Best Logger Boots In 2020 – Guide & Reviews

Logging is a tough profession. The terrain can be unpredictable, and you will find yourself in all sorts of conditions like mud, snow, lightning, wind, rain, and extreme cold that can make it challenging for you to get a stable foothold. Your operation is likely working with high powered machinery, and safety is paramount. For these reasons, it is vital that you have the right pair of the best logger boots to match the challenges of your occupation.


Key Considerations For Choosing Logger Work Boots


Logger work boots need to be able to provide you with a variety of features for all the different tasks you do. Because you are continually using your feet for climbing, walking, stabilizing and more, they need to be comfortable. Long hours in uncomfortable or soggy boots are no fun for any forestry worker. So they should have breathable liners that wick moisture away and don’t bunch up.

They should also be waterproof to keep your feet dry for long periods of time. And They should also have ample cushioning to absorb the shock of many different surfaces and terrains. Comfortable boots will enhance your job performance and contribute to a better work experience for you.



Your boots also need to protect you from the many hazards you encounter in this line of work. They should shelter your feet from chainsaw blades, sharp and heavy tools, and other logging equipment. When you are dealing with the enormous weight of rolling, sliding, or falling trees and logs, crushing injuries are a genuine threat.

Another safety attribute of logger boots that makes them different from other boots is that they usually feature a higher-than-normal, heel; typically 90-degrees, that assists with climbing and traction.

Some logger boots have an Electrical Hazard (EH) rating. This means that they pass the ASTM requirements for protecting against electrical shock. EH boots keep you from forming an electrical circuit to the ground and will also protect you from electrocution if you step on a live wire.


What Does Your Company Require?

Every logging company is going to require your footwear to have a steel or composite safety toe. A safety toe is vital to protecting your feet from compression or sudden impact. In the past, steel toes have been the only acceptable material for the job, but new technology has allowed for lighter toecaps created with composites that may pass the same performance and certification requirements to meet the ASTM standard requirement F2415-05. Many logger boots also have steel shanks for even more stability and support

Different Companies have different guidelines for what safety footwear can be worn on the job, but personal considerations of comfort and durability should also be considered when you are selecting logger work boots.


How To Choose The Best Logger Boots For You

Fortunately, today’s logger boots are made with cutting-edge technologies that combine lightweight comfort with all the safety features you would expect. They deliver advanced protection for your feet that can withstand the demands of even the most challenging outdoor environment. As long as you understand the requirements of your operation and what you desire in a boot, you should be able to find a comfortable and safe pair of logger boots that work for you.

Next, we rate ten of the best logger boots on the market to see how they stack up.


Best Logger Boots Reviews

1. Wolverine Men’s Snyder WPF Logger Steel Toe EH Work Boot

These Wolverine logger boots are ideal for cold and wet conditions on the job. Your feet will stay dry and warm with 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation, moisture-wicking mesh lining, and a waterproof full-grain leather upper. They are Goodyear welt constructed with a removable full-cushion footbed.

The rubber logger lug outsole will grip onto steep terrain to keep you steady in the harshest of conditions. All Wolverine safety boots are manufactured to meet ASTM standard F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH to protect you from the hazards of rolling or falling objects.

Weight: 2.5 lbs each

Color(s): Brown



2. Adtec Men’s 9-inch Steel-Toe Logger Boot

These boots are steel toed, with a shaft measuring 9 inches from the arch. The heel is approximately 1 ¾ inches for excellent traction and stability. They have a full grain, oiled, leather upper and Goodyear welt construction. The Adtecs feature a rubber, oil-resistant lug outsole. These boots are unlined so they are best for loggers in warmer climates. They are water resistant.

Weight: 6 lbs each

Color(s): Black/Brown



3. Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

These rugged Georgia boots are lightweight but robust. They are made of soft leather and lined with a removable polyurethane insert. They are reinforced with a steel toe and a Goodyear welt. A rubber, abrasion resistant outsole ensures they can grip onto the toughest of terrains. These are hard-working waterproof logger boots that are made to last.

Weight: 2.2 lbs each

Color(s): Chocolate/Brown



4. Danner Men’s Logger 8″ 400G NMT Work Boots

Danner logger boots are crafted especially for rough outdoor conditions. These durable and high-quality boots feature a shaft that measures 10.5″ from the arch, waterproof oiled nubuck leather upper, and 400G of Thinsulate Ultra insulation for comfort and warmth. They are sewn with triple threaded seams and have superior ankle support. They are constructed with a non-metallic, composite toe that meets ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH standards.

Weight: 1.5 lbs each

Color(s): Brown



5. Georgia Boot Men’s G9382 Logger Work Shoe

These Georgia logger work boots are insulated with windproof, waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex. The protective steel toe meets ASTM standards for safety, and they are also EH rated as well. A one-piece rubber, cleated Vibram Tacoma outsole renders them resistant to oils, chemicals, shards of metal, abrasions, and heat Added durability comes from the boots Goodyear welt construction which also enhances its flexibility. This boot features a steel shank, a covered cushion insole, and a removable polyurethane orthotic insert. 400g of Thinsulate Ultra insulation will keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Weight: 2.25 lbs each

Color(s): Sand/Worn Saddle



6. Men’s Carolina 8″ Steel Toe Loggers Boot

These Carolina steel toe logger boots. Are lightweight, waterproof and supportive. With a leather upper, a comfortable EVA insole, steel shank, and a 100% waterproof membrane, they will provide your feet with dry, comfortable support all through the workday. A 1 piece rubber lug outsole provides excellent traction and prevents slippage. They are also ASTM certified for superior safety

Weight: 2.5 lbs each

Color(s): Black/Brown/Copper



7. Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated 25415 Logger Boot

Handcrafted in the USA, these Chippewa leather logger boots feature a Vibram sole, removable insole, a triple rib shank and leather welting. They are heavily insulated and waterproof, keeping your feet warm on the coldest of days. These boots are ideal for light forestry work as they are not equipped with a protective sole.

Weight: 1 lb each

Color(s): Tan



8. Timberland PRO Men’s 8″ Crosscut Waterproof Soft-Toe Logger Work Boot

Soft-toed with a one and 1/2 inch heel, these loggers are perfect for light duty work in the woods. They feature a Vibram lug rubber outsole and Goodyear welt construction which makes them durable and dependable. The shaft measures 9 inches from the arch, and they are constructed out of leather. These are exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear.

Weight: 1.4 lbs each

Color(s): Brown/Black



9. Adtec Women’s 9″ Logger Black Work Boot

These Adtec loggers are explicitly made in women’s sizes for the best fit. Made of full-grain oiled leather, they feature an oil resistant lug sole, Goodyear welt construction, and a plain soft toe. The shaft measures about 7.75 inches from the arch and the heal is about an inch and a half. This is the perfect work boot for light duty work. They are durable and non-slip and provide all-day comfort and support.

Weight: 2.5 lbs each

Color(s): Black



10. Adtec Women’s Work Boots 9″ Steel Toe Logger

These steel toe Adtec logger boots are constructed specifically with women in mind for the best fit. Made of Crazy Horse leather, they have a fashionable, vintage look while still maintaining their durable attributes. They feature a non-slip rubber sole, Goodyear welt construction and are breathable and water resistant. The shaft measures about 8 inches from the arch and the heal is about an inch and a half.

Weight: 2.5 lbs each

Color(s): Brown



Tips For Choosing The Best Logger Boots

At this point, you likely have a better idea of what you are looking for in a logger boot. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you are researching the best pair of boots for you:


Know What You Need And What Is Required

Always check with your companies HR department or your supervisor to find out what the required footwear is for the job. Make sure your boots meet all of the safety standards that are needed.


Swollen Feet

While shopping for boots, late afternoon or early evening is the best time to do it. Because feet swell during the day, this will give you a more accurate idea of the size you need to be comfortable if you are on your feet for long hours. If you put on a new pair of boots that fit comfortably after working all day, it is a safe bet they are going to work for you at the operation site.


Try Them On With Thick Work Socks

Wear the same kind of socks that you would typically wear on a work day to make sure that the boots are going to fit. Also remember that although socks are an oft-overlooked detail of footwear, the right socks for the job will also keep your feet more comfortable. For warm weather, look for breathable, moisture-wicking socks. In cold temperatures, wool is almost always the best option.


Comfort Is King

If you try on boots that are not comfortable, move on. Don’t fall into the trap of wishful thinking hoping that you will just break them in. If they are uncomfortable when you try them on they are going to hurt a lot more after a few hours of work.


Remember What Works For You

If you find the perfect logger boots that are an ideal fit and include all the features you are looking for, jot down all of the pertinent information (you can even take a photo) and check online for the best price before buying from a brick and mortar store.


A great pair of boots is like a good tool. You should invest in the highest quality, best fitting boot for your needs. And don’t forget, your feet are a necessary asset to your livelihood. Protecting them well is always the wisest and most practical choice.