Best Justin Work Boots For Men – 2021 Reviews

When it comes to buying work boots, there is more to consider than just the basic safety requirements like steel toes or non-slip soles. Since you’re going to be wearing them for hours at a time, you may want to make sure they are comfortable as well. Nowadays, work boots can be very stylish and even specific to your particular work or industry. There are several brands making a name in the work boot field. One such brand are Justin work boots for men. Regardless of brand, for most jobs, you would want your work boots to have the following:

  • Steel or safety toe
  • Water proof capability
  • Slip resistant sole
  • Overall comfort


Best Justin Work Boots For Men – Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures 
Justin Stampede Pull-On Square Toe Work Boot100% Leather

Rubber sole
J-flex comfort system

Steel shank

Removable comfort insole
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Justin Original Work Boots Men's Premium Work Boot90% Leather/10% cotton,

Rubber sole

Polyurethane outsole
Removable insole

Super comfortable

Minimal detail
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Justin Stampede Waterproof Tan Work BootLeather

Stampede rubber

EVA outsole
Strong arc support and strength

Reduce leg fatigue and arthritis pain

Keep your feet warm and dry
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Justin Two Safetytoe Work Boot100% Leather

Synthetic sole
All leather upper

Comfort package

Removable orthotic
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Justin Double Comfort Work Boot100% Leather

Synthetic sole
Heel measures approximately 1.5"

Platform measures approximately 0.75"

Adjustable circumference
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Justin II Waterproof Work Boot100% Leather

Rubber sole

Polyurethane outsole
J-Flex construction

Removable insole

Durable, reliable and comfortable
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Justin J-Max Work Boot100% Leather

Rubber sole
Featuring padded collar, extra-large pull loop, and waxed laces

Speed-lacing hardware on shaft

8-inch shaft
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Justin George Strait Waterproof BootsLeatherFeatures a bronze leather upper

Toned brown upper

Protection from extreme weather conditions
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Justin Commander Work BootsRubber outsole

J-Flex comfort insole
Prevent slips

Waterproof work boots

Shock resistant
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Best Justin Work Boots For Men Buying Guide

Different types of work environments require certain extra levels of protection in order to comply with safety regulations and can be specific to your job duties or industry. If you’re a construction worker, steel toe work boots or, at the very least, a safety toe boot would be required. On the other hand, someone working on a ranch may wear a good ‘ole pair of cowboy boots. The steel toe boot can protect your toes from heavy objects, while a water proof boot is good for protecting your feet from moisture.

Regardless of what your occupation is or the industry in which you work, it’s important that you have a good quality boot that will:

  • Protect your feet from moisture, hard or sharp objects.
  • Prevent falls by providing a good sole with a non-slip grip.
  • Have lots of comfort for long periods of wear.
  • Be durable and of good quality so that you may get plenty of wear.
  • Be affordable.

When it comes to hitting the mark, Justin work boots have pretty much got it covered.

Here are some a Justin work boot styles, and some qualities and feature I like about them, as well as what I don’t. Hopefully this list helps you in your search for a quality work boot.


Best Justin Work Boots For Men Reviewed

Justin Stampede Pull-On Square Toe Work Boot

These classic cowboy work boots have about a medium calf and high shaft, and have really cool decorative cuts and stitches. I personally love detail and intricate design work. Originally designed to last in the saddle,these justin original work boots are actually real cowboy boots and have a beveled heel that is about 1 to 2 inches high.

Justin stampede pull-on square toe work boot is made from 100% natural leather that has been tested to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. These justin original work boots are designed to be comfortable and durable in any season and can be worn for long periods of time without being too heavy or uncomfortable.

The Stampede pull-on features an 11 inch shaft and flexible comfort system as well as a removable insole for ultimate comfort. 100% genuine leather, 1 1/4 inch heel and multi-color stitching detail complete with a rubber sole. Not only are these justin original work boots comfortable and protective, they are very stylish as well.

Down Side

  • Built for comfort and style but no waterproofing or protective toe.




Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Premium Work Boot

The justin original work boots are the foundation of men’s uppers since the 1800’s. Having a mixture of mostly leather with some cotton, this popular upper is super comfortable with it’s rubber sole and removable insole. The look of this work boot is more of a basic and plain look without a lot of detail. However, it is still a nice upper that could actually pair nice with some jeans for a semi-casual look.

The rubber sole gives it some grip action and the rounded toe and minimal detail makes it a good boot to wear outside of a work environment.

Down Side

  • I probably wouldn’t chance wearing these in a work environment where I’d be doing any heavy lifting. I would limit my use of this boot to a less hazardous work environment combined with casual wear.




Justin Stampede Waterproof Tan Work Boot

These justin waterproof work boots are made of high quality waterproof material, while being extremely durable at the same time. Resembling a cowboy boot with a round toe as well as the detailed stitching work, these boots are stylish yet heavy duty.

Made of leather, stampede rubber, with an EVA outsole, these boots are surely made for tough work environments. Stampede rubber and EVA outsoles ensure strong arc support and strength, reduce leg fatigue and arthritis pain The waterproof design helps to keep your feet warm and dry during extremely cold weather and are suitable for work in the most difficult conditions like hiking or camping. They are not only comfortable but also provide protection from extreme weather conditions

In addition to being waterproof, these boots can also help you avoid blisters that may be caused by wearing regular shoes for a long time at work due to their being so comfortable. On top of all of this, not only are these waterproof leather Justin Stampede boots very stylish, they also protect against electric shock as well!

Down Side

  • I don’t really have anything negative to say because I think these boots are awesome. I guess the down side would be the lack of a safety toe, if that’s what you’re looking for. But, if you are just wanting a durable boot that can give you a secure stance and protect your feet from all types of hazards, then this is the boot.




Justin Two Safetytoe Work Boot

Many safety boots, including these justin steel toe work boots, are equipped with non-slip, abrasion resistance, and ASTM compliant electrical hazard protection, providing several general safety levels. Steel toes or hybrid combination toes are provided to further protect these feet from work injuries.

These justin steel toe work boots fit your feet and give you the same comfort as other safety shoes. The safety toe in these justin steel toe work boots provides you with extreme protection without them being too heavy. These justin steel toe work boots also have a nice stitch design as well. And although this may be superfluous, the design on the sole is really cool too.

With the heel on it’s synthetic sole measuring about 1.5 inches and a boot opening of about 15 inches around, these justin steel toe work boots provide a sturdy stance while being easy to get in and out of. Made of 100% leather with a removable orthotic insole, these work boots will keep your feet comfortable and safe at work while adding a subtlety stylish rugged look.

Down Side

  • These boots are great I just wish they were water proof as well. Otherwise, these are a great light weight protective boot that gets the job done.




Justin Double Comfort Work Boot

When choosing the right boot, you need to take comfort, climate and environment into consideration. If you’re a hunter, then you know all too well the amount of time spent standing in one spot when hunting game. Using a pair of quality comfortable boots, like these justin double comfort work boots, will help you work comfortably no matter what situation you’re in.

These justin pull up work boots are super comfortable as they are made with multiple layers of construction. Made with all leather for durability and comfort with a 1 inch heel rubber sole for grip, justin double comfort work boots are very sturdy and excellent for a wilderness environment. In fact, justin double comfort up work boots work well in any environment that requires standing for long periods of time.




Justin II Waterproof Work Boot

These justin waterproof work boots understand the meaning of providing a durable, reliable and comfortable work safety boot. Justin boots offer sturdiness to prevent slips and falls in harsh terrain as well as provide safety for you on the job. Not only are these work boots waterproof, they’re super stylish with their western style upper.

Very minimal in detail, this style of Justin work boot has a subtly rugged look with it’s 100% leather upper and rounded toe for a casual look and a thick rubber sole for grip and security. Made with Justin’s special J-Flex system, these Justin work boots, which don’t even look like work boots at all, are extremely comfortable and durable.




Justin J-Max Work Boot

Made of high quality waterproof material, the military style justin composite toe work boots feels very comfortable. The waterproof design helps keep your feet warm and dry during extreme cold or wet weather.

Your feet will be ready for J-MAX Double Comfort System insole and Justin Jelly portable orthopedics. Justin Jel in these justin composite toe work boots reduces shock absorption from muscle fatigue so these justin composite toe work boots can be worn on long walks and allow your feet to move comfortably and help you work stably.

J-MAX polyurethane outsole and full grain leather with double-laying cover give these justin composite toe work boots a rough and hard wear. Double stitched and hand-crafted, this justin composite toe work boots is durable against rough and durable and made to last!




Justin George Strait Waterproof Boots

These are genuine leather cowboy boots! These boots are not only fashionable, they are also very comfortable. Inspired by the king of the country, these 11 inch Men’s George Strait leather justin waterproof work boots features a bronze leather upper and a toned brown upper.

Not only are these justin waterproof work boots beautiful, they are also designed to work hard. The J-Flex Comfort System® insole features a removable orthopedic insole for long-lasting comfort. These waterproof and heavy-duty stylish classic cowboy boots have at least a medium calf and high shaft, and decorative cuts and stitches. 1 1/2 inch heel and rubber sole for support and a 14 inch boot opening for ease of access.

With it’s square toe and rugged look, cowboy or not, you’ll still look like one!




Justin Commander Work Boots

Look at these handsome cowboy boots! The stunning combination of blue and brown leather is unique and eye-catching, but the durable work of the shoe outsole is also something to be noticed. These Justin Commander work boots have the best of both worlds.

With a rubber outsole to prevent slips, these justin waterproof work boots are also shock resistant! And on top of protecting your feet from moisture or electricity, these sleek boots also have the special J-Flex comfort insole for your optimum comfort and support.

Even down to the diamond peekaboo detailing on the upper, this has to be my favorite Justin work boot of all!




Final Thought

Most of Justin boots are lightweight and durable while helping you stay safe when working. The best part is that many of them come with a built-in waterproof protection system that protects your feet from the elements. The waterproof design also provides you with a great grip on your feet and helps to prevent blisters from forming due to friction. So, whether you’re looking for a pair of horseback riding shoes or traditional work boots for the job, Justin has boots to match your needs and even your style!