Best Roofing Boots And Roofing Shoes Reviews For 2020

Finding the right work boot is often a challenge with the wide variety of boots available. Adding the task of finding the work boot designed for roofing makes choosing even harder. When you look for the best roofing boots, find the type of boot that suits the job first, and your daily life second. In the best case, they should provide features that improve your comfort and safety.

Comfort is a large concern when choosing work apparel. Not only does it improve the experience of the wearer; it improves safety conditions as well. If a roofing boot is uncomfortable it increases fatigue and muscle strain becoming a safety hazard itself.

Safety is a primary factor in the work boot a roofer should choose. Working in hazardous conditions means choosing the right boot could prevent an injury or even save your life. Many employers even require specialized footwear to participate on the job site.

Specially designed work boots often provide different features that help protect you like:

  • Oil resistance
  • Exposed nail resistance
  • Electrical resistance
  • Steel and alloy toe caps
  • Extreme slip resistance

Another common concern is durability. Working on a roof wears down footwear quickly. Rubbing against shingles, bending, twisting, exposure to the sun, heat exposure and many other random forces do damage to your work boots daily. This means finding a work boot with quality leather is necessary to prevent having to purchase new boots frequently. You need to find a boot that won’t slip and allows for comfortable movement at steep angles.

Roofers often ask the question: Should I get special roofing boots or general-purpose work boots? Our answer to that is to find what fits your lifestyle. If you can’t afford both and intend on wearing your boots outside the workplace, a more generalized boot may be what you need. If you only want to wear the boots at work and intend on wearing your other footwear outside of your roofing duties, find a specialty shoe that improves your work experience.


Best Roofing Boots And Roofing Shoes Reviews

Cougar Paws Peak Performer Roofing Boots

The Peak Performer is a durable and comfortable solution to the tough environmental conditions of roofing. Made of excellent leather with a scuff-free exterior for increased protection and strength. The internal pads are designed to absorb the heat of the roof, improving comfort and reducing foot fatigue. This boot also exceeds the ASTM rating for slip resistance, making it suitable for any steep climb you encounter while working on the roof.


Heavy slip resistance
Maneuverable design
Strong and durable leather
Heat absorption


Lacking a variety of features



Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men’s Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots

The Ever Boots Premium Work Boots are sturdy boots designed to handle whatever you can throw at it. Made from premium water proof leather, they will keep your feet dry in most wet conditions. They contain an insulated lining to regulate heat absorption. The light weight and flexible rubber sole creates comfort, maneuverability, and an increased protection from electrical hazards.


30-day waterproof money back guarantee
Protection from wet and electrical hazards
Suitable for general use and almost any job


Non-traditional sizing complicates ordering
Features are designed for general use instead of roofing



Cougar Paws Estimator Roofing Boots

The Estimator is an affordable boot designed specifically for the task of roofing. The lightweight design combination of leather and nylon increases your ability to move. The soft lining feels comfortable regardless of the job and stress on the boot. The breathability of the leather nylon combo helps keep your feet dry inside of the boot during hot days.


Maneuverable and light design makes them ideal for people constantly on the move
Made to fit snugly against the ankle
The weaving of leather and nylon improves the durability of a light composition


Lightweight construction decreases durability
Breathable footwear is not designed for cold weather
External nylon threading is susceptible to tear from rubbing on a shingle



Thorogood Men’s Heritage Lace-To-Toe Roofer Work Boots

Thorogood’s Heritage Lace-To-Toe is a stylish and sturdy boot that has general boot qualities with the roofer features. Superior leather with rivets reinforcing the seams improve durability and give it something that other roofing boots don’t have. The slip-resistant sole improves safety and mobility while roofing. A midsole made of rubber gives the wearer an increased range of motion for added stability.


Stylish look unlike any other roofing work boot.
Lace-To-Toe design improves the shoes ability to wrap around the foot snugly
Soft, comfortable lining


Rivets can create uncomfortable pressure points when worn tightly



Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Lace-To-Toe Roofer Boots

This boot is much like the Heritage but with some added perks. An oil-tanned leather exterior gives this boot a conditioned and rugged look. The Cotton drill vamp lining inside creates a comfortable cushion around the entirety of your feet. Inside is a polyurethane footbed on top of a comfort cushion to reduce foot fatigue when working. Blown rubber wedge outsoles improve mobility and foot control on steep roofs.


American made
Patented technology was used to improve comfort and mobility
Both comfortable and stylish


Like the Heritage, the rivets can create uncomfortable pressure points when worn tightly



Red Wing Heritage Men’s Beckman Round 6″ Boot

This general purpose boot is good for work and everyday wear. Made in the US, this boot has a superior leather composite with a wax finish up to the boot. Topline piping and contrast stitching create a smooth finish on the shoe. The pronounced heal gives a small boost to the wearer.


Extended heel and arch design is different than most boot designs
Improved wax finish helps keep the boots shining


Extended heel decreases stability in work situations
Features designed to fit fashion standards instead of work standards



Timberland PRO Men’s Barstow Wedge Alloy ST Work Boot

Timberland is known for their amazing “comfort guarantee.” If you wind up not liking the shoes or they couldn’t handle the stress your daily schedule put on them, you can return them anytime within 30 days of the purchase. These boots contain patented anti-fatigue technology. The solid but flexible rubber sole improves mobility and gives stability to the shoe. The sleek design of the boot gives a feeling of rugged and useful in most situations, including when working on a roof.


Classic boot look with modern technology
Imported but still affordable


Lacking in features beyond the anti-fatigue tech



Vanlly Shoes Men’s 6″ Moc Toe Roofing Work Boot

This roofing boot has features that create comfort and protection during your work day. Seamless waterproof uppers help keep your feet dry when in a when environment, while the oil resistance helps keep your feet safe from the tar encountered while roofing. The Flexible rubber sole improves mobility and keeps you stable on steep inclines. Cushioned insoles reduce foot fatigue and help with comfort during periods of heavy movement.


Simple but elegant solution to the roofing boot


Lacking in new boot technology



Thorogood 1957 Series Men’s 6″ Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Waterproof Safety Toe Boot

This boot has a classic appeal and is packed with technology designed for both safety and comfort. The soles and heels are shock resistant and can withstand 18,000 volts of electricity at 60Hz for 1 minute. The exterior is made with X-Stream Waterproofing, a breathable yet waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry through both water and sweat. As well, they are blood-borne pathogen penetration compliant. The construction of the wedge and outsole is primarily for traction and stability. Top all of this off with a memory foam footbed.


Nearly every safety and comfort technology that could be put into footwear was put into this
Classic look that disguises the advanced nature of the boot while creating a retro feel
Half inch steel safety toe protects the foot from falling heavy objects


There is nothing bad to say about this boot.



Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe 6″ Work Boot

Wolverine leads the industry with numerous patents designed to create more comfortable and safer boots. This boot is designed for any job that requires heavy labor and sturdy foot protection. The optional steel toe allows you to be in control of what type of protection you wear on your feet. Inside is a rubber mid-sole with a cushioned footbed for exceptional comfort and decreased foot fatigue. As well, this boot has an oil, water, and abrasion resistant sole.


Great for job-site to office due to the clean look and resistant exterior
Breathable lining to keep your feet dry
Nylon shock absorbing shank


Bulky heavy boot



Wolverine Men’s Cabor Waterproof 6″ Work Boot

This boot contains the revolutionary fatigue fighting technology known as EPX underfoot, allowing you to work for longer periods without foot pain or extended stress. It does this by flexing with your foot and cushioning the impact. They are mesh-lined and waterproof with a leather construction.


Affordable and well made


Bulky and heavy


Choosing the right work boot can often be a Herculean task, especially when you need the added features that help roofing. Focus your selection process on the job you do most often. If you are laying shingles most of the time, find boots that are built for comfort and have slip-resistant rubber. If you are doing clean up, nail resistant steel toed boots would probably be the way to go. Hopefully one of our top picks fulfills your need and improves your roofing experience.