Best Lightweight Work Boots Reviews For 2020

Balancing strength with maneuverability and comfort can be a difficult task in a work environment. Lugging around heavy duty work boots can add a great deal of fatigue and discomfort to your day to day work experience, but without the proper equipment, you might leave yourself vulnerable to serious injury. Thankfully, the need for balance has been recognized by a wide range of manufacturers who now produce the kind of lightweight work boots that should provide you with both the comfort and protection you desire. What’s essential, then, is sorting through your options to find the pair which best suits you.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the leading options in lightweight work boots. By considering these possibilities, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’ve opted for the right level of protection and security for yourself on a daily basis while simultaneously guaranteeing that you’re not making any unnecessary sacrifices. If your job requires you to traverse over long distances or stand in some non-standard areas with maximum flexibility, then it’s essential that you do everything you can to promote proper foot support. By selecting a pair of lightweight work boots, you can be sure that you’re balancing comfort and strength as necessary.


Best Lightweight Work Boots Reviews

Carhartt Men’s Moctoe Caswedge Work Boot

Carhartt has long been known for the strength and durability of their products, but the flexibility of their lightweight line allows them to make new inroads into a variety of markets. The Moctoe Caswedge boots are casual enough that they wouldn’t look out of place if worn in an every day setting, but the resilient leather construction should guarantee maximum protection from the extremes of a difficult job site. The hardened rubber outsole should guard the bottom of your feet from difficult or dangerous terrain while providing you with the necessary support for daily wear.

The Carhartt Moctoe Caswedge are also relatively lightweight, coming shipped at only 1.2 pounds. This guarantees that you can avoid the stress that comes from lugging heavy boots around on a regular basis and should provide you with a great deal more comfort than is offered by standard work boots. The boots do come with built in insoles which aren’t removable, so if you prefer an orthotic insert or if you have other medical conditions which require special care for your feet, you should be sure to try the boots on and verify the proper amount of range of motion ahead of your purchase.



Magnum Men’s Precision Ultra Lite II Composite-Toe Waterproof Boot

Maintaining protection from the elements while still achieving maximum flexibility is perhaps the most difficult task that’s asked of lightweight work boots, and Magnum’s waterproof model seeks to do exactly that. Moisture and heat can combine to be a dangerous environment for your feet every day, and rather than allowing yourself to succumb to the inevitability of that environment, looking for boots which are designed to keep the moisture out can help you with security and stability.

The composite construction of the heel and toe are also designed to minimize any potential electrical effects, so if your job sites often put you within reach of potentially dangerous current, the Magnum boots should help to keep you grounded. The memory foam which composes a great deal of the waterproofing technology is also manufactured to help absorb shocks, thus allowing you a greater amount of comfort with every step. The boots are ankle-high, thus providing you with protection over the full reach of your foot while still allowing you the full range of motion and flexibility necessary to move over a difficult job site.



Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot

Under Armour has been able to take the lessons learned from a company history of manufacturing wicking fabrics and other lightweight garments and translate that information into the production of reliable lightweight boots. With their military design pattern, the Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots fit higher up on the foot and ankle than some competitors in the market while still allowing for the desired flexibility in lightweight work boots. In fact, the ankle wraparound material is designed to provide a second skin feel that should allow you to enjoy comfort and stability while simultaneously offering an extra layer of protection.

The synthetic materials used in construction of the boots should offer resistance to a wide variety of environmental factors while still allowing for the necessary air flow to keep your feet properly cooled and insulated. While offering some rigidity in the mid-foot area, you can expect to enjoy arch support and stability that should help reduce some of the joint and muscle stress that’s commonly felt by people who are forced to work on their feet for extended periods of time. The firm rubber soles do add more weight than is found in other comparable models, creating some trade off of strength to weight.



Carhartt CMH4370 Men’s 4″ Lightweight Waterproof Safety Toe Work Hiker Boot

Difficult or uneven terrain can be one of the most pressing challenges dealt with on any job site, and Carhartt’s usage of hiker boot technology is designed to offer proper grip strength while still maintaining an adequate level of protection. The low profile of the Toe Work Hiker Boot means that your wardrobe is unencumbered and, as with the other Carhartt options, the boots blend more naturally into standard fashion choices.

Most of the stability offered by the Toe Work Hiker Boots is found in the grip strength you enjoy under your foot. If you require additional ankle support, the lower profile may present some challenges that you’ll have to address through additional protection. The weatherproof design melds with natural leather to create a durable outer shell that should be able to hold up through rough conditions, though you may find the boots imbibing more water than other models which may be comprised of synthetic materials. At a mere two pounds of shipping weight, however, you will benefit from some lightweight construction.



KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

As with many other lightweight work boots, the KEEN Utility saves some weight by being cut at the ankle and thus providing support through the foot arch but not higher up on the leg. The enhanced padding in the tongue is designed to prevent discomfort that might come from excessive rub against the foot, and the removable foot bed will allow you to select the proper insole which offers the support you need. With that degree of customization possible, the KEEN design is intended to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of potential customers.

The breathable mesh panels in the side of the boot are designed to allow for the exchange of air and the elimination of moisture necessary to keep your feet in a dry and well-ventilated environment. This should help you avoid any fungal or disease concerns while simultaneously maintaining the level of protection you desire in your work boots. The steel toe cap offers more protection than is typically found in lightweight boots, and while those toe caps do add a small amount of weight, it’s important to consider the benefits of the additional protection that come along with those ounces.



Golden Fox Men’s Premium Leather Soft Toe Light Weight Industrial Construction Moc Work Boots Insulated

Golden Fox offers a lighter coloration with their natural leather work boots which are designed to harness the benefits of those materials without relying on more modern blended fabrics. With a reliance on natural leather and application of natural oils, the boots are designed to remain soft and supple even in the harshest of usage conditions. That softness means that your feet should remain well protected while the exterior of your boots stays firm and impervious to potentially serious threats.

The interior of the Golden Fox offering is lined with mesh and has a pig skin collar that’s designed to hold in heat and keep your feet at comfortable temperatures. This makes the Golden Fox design a valuable addition to the lineup in extreme temperatures, as you’ll be confident that your extremities can remain healthy as you undergo the rigors of working in the cold. Indeed, in many circumstances, the risk of decreased blood flow can create long term health problems, and so focusing on maintaining heat in those situations can be an extremely important part of boot design.



Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work Boot

Wolverine’s focus is less on fashion and more on function as they add a reinforced toe and sole to the exterior of the bottom of their Hudson Work Boot. The synthetic sole and reinforced heel offer you the support and stability that you count on in your work boots while simultaneously providing the level of insulation necessary to protect you from any dangerous working conditions. The thick synthetic soles should protect you from electricity as well as heat, forming a solid protective barrier around one of the most vulnerable spots on your feet.

Extra padding around the tongue and collar should provide you with comfort as well as stability, and the mesh inserts inside the boot should help manage moisture and guarantee that your feet are able to remain dry and comfortable. The padding and security around the ankle will offer more stability than some of the lower cut boots in the market while still providing you with the flexibility to fit into difficult spaces or wear the attire of your choosing. The thick rubber outsole should allow you to avoid most slip risks, though its thickness does add some weight to the manufacturing process.



Maelstrom Men’s Waterproof Work Boots for Industrial Construction Utility Outdoors

Maelstrom’s design is another which cuts up higher on the ankle and provides you with extended protection but decreases some of the available flexibility. In addition, a reinforced heel panel helps to shield one of your most vulnerable areas on your legs from the potential risks of loose materials or other injuries, thus shielding your Achilles tendon and guaranteeing that your leg remains stable. The wide variety of available colors means that you can factor fashion in to your search for function and provides flexibility for different environments which may offer different stain risks.

Maelstrom’s focus on weather-resistance means that their waterproof work boots are designed to be used in a variety of conditions. The slip-resistant soles should allow you to maintain your footing even during rain, sleet, and snow, and the waterproof leather should keep your feet dry and comfortable. Maelstrom’s design team is focused on providing security in the harshest possible environments, so high temperature challenges can also be easily handled by your Industrial Construction Utility footwear. The dynamic sole is designed to absorb shocks and prevent them from being transferred into your legs, making the boots an excellent choice for a busy construction environment.



Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion Waterproof XL ST Work Boot

Timberland’s strongest entry into the lightweight boot market perhaps treads the line of what can truly be considered lightweight. With a focus on maximum protection, the Hyperion Waterproof XL offers full ankle coverage and steel reinforcement throughout the structure the boot, guaranteeing that your feet can remain shielded from difficult environments or any falling materials. The vibram sole is designed for maximum shock absorption, protecting your legs and back while allowing you to remain stable in even the most difficult environments.

The midsole is molded in such a way as to provide firm support to your arches while still guaranteeing the sort of solid protection that you desire in a work boot. The fully weather-proof leather construction should allow you to wear your Hyperion Waterproof XL boots in any conditions while not suffering from any decrease in performance or any additional exposure to moisture for your feet. With the focus on strength and stability, you’ll likely be surprised that the boots still feel light and provide you with the flexibility that most people search for in lightweight work boots.



CONDOR Idaho Men’s 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot

If most of your concern about foot protection comes in keeping your toes strong and secure, then CONDOR’s entry into the lightweight boot market can be an excellent choice. With rugged leather sides available in a wide variety of colors, the CONDOR boots can be integrated easily into your routine with a special focus on protecting one of the most vulnerable areas on your foot. Sacrificing some strength elsewhere allows weight to be added to a steel toe which is fully reinforced and guaranteed to protect from a variety of material falls and trip hazards.

The ultra-cushioning soles marry well with oil and slip resistance that will allow you to maintain firm footing even as you work in some of the most difficult environments presented to you on an average job side. The grip technology in the soles melds well with the toe protection to create a focus on stability while still allowing flexibility in your ankle and the sides of your feet. The direct injection process used on the sole helps it meld perfectly to the sides of the boot and guarantees you won’t have to deal with failing seams.