Best Orthopedic Work Boots – 2020 Guide & Reviews

Even though there are many attractive looking work boots available, they may not offer the support that your feet need. Orthopedic work boots are created to give your feet the support they need and to help stop any additional foot issues from developing. If you already have foot pain and damage like Plantar Fasciitis, you definitely need a good pair of orthopedic boots to help you get through the workday. Below are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best orthopedic work boots and some reviews to help you start your search.


What are Orthopedic work boots?

Designed to line up perfectly with your natural foot structure, orthopedic work boots support your entire foot that to help you stand for long periods of time. Areas that are supported include your arches, ankles, and heels and can include design components like proper lacing, ankle bracing, durable steel shanks, and removable orthotic insoles.


Advantages of Wearing Orthopedic Work Boots

• Medical benefits that include prevention of back pain and common foot pain. Everyone has worn a poor-quality pair of shoes at some point, so you can recall how your heels and arches felt after being on your feet for a few hours. Wearing these types of shoes continuously can change your arch or heel structure creating lifelong foot pain. However, if you wear a pair of orthopedic work boots, you can stop this type of issue from starting by giving your feet the proper support they need.

• Many workers experience discomfort from Plantar Fasciitis which consists of continuous heel pain. Connecting the toes and the heel bone, Plantar Fascia is a ligament which passes through your foot’s arch, and it can wear down with continuous standing causing you to have heel pain. Wearing the orthotic soles that are found in orthopedic work boots can help to deaden pain that results from Plantar Fasciitis.

• People that suffer from diabetic neuropathy will find that the sensation they feel from ulcers and blisters on their feet will dull down until these blisters end up causing amputations. Wearing orthopedic work boots that use shoe inserts will help to stop the skin blistering that happens to diabetics.

• With naturally-shaped toe boxes, orthopedic work boots are a lot more comfortable when compared to normal footwear. They also include plush insoles that help to support your weight plus any heavy loads you may be carrying while you work that 10 to 12-hour shift.

• With recent technology, orthopedic work boots are not as ugly as they used to be. Not only can you get all those comfortable features, but you can also get an attractive looking pair of boots.


Benefits of Orthopedic Work Boots

Even if you don’t currently have problems with your feet, anyone can benefit from a pair of orthopedic work boots. Wearing the correct orthopedic work boots now can help prevent any future back and foot pain. You should definitely switch if you suffer from any of the following issues:

Foot Pain – Even though this looks like an easy call, many people don’t understand that swollen arches and painful and sore toes may be the result of wearing the wrong type of boots. With a pair of orthopedic work boots. There is room for your feet to spread out and relax, but won’t affect how you walk. Orthopedic boots also won’t create pressure points that will irritate your feet or break your skin.

Heel Pain – Heel pain can indicate more serious issues like Plantar Fasciitis. Treatment includes wearing orthotic soles along with metatarsal pads that create less pressure on your feet.

Supination or Pronation – Sometimes the way you walk can cause problems. Depending on your foot falls either inward which is called pronation or outward known as supination. These problems can be prevented by a good pair of orthopedic work boots.

Leg Length – If you look at the soles of your shoes, you may see a pattern that indicates your feet are on unequal length. A good pair of orthopedic work boots that have customized soles will help you place both feet on the same level.

Hip or Leg Injury – Recent leg or hip injuries require proper support for your feet. Otherwise, your joint will have a hard time healing in the correct position. You can heal faster and correctly with a good pair of orthopedic work boots.


Features of Orthopedic Work Boots

Removable Insoles

The sole is the most important part of your feet that an orthopedic work boot should support since the insole is directly touching the bottom of your foot. If a boot has a removable insole, it allows you to use a custom orthotic that is most appropriate for your specific foot issue or arch shape.


Most people are most interest in comfort when choosing the right orthopedic work boot. When you spend lots of hours on your feet, you want a comfortable pair of boots that will support you. Also, make sure that the uppers on the boots are constructed of a material that is soft and won’t rub and irritate your feet.

Arch Support

Solid arch support is also an essential feature of a good pair of orthopedic work boots. This is particularly true if you are carrying heavy loads or have a heavy build. Make sure your boots have a good quality insole and a shank made of either fiberglass or steel.


It can be dangerous to have slippery boots out on the jobsite. You want to make sure your orthopedic work boots have great balance when you are working on wet slippery surfaces or on gravel. Patterns with a drastic tread or lugs help boots hold onto the ground.

Safety Features

Other features to consider are composite or steel toes, slip resistance, oil resistance, waterproofing, and electrical hazard resistance.


It’s not uncommon for a work boot to fall apart quickly. Look for robust laces, scratch-resistant soles and uppers, and reinforced seams to make sure you are buying a pair of well-made boots.


Best Orthopedic Work Boots Reviews

Orthofeet Highline Men’s Boots

With a non-binding relaxed fit, Orthofeet Highline Men’s Boots provide anatomical arch support and the most protection you can get from pressure points. With the premium orthotic insole, you get an ergonomic cushioning that softens each step, facilitates normal foot motion, and increases your stability. These are doctor recommended boots for those suffering from hammer toes, corns, bunions, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, pronation, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy, and diabetes.

Using a biomechanical design, the Orthofeet Highline Boots use the best therapeutic features to make incredibly comfortable shoes that reduce foot pain at the ball of your foot, heels, arches, knees and lower back. It also features a wide toe design that allows your foot to spread out and relax for more comfort. Plus, these boots have a seam-free and soft interior lining that has foam padding and reduces pressure points.


Very comfortable and lightweight
Make a huge difference after wearing them just a few weeks
Perfect for someone who suffers from ankle and knee pain


A little too tight for some users
Expected no lace
Too wide for some



Dr. Comfort Men’s Boss Boots

Blending technology and art, the Dr. Comfort Men’s Boss Boots features durable leather with high abrasion and an outsole that is oil resistant. These rugged boots not only look good but they work on a wide range of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, and ankle tendonitis. They also come with a free pair of Gel Plus insoles.

Part of the Dr. Comfort Specialty Collection, the Boos Boots are constructed of a breathable material that helps to keep your feet dry and cool by regulating heat. The removable insoles create footbeds that will accommodate your own orthotics and a toe box that gives you more protection from stubbing your toe. This is a long-lasting boot that uses high-quality materials to stop wear and tear and provides laterial and medial stability and support to help you get through your daily activities.


Don’t need to break boot in
Very comfortable leather boot
Great boot for a variety of issues


Sole too thin for some users
Not a heavy-duty boot



Orthofeet Men’s Comfort Boot

With anatomical arch support, the Orthofeet Highline Men’s Boots give you a relaxed and binding fit with the most protection against pressure points. The premium orthotic insoles have an ergonomic design that cushions each step for improved stability that helps create a natural motion. Often recommended for arthritis, pronation, diabetes, hammer toes, bunions, and neuropathy, the Orthofeet Comfort Boots use biomechanical technology to create incredibly comfortable shoes.

Engineered to reduce aching in your lower back, knees, arches, feet, and heels, the Orthofeet include a comfortable toe design so your feet can spread out and relax. The lightweight sole uses an air cushioning systems that adds softness and spring to each step. These boots are designed to give you pain-free and comfortable steps all day long


Very functional and comfortable boot
Includes adjustable inner soles
Has an anti-slip features


Padding isn’t great
Not very attractive boot



Dr. Comfort Boss Men’s Therapeutic Boot

Made of durable leather, the Dr. Comfort Boss Men’s Therapeutic Boot is a mix of technology and art. With its rugged good looks, it has the style to meet your needs. Featuring an outsole that is oil resistant and high abrasion, these boots help to add accommodations and comfort to your day. These boots are designed as a therapeutic shoe, and they are not intended for construction work.

Sophisticated style and classic craftsmanship make the Dr. Comfort a desirable show with several comfort and protective features. This lightweight boot includes a lace closure and leather uppers that have a padded and seamless lining.


Nice quality boot for diabetics
Roomy and lightweight
Keeps your feet dry and warm


Need to buy addition insole for comfort
Does not have a steel toe



Orthofeet Jackson Square Men’s Wing Tip Shoes

With the most protection from pressure points, the Orthofeet Jackson Square Men’s Wing Tip features a relaxed and non-binding fit and anatomical arch support. The orthotic insole has an ergonomic and cushioned design to help give you a natural walking motion, increase your stability, and soften your steps. This is a great shoe if you have diabetes, bunions, plantar fasciitis, or arthritis.

Engineered to lessen lower back, foot, knee, arch, and heel pain, the toe box design is deep and wide to create an area where your foot can relax and spread out. These leather shoes also feature a lightweight sole that has a cushion system to reduce stress on your joints so you can be comfortable and pain-free all day long. Plus, the seamfree interior is foam padded to get rid of any pressure points.


Very comfortable, you can wear them all day
Have no pressure points
Can use instead of custom orthotic shoes


Velcro is useless
Sizes run small



Orthofeet Broadway Men’s Shoes

Offering anatomic support of your arch, the Orthofeet Broadway Men’s Casual shoes has a relaxed and non-binding fit that gives you the most protection from pressure points. Recommended by doctors, the shoes are great for those that suffer from corns, arthritis, diabetes, and hammer toes. With a premium insole, the heel has a cushioned and ergonomic design that will soften each step.

The Orthofeet Broadway also features a toe box design that is wide and deep so your foot can spread out and relax for additional comfort. Biomechanically engineered, these shoes reduce joint stress, improve stability, and help to create a natural foot motion. Plus, the interior lining has a seam-free and soft that reduces pressure points for a comfortable experience for those that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathy.


Amazingly comfortable and lightweight
Have built-in arch support
Solve pain in your feet with its precise support
Wears out quickly
Not high-quality materials



Orthofeet Melbourne Men’s Sandals

Recommended for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, diabetes, bunions, arthritis, and neuropathy, the Orthofeet Melbourne Men’s Sandals are biomechanically engineered to lessen pain in your lower back, knees, arches, heels, and feet. With anatomical arch support, these sandals have a relaxed fit that is non-binding, plus they give you the most protection from pressure points. The cushioned soles are ergonomically designed to give you increased stability, softer steps, and help create a natural motion when you walk.

Doctor recommended, the Melbourne Sandals are great for those suffering from hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, and neuropathy. Made of leather with a rubber sole, they feature a wide and deep toe box design that lets your foot relax and naturally spread out. A padded foam interior with a seam-free lining also helps to get rid of pressure points giving your protection and comfort for your sensitive feet.


Very comfortable, worth the money
Can wear with compression stockings
Good for a variety of issues


Doesn’t have enough support
Bad quality, not good looking



Dr. Comfort Women’s Vigor Hiking Boots

Made of natural material, the Vigor Hiking Boots keep your feet dry and cool by regulating heat. They include contact closures that are adjustable and no-tie elastic lace that helps to personalize your comfort. The toe box gives you more protection from toe stubbing with the footbed are removable to accommodate orthotics.

Made of top-quality materials, the construction of the Vigor Hiking Boots helps to stop wear and tear while the heel counter is firm giving you more lateral and medial stability and support for your daily activities. These stylish and lightweight hiking boots are perfect for indoors and outdoors and work well for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, corns, plantar fasciitis, and diabetes.


Works well for bunions
Very comfortable and well-made
Lightweight and wear well


Not a very functional shoe
Doesn’t have a lot of tread



Orthopedic work boots are a necessary part of treatment for certain foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. But even if you don’t have a reason to wear them, wearing a good pair of orthopedic work boots can help prevent foot issues from developing in the future. Just make sure to find a supportive pair of orthopedic work boots that are both comfortable to wear and work well out on the jobsite.