Best Pronation Insoles & Supination Insoles Reviews For 2021

When it comes to shoes, foot discomfort often stems from pronation & supination-related issues. Pronation problems are those that result from a person’s arch hitting the ground incorrectly, causing pain. Supination problems are those that result from the sideways rotation of the foot, which can also lead to chronic discomfort or foot problems. Because shoes are not often made to fit individual wearers, your best chance at fixing these issues is with a set of the best pronation insoles designed to break the impact of the arch as it lands on the ground. Similarly, supination insoles protect against improper foot rotation.

Although the process of selecting an insole might sound like something easy to accomplish, insoles are actually a type of device that provide physical-therapy and proper foot ergonomics. As such, they are comprised of some amazing features and technology. Consequently, it is important for you to understand the different ways different features are designed to help specific foot problems.


Best Pronation Insoles & Supination Insoles – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures 
1. Dr. Foot’s Insoles for Foot AlignmentMedical-grade PU gel materialSweat-wicking technology, medical-grade gel

Pre-applied adhesive, easy to clean

Available for men, women, and children
2. Dr. Foot’s Corrective Shoe InsertsHigh-quality foam materialSweat-wicking technology

Firm support with anti-slip layer

Anti-bacterial top layer, can trim to fit
3. Pedag Correct PlusLatex rubber

Vegetable tanned leather
Improves flexing motion, lightweight

Low profile suited to high heel

Does not use chemical tanning
4. Dr. Foot’s Orthopedic Silicone InsolesSoft PU gel materialFor O-type and X-type legs, prevents ankle eversion

Prevents sprains from ankle inversion

Unisex style, 30-day guarantee
5. BraceAbility Medial and Lateral Heel WedgeAdhesive silicone-like materialDouble adhesive for secure fit, can be worn next to skin

Cleaning restores stickiness feature, four-degree medical lift

Corrects bowed legs and knock knees
6. Kinper Medial and Lateral Heel WedgeHigh-quality gelNewly improved self-adhesive for superior stability

Fits all shoe styles, breathable material

Helps relieve arthritic pain, comes with three sets
7. SQHT Orthotics Medial and Lateral Heel WedgeSoft, silicone - like material

Fabric, strong self-adhesive
Four-degree medical lift, cushioned support

Provides relief from Achilles tendinitis

Provides relief from heel spurs
8. Topsole 3/4 Insert Soft Insole MetatarsalPORON heelSoft and supportive, deep U cup for improved balance

Provides relief from plantar fasciitis

Excellent support during athletic activities


Why insoles?

Corrective insoles provide relief from pain and are effective in a variety of environments. For instance, nurses are always on their feet, and if you work customer service, you will likely benefit from insoles.

However, hikers and runners can benefit from them, and if you are engaged in sales or presentations, they will help you maintain healthy posture and foot position. Finally, insoles serve teachers or dentists. Simply put, if you stand on your feet and experience pain, insoles represent an effective remedy.


Size, of course, represents the length of the insole and how well it fits within the shoe. However, the volume of the insole must also be considered as many insoles can be trimmed to fit different shoes but cannot be shaved to allow more vertical room.

When purchasing an insole, you should look for one that is not so thick that the toe vamp and eye stays are crammed into your feet. That said, as you wear the insole, the bottom of your shoe will compact over time. Additionally, you can loosen your laces.

Whole-foot insoles aside, you must also consider the size of heel inserts. Heel inserts are designed for supination-related problems and need to match your foot size. One that is too big, for instance, will not protect against unsafe rotation.


You must be able to position the insole inside the shoe in such a way that the insole cups your heel or supports your arch. Some insoles are designed to provide more or less heel or arch support. With the insole placed inside the shoe, the arch should not press against the ball of your foot. Additionally, your foot should not slide.

Comfort technology

The most important feature is the amount of cushion and support for your feet. However, this can be accomplished via an amazing set of materials.

  • air pockets
  • memory foam
  • gel
  • leather
  • non-slip rubber or sure-grip material

Additionally, some insoles are specifically made for supination while others are designed to assist with pronation. Some insoles, however, are a hybrid. As such, they are designed to provide assistance against arch discomfort and foot rotation.


The shape is critical as you will not enjoy the insole if it does not address your problem. In this respect, you must consider your specific problem and find a shape that addresses your issue.

  • high-volume insole for high arches
  • low-volume insole for low arches or flat feet
  • gel ball for support of the ball of your foot
  • heel cups for proper heel support
  • inner and outer cupping or angling to prevent rotation


Best Pronation Insoles & Supination Insoles Reviews

1. Dr. Foot’s Insoles for Foot Alignment

These orthopedic inserts from Dr. Foot are designed to help correct supination and overpronation, which can result in bowed legs and knock knees, respectively. Additionally, when worn medially, these inserts will help correct ankle eversion. When worn laterally, they help prevent sprains from ankle inversion.

Comprised of medical-grade gel, Dr. Foot inserts are durable as well as comfortable. For instance, the sweat-wicking technology helps your feet stay dry while the anti-slip top layer keeps your foot in place. They are also perfectly suitable for use in your sneakers, boots, and dress shoes. In fact, no matter the occasion, these inserts will give you the support you need.

To use them, you can simply remove the clear film made of plastic and slip them into position within your shoes. Of course, you should be sure to press down on the insert to ensure it is fastened into place.

Key features

  • sweat-wicking technology
  • pre-applied adhesive
  • easy to clean
  • available for men, women, and children
  • medical-grade gel



2. Dr. Foot’s Corrective Shoe Inserts

Whether you suffer from pain caused by knee osteoarthritis or are dealing with heal spurs, you should consider these orthotic inserts from Dr. Foot. In fact, the superior design of these inserts provides relief from a variety of foot, ankle, and even hip issues.

Featuring a self-adhesive backing, these inserts can provide the relief you need in any type of shoe, including high heels. Additionally, you do not need to worry about this insert sliding around in your shoe, causing you to trip as you lose your footing. Thanks to the anti-slip layer, your feet remain firmly in place.

Finally, you will have no problem enjoying the benefits of these inserts as they are made for extremely thin feet, overly wide feet, or feet of moderate width. For instance, the high-quality foam is durable, yet you can trim it to size. This means that, even if your shoe size is rather narrow, all you need to do is trim the sides of each insert to ensure you can experience relief.

Key features

  • for men, women, and children
  • sweat-wicking technology
  • firm support with anti-slip layer
  • can trim to fit
  • anti-bacterial top layer



3. Pedag Correct Plus

If you are experiencing over supination, that is, if the weight of your body tends to roll onto the outer edges of your feet as you walk or run, you are more than likely familiar with the back, hip, and knee pain resulting from this foot problem. Fortunately, Correct Plus, a three-quarter orthotic from Pedag, is specifically designed to correct over supination. To achieve this, the insert gently shifts your foot into the correct alignment, resulting in relief from the pain and discomfort you likely experience on a daily basis.

Comprised of natural, vegetable-tanned leather, each insert is hand made in Germany. The inclusion of latex rubber ensures your comfort. You will no doubt feel the difference of these inserts as they are designed from natural materials that breathe, keeping your feet extra comfortable.

Additionally, via the heel wedge, these inserts work to adjust the motion of your heel while simultaneously controlling how your forefoot flexes via the forefoot wedge. This overall design works together to provide superior support and overall comfort.

Key features

  • improves flexing motion
  • lightweight
  • low profile suited to high heel
  • does not use chemical tanning



4. Dr. Foot’s Orthopedic Silicone Insoles

These silicone insoles from Dr. Foot are comprised of PU gel that is durable as well as exceedingly comfortable. For instance, once you have them in your shoes, your heels will be protected from sudden shock, impact, or bruising that you might experience when misjudging the distance of stepping off of a curb. Whether you wear these inserts to correct overpronation or supination, you will experience almost immediately relief from heel pain.

Each insert is designed with one side measuring 0.1 inches and the other side measuring .39 inches. The overall effect is comfortable, angled support. Therefore, if you suffer from overpronation, you should be sure to wear these inserts medially with the lower side situated under the outside of your heels and the higher side located under the inside of your heels.

Conversely, if you suffer from supination, you can simply switch the inserts and wear them laterally. If you do this, you should ensure the 0.39-inch side is worn under the outside of your heel and the 0.1-inch side is under the inside of your heel.

Key features

  • for O-type and X-type legs
  • prevents ankle eversion
  • prevents sprains from ankle inversion
  • unisex style
  • 30-day guarantee



5. BraceAbility Medial and Lateral Heel Wedge

These silicone shoe inserts are raised .25 of an inch, which provides a four-degree medical lift that can be used for either medial or lateral support. Whether you use these inserts to correct overpronation or supination, they are specifically designed to reduce the pressure on your joints, tendons, and muscles. Reducing the pressure in these areas will help to relieve foot and ankle pain as well as hip pain and discomfort in your lower back.

Although they are not full-sized inserts, at four inches in length and over an inch in width, they are more than capable of treating a variety of issues that result from the incorrect foot or ankle alignment in individuals who experience overpronation or supination.

The self-adhesive backing is on both sides of the inserts. Consequently, they will remain in place whether you wear them in a dress shoe or in your tennis shoes. In fact, it is recommended that you place these inserts under the built-in inserts that come with your shoes. Wearing the inserts in such a fashion will provide an added level of stability and comfort.

However, wearing the inserts directly against your skin is also a great option as these inserts are extremely comfortable. Additionally, cleaning these inserts is super easy. You can simply wash them with soap and water or dab them with a wet wipe.

Key features

  • double adhesive for secure fit
  • can be worn next to skin
  • cleaning restores stickiness feature
  • four-degree medical lift
  • corrects bowed legs and knock knees



6. Kinper Medial and Lateral Heel Wedge

When your body is misaligned due to improper foot placement, your posture will suffer, which can cause pain and increase the likelihood of an injury.

These reversible heel wedges are designed to provide the support your feet need. For instance, they correct misalignment and relieve the extra pressure in your hips, knees, and lower back. At just 0.1 inch on the low side and 0.4 inches on the high side, these inserts can easily be worn medially or laterally. Additionally, the low profile for these inserts means you can wear them with absolutely any type of shoe.

Key features

  • newly improved self-adhesive for superior stability
  • fits all shoe styles
  • breathable material
  • helps relieve arthritic pain
  • comes with three sets



7. SQHT Orthotics Medial and Lateral Heel Wedge

For relief from of osteoarthritic knee pain, you should consider the heel wedge from SQHT Orthotics. This heel wedge provides a four-degree medical lift designed to relieve pressure on the inner part of your knees. You can enjoy this relief by wearing them either medially or laterally.

For relief from ankle eversion or to correct genu valgum, also known as knocked knees, you can wear the wedges in the medial position. In this position, the wedges will correct overpronation and bring your feet, legs, and hips into alignment. Conversely, if you suffer from bowed legs, you should be sure to wear these wedges in the lateral position.

Key features

  • can use with O-type, X-type, and O/X type legs
  • four-degree medical lift
  • provides relief from Achilles tendinitis
  • provides relief from heel spurs
  • cushioned support



8. Topsole 3/4 Insert Soft Insole Metatarsal

Whether you are male or female, you will undoubtedly appreciate the relief from the pain of flat feet when you slide these insoles into your shoes. However, if you have high arches, you can benefit from these inserts as well because they are expertly designed to provide support for just about any type of foot pain.

Additionally, as there are a variety of sizes to choose from, you will have no problem finding the right size for your foot needs. In fact, if you experience any difficulty, you can simply contact Topsole, and a representative will take the information necessary to customize the size and even the pattern to meet your specific needs.

The materials used in the design of this insole provide the support and comfort your feet need. For instance, the use of breathable cotton ensures your feet will not sweat while the inclusion of cork provides a comfortable, supportive fit. The dual layers of high-density PU foam will easily absorb shock impact, allowing you to comfortably enjoy a variety of activities.

Finally, if you tend to stand or walk for long periods of time, you are going to love the inclusion of the metatarsal pads. These pads are designed to broadly distribute the pressure on the ball of your feet. Properly distributed pressure results in lasting relief from chronic pain that you might experience when you walk or take part in sports.

Key features

  • 3/4 insert
  • soft and supportive
  • provides relief from plantar fasciitis
  • excellent support during athletic activities
  • deep U cup for improved balance