Best Lineman Boots – 2022 Guide & Reviews

As a lineman, you’re responsible for doing some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. From climbing poles to replace power-lines to climbing trees to trim unruly limbs, your work requires a great deal of expertise and training. These jobs can result in serious injury if not done with care and attention to detail. For this reason, you need to have tools at your disposal to make your job easier and as safe as possible. In this job, no ordinary work boots will do, you need the best Lineman boots.

Lineman boots, also known as logger boots, are specifically designed for durability and to assist linemen while working to construct or maintain electric power transmission, telecommunications lines, and distribution lines.

Other professions that utilize lineman boots include arborists and loggers. These boots are ideal because they can protect your feet and toes from sustaining work and weather related injuries.


Best Lineman Boots – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures
Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Ni St Brown Boots

Rubber sole
Provides substantial durability

Offers a 12 month waranty

Flexible waterproof exterior
Carhartt Wellington Steel-Toe Work Boot
50% Leather/50% Polyester Fabric

Rubber sole
Square Toe

Flexible sole

Designed to look like cowboy boots
Wesco Highliner Brown Lineman Boots
Vibram soleDesigned specifically for line workers

Thick Vibram sole

Small heel that helps you climb poles
La Sportiva Men's Karakorum Hiking Shoe

Polyurethane sole
Boots more comfortable

Rugged strong material
La Sportiva Men's Makalu Mountaineering Boot
Leather upper

MtnFlex insole
Dry-best lining

Wicking moisture away

Keep feet comfortable and dry
Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated With Steel Safety Toe
Full grain leather

Rubber sole
Steal toe protection

Meet ASTM safety standards

EH rated
Wesco Highliner 16" Work Boot Black 9716100
Full-grain leather

Vibram Lug sole
Great deal of arch support

Ideal for linemen

Boots rugged and durable
Ariat Work Men's Rebar Flex Western Work Boot
LeatherEasy to slip on

Ideal for long workdays

Made of durable leather.
WOLVERINE Men's Anthem-M Boots
Full Grain Leather Upper

Rubber sole
Multishock shock absorbing

Wolverine multishox contour welt construction

Removable full cushion footbed


Best Lineman Boots Buyers Guide

Indeed, lineman boots are essential equipment for people who work in the aforementioned professions. Without these boots, many life-altering injuries would likely occur each year. With this understood, lineman boots have certain characteristics. For instance, the elevated heel on lineman boots prevents stirrups from sliding off the heel while you are working. In addition to durability and practicality, lineman boots are typically designed to be oil resistant and waterproof. Additionally, your lineman boots should feature a steel-toe or some type of composite protection to ensure safety.

Lineman boots should also have an Electrical Hazard designation also known as an EH rating. The EH-rated designation means that the boots will protect wearers from up to 600 volts of electricity. In addition to having and EH Rating, lineman boots with American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) impact and compression safety standards are also ideal. ASTM standards measure the amount of impact and compression that a boot can sustain before a foot injury is likely to occur.

With these things understood, the following review will provide you with information about 9 different types of lineman boots. The purpose of this review is to present the various types of lineman boots that are currently available on the market and to provide insight into the pros and cons of each boot.


Best Lineman Boots Reviews

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Ni St Brown Boots

The Kenetrek Lineman Extreme possesses the durability that most linemen require in their boots. These boots are ideal for arborists, cable installers, and tree service workers. Kenetrek utilized a one piece vamp construction in the creation of the boots. The lacing element of the boots features hardware that swivels to make lacing secure and hardware less likely to break. The boots are brown with black rubber accents along the toe and heel. The boots feature and protective rubber toe cap that makes these boots abrasion resistant. Additionally, The flexible waterproof exterior will keep feet dry while also allowing perspiration to escape. Lineman extreme boots are perfect during the spring and summer seasons because they are not insulated.


  • Boots offer a stiff supportive mid-sole.
  • The outsole is EH rated and provides substantial durability.
  • Kenetrek offers a 12 month waranty on workmanship.


  • Currently, the boots only come in a medium width.
  • They aren’t insulated so they may not be ideal in colder climates.




Carhartt Wellington Steel-Toe Work Boot

Designed to look like cowboy boots, the Wellington boots from Carhartt are easy to get on and off. You don’t need to worry about struggling with laces when you’re in a hurry. Many men like the square toe because this gives the toe box more room for their feet. They also like the combination of polyester and leather that pushes away water to keep their feet dry. The boots also have a flexible sole that gives you more freedom of movement. Though the Wellington boots only come in one design that uses two dark colors, you can choose from standard and wide sizes up to 15.


  • Square Toe
  • Flexible sole
  • Designed to look like cowboy boots




Wesco Highliner Brown Lineman Boots

The Highliner from Wesco is a pair of boots designed specifically for line workers. It offers the top features that you need to stay safe when climbing poles and working around electrical lines. Weighing 14 pounds, the boots have a thick Vibram sole that absorbs power when you’re exposed to AC/DC power. This sole also features a small heel that helps you climb poles and a tread that gives you traction on wet surfaces. The high shaft also protects your calves and lower legs on the job. Though Wesco only offers this lineman boot in a brown shade, it has some wide widths available and men’s sizes from 8 to 13.


  • Designed specifically for line workers.
  • Thick Vibram sole
  • Small heel that helps you climb poles




La Sportiva Men’s Karakorum Hiking Shoe

Like all lineman boots, these La Sportiva boots offer an elevated heel. However these boots are designed specifically for hiking. While these boots are probably not appropriate for some forms of line-work because they do not have an EH rating or toe protection, they are ideal for crews working to remove or stabilize rock formations. These crews are usually required to climb mountains adjacent to roadways to prevent rocks from blocking roads or falling on vehicles. These boots are leather with a polyurethane sole. The boots also feature a dry best liner.


  • The mid-sole air-cushion makes these boots more comfortable.
  • The outsole is composed of vibram, a rugged strong material.


  • These boots are not EH rated and may not be suitable for linemen working in electrical settings.
  • La Sportiva does not offer toe protection for these boots. There is no composite or steel toe protection.
  • The boots tend to run small making them uncomfortable if a larger size is not purchased.




La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Boot

Like the Karakorum by La Sportiva, these boots are designed specifically for mountain climbing. However, these boots are often worn by linemen. The Makalu boot features a durable water repellent leather upper. The boots also feature MtnFlex insole and full steel shank. The dry-best lining works by wicking moisture away from the skin to keep feet comfortable and dry. These features make this boot ideal for mountain climbing and certain types of line-work.


  • These boot are made of durable leather that is ideal for strenuous work required of linemen.
  • The Aircushioned midsole assist in making the boots more comfortable.
  • The Makalu boot features EZ Rollerball and D-ring laces which make them easy to lace in a secure fashion.


  • Boots lack waterproof protection.
  • The boots don’t offer as much toe protection as other boots on the market. The toe does not feature composite or steal.
  • The boots do not protect against certain electric hazards because they have no EH rating.




Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated With Steel Safety Toe

These steal toed leather boots offer linemen excellent protection against injury. These boots are 10″ tall and provide superior ankle support. The boots leather uppers are composed of 2.8 mm full grain leather. Additionally, the leather is double and triple stitched to increase durability. These Lineman extreme boots also feature Kenetrek’s K-73 out sole. This out-sole has a deep, open tread pattern that offers 360° of traction and lugs. This traction makes climbing easier and safer. The sole of the boots offers a solid, single piece of vulcanized rubber. The hardware surrounding the laces are resistant to corrosion which is important in bad weather.

The boots also feature a waterproof membrane. This boot is not insulated. These boots have a steel toe that meets American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) safety standards.It is unclear if these are EH rated and if they are not they may not be appropriate for power linesmen.


  • This boot offers steal toe protection that reduces the likelihood of an injury occurring.
  • The boots meet ASTM safety standards for both impact and compression.
  • The lack of insulation creates a perfect boot for lineman in warm weather environments.


  • Some linemen may find that these boots are too heavy.
  • While the lack of insulation is good during warm weather, these boots may not be great for those working in cold weather.
  • These boots are only available in D and 2E widths.




Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black 9716100

For the lineman that enjoys the look of a stylish but rugged work boot, the Wesco Highliner offers the perfect marriage of practicality and sophistication. These black full-grain leather boots are 16″ from the arch. The sole is Lace-to-Toe #100 Vibram Lug. The boots also feature an arched steel shank that will not corrode. This shank greatly improves the comfort of these shoes. Additionally, the Wesco Highliners feature a steel side plate and a removable tongue. Wesco’s unique boot design also includes a leather half-slip for additional arch support. The heel has a metal breastplate that protects against climbing spurs. Arborists would probably enjoy this type of boot as it is specifically designed for climbing.


  • These boots offer a great deal of arch support via steel shanks. This is ideal for linemen who need additional arch support.
  • Designed to prevent climbing spurs which is a unique feature.
  • The all leather design makes these boots rugged and durable.


  • No toe protection.
  • The boots are not waterproof or insulated.
  • The boots are not EH rated and they do not meet any ASTM safety standards for impact or compression.




Ariat Work Men’s Rebar Flex Western Work Boot

For the lineman who is a cowboy at heart, these Rebar Flex Western Work Boots are ideal. These leather boots are lightweight and are free from cumbersome laces. Additionally, the boots have super flexibility which improves the comfortability of the boots. With these boots, you never have to worry about getting the right size because they offer a true fit. The measurement for the boot opening is 12.5 inches. These boots are great for linesmen who work on telecommunication lines and cable lines. They are EH rated and come with a lightweight composite toe.


  • Lace Free making them easy to slip on.
  • The flexibility of the shoes makes them ideal for long workdays that require great arch support.
  • These boots are made of durable leather.
  • ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH rated


  • These are not waterproof.




WOLVERINE Men’s Anthem-M Boots

With the Anthem-M from WOLVERINE, you’ll feel comfortable riding horses and working on the farm or cooking orders in a kitchen. The boots have a rubber sole with hidden compression pads that absorb impacts and reduce the pressure that you feel. Those soles also give you more traction through the grip built inside the tread. A mesh lining inside the boot both absorbs moisture and wicks it away from your feet to prevent odors and fungus. With a nylon shank and removable footbed, these boots help you stay comfortable on the job. You can choose both wide and extra-wide widths in these boots that are also available in men’s sizes 7-14.


  • Multishock shock absorbing
  • Wolverine multishox contour welt construction
  • Removable full cushion footbed




As you can see, there are a plethora of lineman boots currently on the market. Each brand of boot offers unique styling and accommodates the needs of linemen in different ways. If you are a lineman that needs boots with an EH rating and a durable out-sole, the Hoffman Boots are ideal. If you need a boot that meets ASTM safety standards for both impact and compression the Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated With Steel Safety Toe boots will likely fit your needs. Whichever boots you choose, just know that having any of these boots at your disposal will likely reduce your chances of sustaining an injury and give you the ability to do your job with confidence and ease.