10 Best Mechanic Shoes – 2021 Edition

Mechanics spend a lot of time on their feet when they’re working. The environment that they work in can be dirty and greasy too, with hazardous objects around that they could trip over and falling objects. For this reason, if you’re a mechanic, you know that you need specialized footwear that is going to be comfortable on your feet all day long, while also keeping you safe from any debris and preventing you from slipping.

But which pair of shoes are best mechanic shoes? Luckily for you, we have compiled a buying guide of all the information you need about mechanic’s shoes so you can get the pair that’ll keep you supported and comfy every day.


Best Mechanic Shoes – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures 
Timberland PRO Men's 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe Lace-UpLeather upper

Steel toe

Rugged rubber outsole
Slip, oil and abrasion resistant

Feel stable walking around

Sturdy and abrasion- resistant for maximum safety and durability
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2) Terra Men's Spider Work ShoeNubuck leather upper

Polyurethane footbed

PU midsole

Synthetic sole
Supportive sidewall chassis for stability within the shoe

Odor control treatment to ensure the shoe stays smelling fresh
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3) Terra Men's Venom Work ShoeLeather upper

PU footbed

PU midsole
Protects you from hazardous environments

Excellent support around your foot

Reflective toe and heel accents
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Timberland PRO Men's Helix Hd 6" Composite Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction ShoeWaterproof leather

Rubber outer toe cap

Rubber outsole

These safety boots come in three colors

Odor control, keeping your foot fresh

Enhanced abrasion resistance and superior traction
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Justin Original Work Men's J-Max Steel Toe Work BootLeather upper

Rubber outsole

Cushioned insole, Dri-Lex insole
Superior comfort and protection

Very durable and feature non-tarnishable eyelets
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Wolverine Men's W04821 Buccaneer Work BootLeather upper

Full-cushioned insole
Oil, water, abrasion, chemical, heat, slip and puncture resistant

Excellent durability and also flexibility

Maximum support, as well as a Wave Mesh moisture
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Walkchic Work Steel Toe ShoesSteel toe

Flyknit upper

EVA cushioned midsole, Rubber sole
Feature an electro-static discharge

Extra safety and reflective strips

Non-penetrable by dangerous objects such as nails
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Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6” Work BootsLeather upper

Wedge sole

Polyurethane sole
Oil and slip resistant

Sole is also electric shock-resistant

Comfortable yet breathable fit
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Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge Steel Toe Heavy Industry BootsSteel toe

Leather upper

PVC air-cushioned sole
Durable, comfortable and keeps your feet dry

Footbed offers exceptional stability and durability
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Reebok Work Men's Athletic Oxford Industrial and Construction ShoeAlloy toe

Rubber outsole

Mesh upper
Offering support and shock-absorbing properties

These shoes come in three different designs

MemoryTech cushioned footbed for superior comfort
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Why Do Mechanics Need Special Shoes?

Mechanics need special shoes because of the conditions that they work in. No matter what type of mechanic you are, the place of work can be dangerous. Not only is it often loud, but it can be greasy and dirty with a lot of different machinery and there are hazardous objects around. This is why it is so important for you to make sure your whole body is protected, especially your feet.

You want to make sure you are safe from tripping over objects or that you are protected if something falls on you. You also want to make sure that you’re not going to slip on the floor, as well as making sure your feet are comfortable because you are likely to be standing for long periods of time.

What To Look For In Mechanic Shoes

There are a few things to look for in mechanic’s shoes to ensure you cover all safety aspects, as well as ensuring the boots are going to be comfortable and supportive for every day wear. Take a look at some of the top features below.

Safety Toes

Safety toes are a must-have feature in mechanic’s shoes. Safety toes make sure that your toes, the most vulnerable part of your body because they protrude the foot, are protected. The three most common types of safety toes are steel toes, composite toes and alloy toes. Each has their pros and cons.

Steel Toes

Steel toes are the most common in work boots because they are the most durable and most protective. However, they are not always the most lightweight shoes. Steel is also conductive to heat so it may not be the best option in an extremely hot or cold working environment.

Composite Toes

Composite toes are similar to steel toes but are much lighter. They are often made of plastic, Kevlar or carbon fiber. Because they are metal free, they are great at avoiding electrical accidents.

Alloy Toes

Alloy toes are thicker than steel toes but weigh half as much. Therefore, they are great for those that need that protection but need the shoes to be light and flexible too.

Cushion Insole

The chances are that, if you’re a mechanic, you’re going to be standing on your feet for long periods at a time. This is why the comfortability of the shoes you wear are so important. One of the easiest ways to make sure you get comfortable shoes is to buy a pair with cushioned insoles. These will give you something soft to walk on, while also supporting your foot in all the right places.


Mechanic’s shoes can be made from a variety of uppers and it doesn’t really matter which upper you go with. They all have advantages and disadvantages. The thing you do want to focus on is how durable and sturdy the upper is. You need it to offer you good protection from falling objects and debris, so it shouldn’t be too thin or flimsy.


This goes hand in hand with the upper. If you’re a mechanic, the chances are you are going to deal with spilling liquids. You don’t want your feet to get wet and you don’t want any harmful chemicals to come into contact with your skin, so a waterproof boot is advisable.

Electrical Hazard Resistant

Electrical hazard resistant boots are often a requirement for mechanics to have. This is because the workplace can be hazardous, often with a lot of high voltage machinery. With the right pair of shoes, you can be protected from electrical currents so you stay safe at work and avoid accidents and shocks.


The outsole is another important feature of a mechanic shoe. This is because the floor is often dirty and greasy, which can make it slippy. If you don’t have good traction on your shoes then you are going to be much more prone to slips and falls and you won’t feel very stable in your boot. This is why it’s so important to get a thick, durable sole. Normally, the most durable soles are made from rubber.

If you’re ready to find the best mechanic shoes for your work, take a look at the top shoes we recommend for men and women. These shoes are all available to you on Amazon.


The Best Mechanic Shoes Reviewed

1) Timberland PRO Men’s 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe Lace-Up

This Timberland PRO Mudsill shoe has a 100% leather upper that is both sturdy and abrasion- resistant for maximum safety and durability, while also being flexible and breathable. Inside the shoe there is an Ortholite polyurethane footbed with an anti-microbial cover, helping reduce foot fatigue, while also supporting the arch and cushioning every step so you can go about your day pain-free. The anti-microbial cover also helps with the breathability fo the shoe and ensures there is no build up of bacteria inside the shoe.

These shoes have a steel toe for extra protection around the work place and the rugged rubber outsole is slip, oil and abrasion resistant. The laces ensure a tight fit too, so you feel stable walking around.




2) Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoe

The Terra Men’s Spider work shoe has a water-resistant suede and nubuck leather upper as well as a composite toe to ensure your foot is fully protected. Inside, there is a moisture wicking and abrasion resistant lining, alongside CLEANFEET odor control treatment to ensure the shoe stays smelling fresh. A premium polyurethane footbed is also present, offering exceptional comfort with a low profile directly injected PU midsole for extra support. There are supportive sidewall chassis for stability within the shoe, also giving great durability to the exterior. The synthetic sole helps with good traction on a number of different surfaces, too.




3) Terra Men’s Venom Work Shoe

Very similar to the Terra Men’s Spider shoe above, the Terra Men’s Venom shoe also has a water- resistant suede and leather upper. This safety shoe has a composite toe and plate that protects you from hazardous environments. There is a premium comfort PU footbed that works alongside a directly injected PU midsole for excellent support around your foot. The sidewall chassis helps to support the foot and keep it in place inside the shoe, while also ensuring the shoes durability.

The sole has good traction for different surfaces and there are reflective toe and heel accents so you can be sure you are seen at all times. Like the Spider shoe, there is a moisture-wicking and abrasion-resistant lining with CLEANFEET odor control treatment that keeps your foot at the right temperature and smelling great.




4) Timberland PRO Men’s Helix Hd 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Shoe

Made with premium full grain waterproof leather with a waterproof membrane, this Timberland PRO Men’s Helix shoe is great for mechanics that often deal with spills and need their foot to be protected. These shoes have a composite safety toe with a rubber outer toe cap, ensuring excellent protection from any falling objects or any other hazardous machinery in the work place.

There is a dual density dynamic anti-fatigue technology footbed that not only gives comfort to your foot but also supports and stabilizes your foot so you can go for longer without any foot pain. There is also a mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control, keeping your foot fresh. The rubber outsole provides enhanced abrasion resistance and superior traction, too. These safety boots come in three colors.




5) Justin Original Work Men’s J-Max Steel Toe Work Boot

The Justin Original Work J-Max boot is an 8″ lace-up work boot that features a handcrafted gaucho leather upper for superior comfort and protection. With a double-stitched Norwegian storm welt, these shoes are very durable and feature non-tarnishable eyelets and hooks and heavy-duty waxed laces. There is a steel toe for extra protection from hazardous objects and the rubber outsole gives you great traction against a number of different surfaces.

Also featured is a J-Flex Comfort cushioned insole that is removable, meaning you can put your own orthotics in if needed. Even better, there is also a moisture-wicking Dri-Lex insole ensuring your foot stays dry and at the right temperature inside the boot and keeps you comfortable.




6) Wolverine Men’s W04821 Buccaneer Work Boot

Wolverine’s Men’s W04821 Buccaneer boot is great as a mechanic shoe because the sole is oil, water, abrasion, chemical, heat, slip and puncture resistant, protecting you from many of the hazards that you may find at work. While they do not have a steel or composite toe, these boots have a 100 % leather upper that provides excellent protection and stability. The upper is also waterproof to protected you from any spillages or dangerous chemicals.

The boot is constructed using Wolverine Contour Welt, giving your excellent durability but also flexibility so you can move freely and easily. There is a removable full-cushioned insole from maximum support, as well as a Wave Mesh moisture wicking lining to help keep your feet dry and comfortable.




7) Walkchic Work Steel Toe Shoes

Perfect for the fashion-conscious, these Walkchic shoes look like regular sneakers but have a full safety steel toe for complete protection in the work place. Offering you comfort like a sneaker, these shoes are made with a breathable flyknit upper and soft fabric lining, giving you a great fit that ensures your foot doesn’t get too hot.

The EVA cushioned light weight midsole gives you arch support as well as shock absorbing properties to protect both your feet and your ankle. The rubber sole is non slip, as well as abrasion and oil resistant, while also being non-penetrable by dangerous objects such as nails. These steel toe shoes also feature an electro-static discharge for extra safety and reflective strips so you are sure to be seen.




8) Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6” Work Boots

With a 100% leather upper, the Thorogood Men’s American Heritage boots are ankle-length work boots with handsome moccasin toe and cushioning wedge sole. The leather gives a comfortable yet breathable fit, while the single-density polyurethane sole is both oil and slip resistant. The sole is also electric shock-resistant, providing excellent protection.

Inside the shoe there is a removable dual density ultimate shock absorbing footbed giving you both protection and support in both your feet and your ankles, while also being comfortable all day long. The rugged metal eyelets and clamshell lacing are durable and allow you the perfect, snug fit. Perfect for work wear, these boots come in five different colors.




9) Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Steel Toe Heavy Industry Boots

Dr. Martens has long been known for making boots, and now you can wear a pair to work too. These Dr. Martens Ironbridge shoes have a steel toe for maximum protection against falling objects and the upper is made from rich, water resistant leather that is durable, comfortable and keeps your feet dry.

The welted construction of the footbed offers exceptional stability and durability and the iconic Dr. Martens classic PVC air-cushioned sole is resistant to oil, fat, petrol and alkali, while also giving you great traction against a number of surfaces. Even better, there is additional insulation to help protect against accidental contact with an electrical charge, ensuring you are safe. These steel toe boots come in both a black and a brown color.




10) Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Oxford Industrial and Construction Shoe

The Reebok Athletic Oxford shoes are another pair of work shoes that look likes sneakers but provide you great protection in mechanical and construction environments. With an alloy toe you can be sure your foot is safe from falling objects and other debris that is laying around, and the rubber outsole offers exceptional traction and durability against any liquids or uneven ground that may cause you to slip.

The mesh upper offers stability and a locked-in fit as well as being breathable to keep your foot cool, and it works with the moisture wicking lining to ensure there is no build up of odors. There is also a MemoryTech cushioned footbed for superior comfort, while also offering support and shock-absorbing properties as you walk so you get more energy return with every step. These shoes come in three different designs.





If you work as a mechanic, it is vital you have the right pair of shoes. Not only keeping you safe at work by preventing electrical currents, preventing you from slipping and protecting you from falling objects, these shoes should also be comfortable and supportive in all the right places so you can walk around pain-free. Whether you work as an auto mechanic or with big machinery, we know you’ll love the shoes in our list above.