Best Metatarsal Boots For Work – 2020 Guide & Reviews

When you work in harsh environments, such as construction sites, the outdoors, or industrial type jobs, it is always important to wear the appropriate boots for the job. Work boots are really great for these areas. They give your feet protection and provide lots of comfort. You will not have to sacrifice one for the other. Comfortable footwear can actually help enhance your work production and give you an overall pleasant attitude about getting the workload accomplished.


What are Metatarsal Boots?

Metatarsal work boots are specifically designed to help provide protection and support to the proper metatarsal area of your feet. The best metatarsal boots for work have a padded area that covers the top of the foot and a shoe safety area that protects the front area of the foot as well. These boots are usually leather made, meaning that they will not wear out and you can depend on these shoes to be strong and protective. They usually have rubber outer soles to protect from friction and offer a slip-resistant grip.

These are great for oily areas and wet surfaces. The rubber properties make these work boots shock resistant as well. These boots are perfect for construction sites and anywhere that there is a drop hazard. Your feet will be fully protected from bruises, cuts, acids, and burns.


Why are Metatarsal Boots Better than Regular Work Boots?

Metatarsal boots have a lot of different variations. This helps customers choose the one that they think will best fit their needs individually. Some work boots have an external metatarsal guard, which makes these boots look a bit chunkier than other boots. They have the padded metatarsal guard on the top of the boot and is more padded than the outer one. This is a much better option for high-stress construction sites, such as commercial building. Internal metatarsal guards is not as padded, but provides enough support and safety to last in the not as intense work zones.

These work boots are usually a little more presentable as well, meaning that if you get off of work and need to go somewhere with family, like out to eat, these would still be a good choice shoe to wear.

Some work boots that are considered metatarsal, have toes that are made from aluminum and not steel. This makes the shoes much more lightweight than other work boots. These boots are still very rugged and they have a tougher look than the steel ones. Aluminum safety toes offer just as much safety as steel toe boots but without the heavy weight. Some metatarsal work boots come with TPU outer soles, which means that the outer soles are made from thermo polyurethane. This is what helps the boots have the slip resistance.


Features of Metatarsal Work Boots

There are many different factors to consider when you are trying to decide if you’d like to try a metatarsal work boot instead of a regular work boot. First, there’s the internal or external metatarsal guard. It’s important to realize where the guard actually is, whether it be internally or exteriorly. Metatarsal work boots also come with leather on the boots, and it’s an awesome addition. This is because leather is so durable. Leather gives the boots a chance to get broken in really good before up and leaves again. The rubber soles ensure that these work boots are slip-resistant.

The toe area at the top of the work boots is also really important. There are two different types of the toe area of the shoes. Some company make work boots with aluminum toes are steel toes. Either way, the toes a protected and not hits that are without worry. The internal water resistant lining is a really big plus to someone who may want to have cool and dry work boots with odor protection factored into the boot as well.

The padded collar at the opening of the work boots and the supportive steel shank of these work boots help make sure that your feet are comfortably matched with the arch size and that the price is not too shabby as well. The cushioned inner sole helps your feet fight feeling of tiredness and helps you have an overall better experience in wearing metatarsal work boots.


Best Metatarsal Boots For Work Reviewed

Metatarsal work boots are becoming a more and more popular choice among those who work in certain outdoor jobs and construction type jobs. There are several different brands and types on the market today. Here are some of the best ones to choose from if you are still searching for the right pair of metatarsal work boots for you.


1. Muck Boots Men’s Chore Safety Toe Metatarsal Work Boot

MuckBoots metatarsal work boots are leather and come with a rubber sole. They offer five millimeter neoprene that provides more comfort and flexibility for better movement and durability as well. These are an excellent choice for waterproof, shock absorbing work boots. They also have a heat retention properties due to a soft fleece lining that also enhances comfort. The fleece in the boots help offer more warmth in the coldest of places. These boots can offer warmth from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

These boots also adjusts to the contours of your feet, which helps fight against blisters and chafing. The leather upper and lace-up front is waterproof and features a faux fur trim, for an added touch of flair. These work boots are 13 inches high, which means that your feet are well protected in any kind of weather element. Lastly, these lightweight, durable work boots over a cushioned EVA midsole and they have slip resistance, giving you traction on the most slippery surfaces.



2. Ariat Work Men’s Groundbreaker Wide Square Metguard Steel Toe Boot

Ariat is a really well-known and well-respected name when it comes to durable clothing and work boots that are made for harsh working conditions and are always rugged enough to be able to handle the job. These metatarsal work boots are leather and they have a synthetic sole along with them. The leather is full-grain with suede along the upper part of the boot. These work boots are designed with four-row stitching and have a mesh lining that helps the boot be more breathable and cooler.

The extra comfort insole has a higher rebound than most others on the same market. The Met Guard is ASTM rated for metatarsal protection. These boots are also styled with a sort of Western look, great for the more outdoorsy job, such as farm work, factories, warehouses, construction, etc. These boots are workhorses and will definitely be with you for the long haul and last through whatever you put them through.



3. Oliver 55 Series 6″ Leather Steel Toe Puncture-Resistant Men’s Metatarsal Boots, Black (55246)

These metatarsal work boots are made from liquid-resistant leather. The upper is tough and durable and also has chemical resistance featured on the upper as well. These boots have an outer sole that strops abrasive materials and combats many different types of abrasive materials such as oils, acids, alkalis, animal fats and animal oils. Oliver’s metatarsal work boots are flexible and have XRD Metatarsal Guard, which creates a protective field around your feet and any impact is absorbed; up to 90 percent of intense force is absorbed. These boots are also puncture resistant, meaning your feet are always protected when you are wearing these.

There is an All-terrain dual density soling technology that combines the shock absorbing midsole with the rubber outer sole for a heat resistance of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The boots have a steel toe inside the interior and is ASTM certified that the steel toe will protect your feet to the highest ability. These boots are very durable and are recommended for construction, mining, oil and gas, working with heavy metals, manufacturing jobs, farm and warehouse jobs, and overall just general wearing them around. These metatarsal work boots are great in any situation you may face – you’ll be ready for both work and play with these boots!



4. Rhino Men’s 6MS01 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Leather Work Boot

Rhino’s version of the metatarsal work boot starts with a leather exterior that has a rubber sole. The shaft measures six inches from the arch. These boots are ASTM approved and they are electrical hazard approved because of a features safety out sole around the bottom of the boots. This work boot is an example of an external metatarsal work boot, which explains why the very front of the boots look a little bit more rugged and chunky than some of the other models on the market today.

The boots have natural rubber rugged with oil and slip resistance featured on the outsole as well. This means that you are sure to keep your traction no matter where you are walking and what situation that you are in. These work boots will be sure to keep your feet comfortable during a long work day.



5. Wolverine Men’s Lawson INT MET SR 6 Inch Steel Work Boot

Wolverine is yet another well-know and trusted name for all things high-quality in a rugged, construction and farm market. Their boots are no exception to their excellence as a company, either. Their metatarsal work boot, the Lawson, is made of 100 percent leather and has a rubber sole. The leather on the upper part of the boot is full-grain. The boots come with a protective toe-bumper, which is a really great safety feature for protecting your toes in case you drop a heavy piece of metal or something else that is heavy falls on top of your feet.

These work boots come with an abrasion resistance and a removable full-cushioned footbed. The advanced comfort on the interior of these work boots is coming from a polyurethane midsole. These boots are also waterproof and have been made from lightweight materials, making them lighter than most other boots on the market.



6. Wolverine Men’s Mckay Metatarsal Guard Boot

Wolverine’s Mckay work boots feature full-grain leather and a rubber sole. They have a waterproof construction and are chemical resistant as well. With a steel toe, these boots are sure to keep your feet protected from the harsh elements of the jobsite and from any heavy objects dropping or falling on your feet, too. These metatarsal boots are heat resistant and have a non-slip tread on the bottom, making it easy for you to keep your traction in the most slippery situations.

These boots are really comfortable and make it easy to break them in without any blisters coming up. They have a really soft feel unlike most other boots, which make these a perfect choice for wearing out and about, not just at work. These durable, lightweight, metatarsal work boots are sure to give you so much comfort that your work production may improve and you will be less tired after a long work day because your feet will be feeling awesome!



7. Timberland PRO Men’s Rigmaster 8″ Waterproof Met Work Boot

Timberland are known for having really great quality work boots and they have a really good reputation for being made to last. These metatarsal work boots are made from leather and have a synthetic sole. The shaft measures 8 inches from the arch. The heel measures about an inch and the boot has a mid-high height with speed-lacing hardware. The alloy safety toe will help protect your feet from anything falling or dropping on your toes. The metatarsal guard is made from rubber and is on the interior and has breathable open cell polyurethane for a really comfortable protection.

These boots feature a unique fingertip pull on for ease in getting your boots on your feet. The mesh lining has been treated with Agion antimicrobial treatment, which helps with odor control and keeps feet cool and dry, while controlling bacteria growth. The outer sole is a dense polyurethane. These work boots offer a slip resistant sole to keep your traction on the slipperiest floors. These work boots look great enough to wear when you are out and about on the town, but are comfortable enough to wear for long hours on the construction site. The versatility of these work boots is really incredible.



8. Carhartt 8″ Men’s Waterproof Composite Toe Internal Metatarsal Guard CMF8720 Work Boot

Carhartt work boots are known for being really great quality and well made. These metatarsal boots are made from leather and have a rubber sole. The shaft of these work boots are about eight inches from the arch. They have a composite safety toe and it is ASTM certified. The outsole is cement construction and has the Carhartt rubber rugged flex technology.

Storm defender technology helps keep these work boots waterproof and breathable. There is reflective material on high visibility piping on these work boots, to make sure that you are seen on the jobsite to prevent accidental injuries. The Poron XRD metatarsal guard is located internally and is very soft and comfortable. They are also oil resistant and puncture resistant as well.



9. KEEN Utility Men’s Louisville 6″ Internal Met Work Boot

KEEN work boots are some of the best quality work boots on the market. They are made out of leather and offer a synthetic rubber sole. The shaft of these work boots measures six inches from the arch and the platform measures about one inch. The boot opening has a measurement of 14 and a half inches around, which is really great for those with bigger calf muscles. They have left and right asymmetrical steel toes and a removable comfort footbed. They also offer KEEN.DRY, which is their waterproof, breathable membrane technology.

This helps support the internal metatarsal guard and make the overall wearing experience more pleasing. These boots are oil resistant and slip resistant. There is a non-marking rubber outer sole that is also helpful when working on industrial floors. These boots also offer electrical hazard protection, to prevent any electrical shocks.



These metatarsal work boots are wonderful choices if you are looking to purchase a pair of metatarsal boots. They will offer amazing support and they will be able to withstand any harsh elements from any worksite that you will put them through. These boots are made to last and they will leave your feet feeling great, even after long hours on the jobsite. Check these work boots out to find the best pair to fit your needs!