Best Mens Oxford Shoes Reviews For 2022

Clothes may make the man, but shoes lift him just a little higher. When it comes to the perfect pair of dress shoes, a good pair of the best mens Oxford shoes is suited to nearly any occasion. They fit just as well at the office as they do out on the town. Oxford shoes can be worn in pretty much any setting, no matter how formal or casual, and they can elevate the most casual outfits to something a little bit classier. Their timeless nature makes them a staple of men’s fashion, and the simple design and adaptability means that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


Best Mens Oxford Shoes – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures
1. Mio Marino Men's Oxford Shoes
Rubber sole

Cushioned insole

Leather lining
Nonslip grip pads

Blind eyelet construction
2. Mezlan Men's Pegaso Oxford Shoes
100% Leather

Leather sole
Calfskin leathers for comfort

Durability and long lasting fit

Proprietary cushioning for added comfort
3. ZRO Men's Lace-Up Modern Oxford Dress Shoes
Cowhide Grain Leather

Rubber sole
Pointy toe and lace-up vamp


4. GIFENNSE Men's Dress Shoes

Rubber sole
Handmade coloring process

Durability and adaptability

Premium imported leather
5. Paul Evans Martin Oxford Dress Shoes
LeatherClassic, high-gloss profile

Highest quality materials

Hand-painted finish
6. CLARKS Men's Raharto Plain Oxford

Synthetic sole
Removable Ortholite footbed

Cushion Soft technology

Lightweight EVA outsole
7. Stacy Adams Dickinson Lace-up Oxford
100% Leather

Non-Leather sole
Burnished brogue perforated trims

Blind-eyelet lacing

Comfort and shock absorption
8. Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Cap Oxford
100% Leather

Rubber sole
Heel measures approximately 1.25"

Classic lace-up oxford featuring blind eyelets and cap toe

Stacked heel
9. Dockers Men's Parkway Oxford Shoes

Rubber sole
Genuine leather uppers

Treated with NeverWet

Cushioned latex footbed f
10. Caterpillar Oversee Steel Toe Oxford
100% Leather

Rubber sole
Buff grain leather upper

Nylon mesh lining

Slip resistant rubber outsole
11. Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Oxford Shoe
100% leather

Synthetic sole
Made with soft nappa leather

Lace-up closure

Derby construction
12. Rockport Men's Marshall Plain Toe Oxford
100% Leather

Synthetic sole
Sturdy construction

Heel measures approximately 1 inches"

Leather Welt


When looking for the perfect pair of Oxfords, factors to keep in mind include:

What makes an Oxford an Oxford: the term “Oxford” refers to any smart shoe with a closed lacing system. A closed lacing system means that the vamp of the shoe is sewn over the quarter, where the vamp is the middle part of the shoe that covers the arch and instep, and the quarter is the top part of the shoe that wraps around from the heel to the top of the foot.

Well-Known Brands: depending on what you’re looking for, you can find a quality pair of Oxfords from a variety of brands, but some of the most well-known brands include names like CLARKS, Sperry, Cole Haan, and Dockers.

Sizing: if you’re importing your shoes, size conversion can be tricky. US shoe sizes range from 6 to 16, European shoes sizes range from 39 to 49, and UK shoe sizes range from 5.5 to 15.5. Take the time to consult a sizing chart before you order, so that you can be sure you’ll find the right fit.

Style: as mentioned above, Oxford shoes feature a closed-lacing system, but they can be patterned or plain, typically in dark colors. Only plain shoes are “true” Oxfords, while shoes that feature detailing or patterns around the cap are often referred to as Brogues.

Fit: Oxfords are meant to be a close fit, but if your shoe feels too tight, look for a larger size. Because of their slim cut and leather construction, a too-small Oxford will be extremely uncomfortable if worn for any extended length of time.

Etiquette: while Oxfords used to be a sign of a formal event, the laws of fashion have relaxed enough that they can be worn at work, at a dressy party, or even with a pair of jeans while out and about.


Best Mens Oxford Shoes Reviewed

1. Mio Marino Men’s Oxford Shoes

This first pair of mens casual Oxford shoes is technically a Brogue, not a true Oxford, but the detailing around the toe and stitching lends the Mio Marino Men’s Oxford Shoes a more relaxed feel that makes them easier to apply to any setting, formal or informal.

Each pair of shoes is handmade out of imported Italian leather, and the rubber soles provide the grip and traction you need to take these shoes on the go. Adaptable and attractive, these shoes are equally at home in the office or at a bar with friends.

Based on other buyers’ reviews, however, the sizing on these shoes seems a little difficult to nail down. Make sure you convert your shoe size properly and go a size up or down before ordering, depending on your personal preference. Other than that, however, these shoes provide a simple spin on a classic design that make them the perfect fit for any man’s wardrobe.




2. Mezlan Men’s Pegaso Oxford Shoes

Unlike mens suede Oxford shoes, most mens casual Oxford shoes that are made of leather are built to hold up to years of repeated use, and this is where the Mezlan Men’s Pegaso Oxford Shoes really stand out. Like the previous example, the Pegaso shoes have a little bit of extra texturing that make them more of a brogue than an Oxford, but, again, that provides a fun twist on the classic mens Oxford dress shoes.

Made of imported calfskin leather, right down to the sole, the Pegaso shoes are a sophisticated addition to your wardrobe that are still young enough to be able to pair easily with casual outfits.

Our only real complaint with these shoes is with the laces, not the shoes themselves. If you break a lace, Mezlan does not sell replacements, so you’ll either have to replace the entire shoe or settle for a replacement outside the brand.




3. ZRO Men’s Lace-Up Modern Oxford Dress Shoes

The first entry on this list to really be classified as a true Oxford, instead of a Brogue, the ZRO Men’s Lace-Up Modern Oxford Dress Shoes are a classic pair of shoes that still look as young and modern as the name promises. With a full-grain leather construction and rubber sole, these shoes are as practical as they are attractive, and can handle various terrains without breaking down the way mens suede Oxford shoes might do.

These shoes do run a little bit larger than other mens Oxford dress shoes.In general, if you order these shoes half a size smaller than what you usually wear, you should be able to get that perfect fit, but otherwise your shoes may arrive just a little bit too large to be a truly comfortable fit. Other than that, however, this is a simple, classic shoe that will take any outfit to the next level.




4. GIFENNSE Men’s Dress Shoes

Another true Oxford, the GIFENNSE Men’s Dress Shoes provide a classic example of mens casual Oxford shoes that can be either as formal or casual as the occasion calls for, without the need to swap in a new pair of shoes. Made of and lined with premium imported leather, the rubber sole provides the durability and adaptability that mens suede Oxford shoes cannot, and each pair is hand made and hand colored to make sure that each shoe is unique to its owner.

While GIFENNSE is not yet as well-known as some other brands that provide mens Oxford dress shoes, it’s easy to see how it’s quickly becoming a household name. The biggest complaint that buyers seem to have with this shoe is that its hand-colored design strikes some as looking “used” or “worn” even before the shoes are out of the box, but if its style matches yours, there shouldn’t be any real problem.




5. Paul Evans Martin Oxford Dress Shoes

If your taste in mens Oxford dress shoes runs towards simpler designs, the Paul Evans Martin Oxford Dress Shoe is the perfect shoe for you. Perhaps the biggest difference between mens suede Oxford shoes and mens Oxford dress shoes that are made with leather is that the latter provide an air of sophistication and luxury that the former simply cannot do. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Paul Evans Oxfords, which are made from a single piece of leather, hand stitched and polished to a high shine.

As with other shoes on this list, the difference in sizing charts between the manufacturer and the purchaser can cause some communication issues, so make sure you order one full size smaller than you normally wear. Once you’ve gotten your shoes, however, the simple, flawless design of these shoes creates a minimalist, high-brow look that will instantly catch the eye of everyone who sees them.




6. CLARKS Men’s Raharto Plain Oxford

CLARKS is a well-known brand for mens casual Oxford shoes, and with shoes like the Raharto Plain Oxford, it’s fairly easy to see why. Unlike some of the previous entries on this list, these shoes are, at a glance, far more casual than some of the other offerings. However, the classic style and quality construction lends them an air of sophistication that lets them pair well with any setting.

While the leather construction distinguishes the Raharto shoes from mens suede Oxford shoes, they can also be a little bit difficult to “break in”, so make sure you wear these shoes for shorter periods before attempting any long-distance traveling. Some buyers have reported blisters from shoes that weren’t properly broken in, so either take the time to break them in before you wear them for extended periods, or wear thicker socks if you don’t have the time to do so!




7. Stacy Adams Dickinson Lace-up Oxford

With the Stacy Adams Dickinson Lace-up Oxford, we return to the realm of Brogues, and this shoe is one of the prime examples of its kind. The detailing around the trim is subtle enough to not be too showy or ostentatious, and the classic design provides a handsome framework for a solid pair of shoes. The inside of the shoe is fully padded to avoid the stiff discomfort from which some Oxford shoes can unfortunately suffer, and the non-leather sole provides traction and durability as you go throughout your busy day.

The biggest complaint with these shoes, however, tends to be with the soles. The soles are durable, but they are also fairly thin, which fails to provide adequate protection from the elements on extremely cold or warm days. If you’re planning on being mostly indoors, however, these are the perfect shoes to catch peoples’ eyes and bring the compliments rolling in.




8. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Cap Oxford

Cole Haan is another classic Oxford brand, and the Lenox Hill Cap Oxford shoe is a great example of why the company is able to stay so long in the public eye. It should be noted that these shoes are not actually Oxfords, but actually Derby shoes, but they are still a classic, timeless look that can be dressed up or down as needed. Like most of the other entries on this list, the shoes are made of imported leather with a rubber sole.

Our biggest complaint with these shoes is that their coloring can vary between pairs of shoes, with several buyers reporting a “more red” shoe than they had originally anticipated.




9. Dockers Men’s Parkway Oxford Shoes

The Dockers Men’s Parkway Oxford Shoes are the first of two more casual options on this list, but they still provide that classic formal design while still providing a more relaxed, durable pair of shoes. Like the previous entry, these shoes are technically Derbies, but that slightly more rough-hewn style only adds to the more casual look of these handsome shoes.

The biggest issue with these shoes seems to be the fit. If you have wider feet, you may want to order a size larger or consider a different shoe, as buyers have reported a very tight fit around the instep.




10. Caterpillar Oversee Steel Toe Oxford

Truly the most casual in the list of mens casual Oxford shoes, the Caterpillar Oversee Steel Toe Oxford is, first and foremost, a work shoe. The company from which it hails is built around providing industrial-quality tools and apparel for the working man, and these shoes are no exception. However, due to their high-quality construction and classic design, they can lend a touch of casual, contemporary fashion to even the most “nitty-gritty” tasks and daily routines.

Made of imported leather with a rubber sole and steel toes, these shoes do not sacrifice form for function, as they are tough enough to handle any task while still looking like a classic pair of Oxfords. They may be a little bit stiff when you first purchase them, and they may not be able to go between casual and formal settings as easily as some of the other options on this list, but they are still attractive enough to be a step above most safety shoes and strong enough to withstand some of the harshest conditions.




11. Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford Shoe

A classic shoe from a classic brand, the Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford Shoe provides a modern, relaxed take on a timeless classic. Made of premium imported leather with a rubber sole, the Calvin Klein shoes also feature a cushioned foam insole to allow for a more comfortable fit and protect against shocks when walking.

Some buyers have complained that the shoe fit was not exactly what they’d expected, so, as always when dealing with Oxfords, Brogues, or Derbies, take the time to make sure that your shoe measurements are in line with what other buyers have noted.




12. Rockport Men’s Marshall Plain Toe Oxford

The last entry on this list, the Rockport Men’s Marshall Plain Toe Oxford is a perfect combination of casual and formal that stands out even among so many other great shoes. With a slightly thicker sole than other shoes on this list, this shoe can take more punishment from the elements while still retaining that classic sense of style and fashion.

Because of their sturdy construction, however, be sure to try and wear these shoes in for a few days before attempting to wear them all day, or you may find yourself having to deal with blisters.




Final Thought

Whether you’re looking to replace a favorite pair of shoes that have seen better days, or if you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of men’s fashion, a good pair of Oxford shoes can be an essential part of your wardrobe for years to come. When worn well, Oxfords can elevate any outfit and lend an air of casual sophistication to even the most “dressed-down” looks. No matter which shoe you ultimately choose, the shoes listed above can give you a general guideline of what to look for and help you put your best foot forward as you step out into the rest of your daily routine.