The Best Lightweight Steel Toe Boots – 2021 Edition

If you work outside doing manual labor, you know it is very important to stay protected. The environments you work in can be hazardous and dangerous and all areas of your body must be covered to protect from injury. So, while hard hats and gloves are essential, the correct footwear is essential too — steel toe boots.

However, these steel toe boots can be hefty and uncomfortable to wear on your feet for hours at a time. If you’re standing all day or walking around a lot, you need your shoes to take pressure off your feet and support you in all the right places, as well as protecting your ankles, legs and back. Therefore, we have complied a buying guide of the best lightweight steel toe boots and our top picks, ensuring you have footwear that keeps you both comfortable and protected every day.


Best Lightweight Steel Toe Boots – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures 
1) Timberland PRO Men's 6 Inch Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work BootLightweight and rugged sole

100% leather
Antimicrobial odor control


Electrical hazard protection
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2) Irish Setter Men's Ely 83608 6” Steel Toe Work BootPolyurethane footbed

PU V-Grip outsole

Leather upper
Electrically energized parts

Durable and sturdy

Sole is also is designed to reduce electrical hazards.
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3) Wolverine Men's Raider Steel-Toe 6" Work Boot100% leather

Rubber sole

PU midsole
With moisture control

Removable full cushion footbed

Durable for years to come
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4) diig Steel Toe Waterproof Working BootsFull grain leather

Rubber sole

KEVLAR midsole, PORON insoles
Breathable and control odor

Durable and the slip-resistant

Shock absorption technology
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5) Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work BootLeather upper

T3 Rubber outsole

Climasphere breathable insole
These shoes come in four different colors

Optimizes breathability and comfort

Removable PU footbed
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6) Skechers Mens Tarlac Steel Toe Work BootFull grain leather upper

Foam insole

Rubber outsole
Puncture, oil and slip resistant

Protection against electrical hazards

They are available in both black and brown
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7) KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh 6" Steel Toe Waterproof Work BootPU insolesProvide excellent traction

Underfoot protection from live electrical circuits

Reflective strips
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8) Condor Arizona Men's 8" Steel Toe Work BootNubuck leather

Polyurethane insole and midsole

TPU outsole
Outsole is oil, slip and abrasion resistant and flex tested

Long-lasting durability

AM-TECH Direct Soling Technology

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9) Stanley Men's Dredge Industrial and Construction Shoe100% leather

Rubber sole

EVA midsole
Brown and black color

Excellent support and cushioning underfoot

The sole is also flexible
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10) SAFETOE Unisex Steel Toe Work BootsCow leather

Steel midsole
Thick shock absorbing insole

Breathable, keeping your foot dry

Water resistant
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11) ROCKROOSTER 6” Steel Toe Work BootsNubuck leather

TPU outsole
These boots are also waterproof

They come in either a brown or black colorway

Great traction against
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12) LARNMERN Steel Toe BootsBreathable cotton insole

Leather and mesh
Anti-nail penetration midsole plate

Slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsole

Anti-static wires are sewn on the insole
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What Are Steel Toe Boots?

Steel toe work boots are boots that, simply put, have steel in the toe. The toes are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body because they protrude the foot and are very likely to get bumped and tripped no matter what the working environment is. By wearing a steel toe boot, your toes are protected behind some steel in the front of the boot. This way, even if you walk into something or an object falls on your foot, your toes and the rest of your foot are going to be protected. Although there are other types of toe caps in boots, such as composite toes, steel is the most common and the most durable.

Advantages Of Steel Toe Construction Boots

Steel toe construction boots come in a range of different styles and can be worn for a number of occasions. They have many advantages that will help to protect and ensure you are comfortable every day at work.

Less Weight On Feet

First of all, steel toe boots don’t add much weight to the foot. Many construction boots can be heavy and bulky on the foot, which can make them uncomfortable to wear for multiple hours a day. These boots stay light but still offer the protection you need.


As we have mentioned above, steel toe boots are comfortable and perfect for those who have to wear them all day. Often, they have extra cushioning or foam in the midsole to add not just comfort but also support, so no extra pressure is put on your feet, ankles or knees.

Safety Features

Of course, one of the main reasons you are going to wear steel toe construction boots is because of their safety features. They have the steel in the front of the boot that protects your toe from any trips or anything falling on your foot, but the shoe also often covers the ankle to protect that too. The shoes are sturdy and durable too, so you can be sure you get well-rounded protection from both shock and impact.

Better Grip And Breathability

If you’re working outside on construction sites then you are going to need a good grip on your shoe and steel toe boots offer this. This will ensure you will be less likely to slip and fall. Steel toe boots often have breathable properties built-in to the shoe too, perfect at keeping the temperature of the shoe to a minimum so your foot doesn’t get too hot, as well as wicking away moisture. Many of the steel toe boots out on the market today also have waterproofing properties to ensure your foot stays dry, too.

What To Look For In A Lightweight Steel Toe Boot

Now we have discussed what advantages steel toe boots have, there are a few things you should look for when purchasing a lightweight steel toe boot.


Often, when a product is lightweight, that means it isn’t as durable. This isn’t the case with steel toe boots. Although steel toe boots are known for being a durable, heavier work shoe, there are options out there that are lightweight but still remain durable. This is important as it will mean your foot is protected for longer, and you also won’t be rushing out to buy new shoes every few months.

You should look at the material of the boot to determine how durable it is going to be. Both leather and synthetic materials are used for making steel toe boots, which often come with added waterproofing properties to keep your feet dry. You should also look at the way the boot is constructed to work out it’s durability. This can then help to determine it’s flexibility, sturdiness and performance. The two common ways boots are constructed are:

1. Cement Construction

A cement construction involves sticking the upper of the shoe to the sole with a special type of adhesive. It is the cheapest method but it has a lot of advantages, including keeping the weight low but adding to the flexibility and the comfort of the boot. It also helps the shoe to hold to the shape of the foot and provides shock-absorbent technologies.

2. Goodyear Welt Construction

This is the most convenient and preferred method because it involves stitching a welt, made of plastic, leather, rubber or other materials to both the upper of the boot and the sole. Then the welt is attached to the outsole with a shoe cement or stitching and, thus, the whole shoe is anchored together. This makes for a very sturdy and durable construction.


You want the boots you wear to be comfortable. The chances are you are going to be in them for hours every day, standing on your feet and walking around, so they need to have a good amount of both comfort and support available. You should focus on both the upper and the inside lining of the shoe to ensure it is not going to give you any blisters. The midsole should also be cushioned to add comfort, while absorbing the shock of your foot hitting the ground so it doesn’t travel through your ankle or knees.


The place you work will have an effect on the type of steel toe work boot you are going to buy. If you work on a construction site where sharp objects are common, you must take this into consideration. If you work on an oil site where the floor is often slippery, you must also take this into consideration. You want your boot to be perfect for your job, giving you the right amount of protection and all the features you need. There are a range of steel toe boots out there for every type of job.

Take a look at the best lightweight steel toe boots we recommend below. They are all available on Amazon.


The Best Lightweight Steel Toe Boots

1) Timberland PRO Men’s 6 Inch Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland’s PRO Men’s 6 Inch Rigmaster XT steel toe boots are waterproof work boots built to provide workers in the oil and gas industries with a lightweight and rugged sole that gives exceptional slip resistance. Made with 100% leather, these steel toe boots are designed for industrial traction, with anti-fatigue and shock-diffusion technologies that returns energy back to the foot to deliver all-day support and comfort. This comfort system not only ensures no pain, but it also supports your foot where you need it.

These boots are durable and sturdy, protecting your feet from any hazards that may be around the work place. Alongside being waterproof, they also have electrical hazard protection to provide protection against live circuits and antimicrobial odor control.



2) Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83608 6” Steel Toe Work Boot

The Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83608 steel toe boot is a 6-inch lace-up work boot with a steel toe and removable polyurethane footbed. While protecting your foot from any slips, trips, or falling objects, this boot also keeps your foot comfortable and supported with the footbed. Because it is removable, there is space for you to add your own custom orthotics to make the shoe completely yours and give you long lasting support all day long. The PU V-Grip outsole offers excellent traction and slip resistance, perfect for dangerous working conditions, and the sole is also is designed to reduce electrical hazards.

This is due to contact of the outsole with electrically energized parts, providing a secondary source of protection. The boot is durable and sturdy and the upper is made of 100% leather.



3) Wolverine Men’s Raider Steel-Toe 6″ Work Boot

Made with 100% leather, the Wolverine Men’s Raider lightweight steel toe boot is 6 inches high, protecting both your foot and your ankle from any hazards at work. The sole is rubber and has good traction on the bottom, ensuring you are less likely to slip or fall. Molded into the outsole are multi-shock absorbing compression pads that further helps to protect your feet, ankles and knees and there is a lightweight PU midsole for both long lasting comfort and support all day.

There is mesh lining inside the boot to help with moisture control, ensuring your foot doesn’t get too hot or sweaty and a removable full cushion footbed that can be replaced with your own orthotics for further support. Even better, the Wolverine multishox contour welt construction ensures this shoe stays strong and durable for years to come.



4) diig Steel Toe Waterproof Working Boots

The diig steel toe boots are both waterproof and lightweight and are made from full grain leather, ensuring they are breathable and control odor. Built with goodyear welt construction these shoes are very durable and the slip-resistant rubber sole provides great traction. The steel toe front to the shoe not only protects your foot from objects falling and hurting you, but it also means there is extra room in the toe box area to enhance the comfort at the toes and reduce forefoot pain. There is KEVLAR (a military bullet proof material) in the midsole to ensure nothing can penetrate the shoe and hurt the sole of your foot.

There is elastic in the side of the boots to easily get them on and off, and they have more flexibility in the uppers and the sole, great for a good fit and easier movement. In addition, PORON insoles offer maximum support and provide shock absorption technology even after repeated impacts and long-term use.



5) Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

The Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift work boot is an electrical hazard footwear that protects the wearer against open circuits up to 14,000 volts in dry conditions. With a leather upper that delivers long term durability and protection, this shoe has high shock-absorbing properties to ensure your feet and ankles are safe at all times. Made with goodyear welt construction, you can be sure these shoes will last you a long time, while also giving you the flexibility you need to move around all day.

There is also a steel shank for added support and stability. The T3 Rubber outsole delivers slip resistance for optimal traction and a Climasphere breathable insole keeps your foot comfortable no matter what the weather is. There is also an engineered nylon mesh lining to optimize breathability and comfort and a removable PU footbed. These shoes come in four different colors.



6) Skechers Mens Tarlac Steel Toe Work Boot

Skechers’ Mens Tarlac lightweight steel toe boots are made from full grain leather upper with a relaxed fit design that offers a roomier fit and gel infused memory foam insole for all-day underfoot comfort. The all-terrain high-traction rubber outsole is puncture, oil and slip resistant and the durable leather heel panel overlay and lace-up system with metal eyelets give a strong and secure fit to ensure you are supported. Furthermore, there is a shock absorbing midsole for added support and comfort, protecting your feet, ankles and knees, and gusseted tongue helps to keep out dirt and debris.

The padded collar and tongue add extra comfort, as does the soft fabric lining. These boots also come with protection against electrical hazards, which is very important in certain work situations. They are available in both black and brown.



7) KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

The KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh lightweight boots have a left and right asymmetrical steel toe design that provides a roomier toe box for maximum comfort and an unobtrusive fit. These boots are waterproof with a breathable membrane liner that lets vapor out without letting water in, keeping your feet dry and comfortable, and moisture-wicking textiles further make the boot waterproof. Removable PU insoles allow you to customize the shoe to your foot, allowing you to add your own orthotics or change them whenever you want to, and a 90 degree heel gives added stability and helps “catch or lock” the foot in place.

The lug patterns on the sole of the shoe provide excellent traction even on slippery surfaces, while the rubber material gives you extra underfoot protection from live electrical circuits. There is also a full-length stability plate in the midsole of the shoe, like a key, giving added support to the boots. Even better, these shoes have reflective strips so you can be seen at all times.



8) Condor Arizona Men’s 8″ Steel Toe Work Boot

The Condor Arizona work boots are taller boots than other steel toe work boots in this list. At 8 inches high, these boots offer protection for not just your foot but also your ankles and the lower parts of your legs. Made with genuine nubuck leather, these boots have long-lasting durability and will stay comfortable on your feet with the utilization of the ultra cushioning polyurethane insole and midsole. The thermoplastic polyurethane outsole is oil, slip and abrasion resistant and flex tested, too, helping you get a good grip on the ground and reducing your chances of slipping.

For further durability, the outsole of this shoe is made using a sole construction called AM-TECH Direct Soling Technology, which means the outsole binds directly to the upper without the use of glue, creating an inseparable bond. The steel toe will protect you from an impact of up to 75 foot-pounds. These boots come in a wide fit and are available in three different colors.



9) Stanley Men’s Dredge Industrial and Construction Shoe

Stanley’s Men’s Dredge work shoes come in two different designs — with a soft toe and with a steel toe. Aside from this difference, these boots have the same supportive and protection properties that make them an all-round great work boot. Made from 100% leather, these lightweight work boots are durable. They have a rubber sole that provides excellent traction, while also being slip, oil and acid resistant. The sole is also flexible, allowing you to move freely even on uneven ground.

There is also a heel counter for further protection and an EVA midsole provides excellent support and cushioning underfoot, making sure the shoe is comfortable even when you’re standing for hours at a time. The stylish design means this boot can be worn not just at work but for other occasions too, and it comes in a brown and black color.



10) SAFETOE Unisex Steel Toe Work Boots

Made from 100% genuine cow leather, the SAFETOE unisex shoe is lightweight and protective no matter where you work. The steel toe cap keeps your toes and foot protected from any slips, falls or falling objects and the anti-nail penetration steel midsole plate keeps the bottom of your foot protected from any uneven or dangerous terrain. The extra-wide fit of this shoe means it can accommodate both men’s and women’s feet, too.

There is a thick shock absorbing insole to protect your feet, ankles and knees from the impact of walking on difficult ground, and the shoe is breathable, keeping your foot dry and comfortable no matter the weather. These shoes are also water resistant, perfect for a number of working environments.



11) ROCKROOSTER 6” Steel Toe Work Boots

These pull-on steel toe lightweight men’s work boots are from ROCKROOSTER and measure 6 inches high, protecting both your foot and your ankle. The fabric is nubuck leather but it has been enhanced with both PORON Xrd and CoolMAX. CoolMAX technology transports moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry on hot days, while PORON Xrd gives extra impact protection while also ensuring the shoe is breathable and durable. There is an anti-fatigue memory foam insole that relieves pressure from your foot, supporting you in the right places while also ensuring comfort as it molds to the shape of your foot.

The outsole is made from oil and slip resistant TPU, giving you great traction against a number of different surfaces. These boots are also waterproof. They come in either a brown or black colorway.



12) LARNMERN Steel Toe Boots

Made with leather and mesh, the LARNMERN steel toe boots are wear-resistant without being too heavy on your feet and weighing you down as you work. The steel-toe cap gives protection from dangerous falling objects and an anti-nail penetration midsole plate protects the sole of your foot against stabbing from sharp objects. They also have a slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsole, meeting the needs of those who work in demanding environments. Anti-static wires are sewn on the insole to prevent static electricity and the upper is designed with reflective strips to improve the safety of walking and working at night.

Furthermore, the insole is made of breathable cotton and has the function of absorbing sweat, while also being flexible and allowing you to move easily. The boots have a windproof tongue too, preventing sand, dust and rain from getting into the shoes.




Whether you work on a construction site, at an oil site or anywhere else outside, you will need to make sure your whole body is protected from any hazards — and this includes your feet. While steel toe construction boots have always been labelled as a heavier boot, we have shown you in the list above that there are lightweight options out there that still offer you the same comfort, protection and support as their bulkier counterparts.

Remember to always focus on the construction of the boot and work out the features that are going to be most important to your shoe, depending on where you work and what your needs are.