0.75 inches. These clogs feature a spacious reinforced toe box so you can wear them with comfort.

The instep collar comes padded so you can clean it with ease. To keep the leather durable, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt. The stability of these shoes is attained by the wide heel strike featured. Memory foam is used on the foot bed as a cushion for support.


The PU outsole absorbs shock for optimum comfort.
They are designed to enhance walking stability while reducing torque.


Some users feel that they scuff with ease.




Skechers for Work; Women’s Work Shoe

For women nurses, these work shoes are the best if you are looking for a relaxed fit. They come fitted with an anti-slip resistant outsole so you can stay stable all through. You, therefore, can walk comfortably on a wet or oily floor without worry.

These shoes’ design features a steel safety toe, implying that they can resist any impact or compression around your toes. The composite safety toe is made from a lightweight nonmetallic material that is not only durable but also of superior quality. This keeps the shoes highly protective of your toes, strong, and comfortable.


The shoes are designed to meet the electrical hazard requirements making them ideal for individuals working on insulated floors.


They are only available in a black.




Scurtain Women’s Slip-On Mesh shoes

These casual moccasin loafers are among the best for nurses because they are comfortable to walk, run, or drive in. They come in four colors that you can settle on according to your taste: black, pink, white, and blue.

The upper part of the shoes is made of a mesh cloth that makes them breathable for comfort. If your feet sweat when you wear closed shoes, this pair could be right for you.

The sole material is PU, which is highly durable. It is also complemented by an air cushion that helps you feel comfortable and stable.

The outer sole is antiskid so you can walk on wet or oily floors without worrying about falling. It is also wear-resistant thanks to the premium material featured. It is slow shock, implying that it absorbs all the shock within the soles so your feet do not hurt.


It is lightweight for enhanced comfort while wearing.
It comes in a variety of colors.


The texture is a little delicate.




Sticky Shoes – Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes

This pair of shoes is waterproof and slip-resistant, making it a thing for nurses! The shoes’ outsoles are made of thermoplastic, which makes them ideal for use on slippery floors.

The rubber sole makes the shoes comfortable and shock absorbing. This is made even better by the anti-torsion system that protects your feet against torque. The foot bed is made with an absorbent material that comes in handy for people whose feet tend to sweat a lot. With these shoes, they will stay dry at all time.

These shoes are lightweight so you can move with the highest speed for a better performance.


The outsole is super powerful and durable.
The outer and upper soles are waterproof.


Some users feel that the shoes have no support.




Nurse Mates Womens Harmony

These shoes for nurses are made of full-grain leather, which is strong and durable. The leather is also stain-resistant so you can maintain the shoes with ease. It is sold in two colors: black and white, making them stylish for most individuals.

They feature a multilateral corrective orthotic that is ideal for positioning your feet for adequate support. The stability will also help you if you have foot problems and are looking for shoes that will aid the healing process.

These shoes come in a dual side goring so you can slip into them fast. It also has cotton linings that are soft and breathable, ensuring that your feet are comfortable throughout.


The foot bed is made with a dual-density foam that provides enough arch support.
The heel is stable to enhance feet support.


Some sizes may be a little too tight for your feet.




EASTSURE Slip Resistant Shoes for Women & Men

These black shoes are ideal for a variety of professionals including nurses, chefs etc. Since they are one piece, they are safe for use in such environments. They are also easy to slip on and sufficiently lightweight so you can move at a fast pace hassle free. They are nonslip, implying that you can work in a slippery environment. They are also resistant to moisture so you don’t have to worry about spills.

The shoes are made from PVC material that is not only soft for your comfort but also environment friendly. The insoles are breathable so you don’t stuff your feet as you work. This makes the shoes simple to clean and allows them to dry fast.


These shoes are waterproof, antiskid, and oil proof.
They are super comfortable.


The shoes are not true to USA sizes (need to convert to size chart of country of origin).




Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace

These slip resistant boots are among the most reliable even when walking on a wet floor. They come with laces as the closure system so you can adjust them easily for a custom fit.

The upper side is made from a smooth leather, which makes them durable and stylish. The collar and tongue of these shoes are padded so your feet are protected and fully supported.

The sole is made of synthetic rubber, which enhances the comfort of your feet. The rubber also absorbs the shock that your feet would have experienced as you walk.


They are designed like running shoes, which gives them a classic look.
The padded lining makes them comfortable.


Some users argue that the memory foam for cushioning may wear out fast.




VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog Unisex Work Shoe Chef Shoe Nurse Shoe Ritz

These are the best shoes for you if you work for long hours or looking to improve the health of your feet. The body of the shoes is made with EVA foam, which renders them lightweight. They also come with ortholite removable soles that enhance their support and overall comfort.

They have units that will efficiently channel fluids on slippery floors. The units also penetrate the hard slick floors with ease. The shoes feature an antimicrobial function so your feet are always healthy.

You can easily clean the shoes and sanitize them. They are washable both inside and outside for easier maintenance.


The slip on design is flexible and convenient for most users.


Some users argue that these shoes lack the support needed for comfort.




Sanita Men’s Pu Mule

These shoes come in an anatomical foot-bed that will provide a contoured fit for maximum comfort. The clog shoes are highly reliable because they provide adequate arch support so you don’t experience foot or back pain.

The shoes’ outsoles are made of polyurethane, which is tough for durability and slip resistant for your safety. They also have synthetic insoles that feature a durable traction.

Their design ensures they go easy on your feet regardless of how long you stand, run, or walk.


The shoes provide top-level support and comfort.


Some users argue that the shoes are a bit narrow around the toes.