Best Engineer Boots For Men – 2020 Edition

Engineer boots for men were originally designed in the 1930s for firemen who worked on steam engines (also known as engineers!). They needed a lace-free boot that couldn’t get stuck on any of the parts of machinery they would be working on and hurt them, while also needing a boot that could slide easily on and off. These boots offered protection while still being comfortable to wear all day.

Today, engineer boots are popular among a wide range of people not just because of their comfort and protection but also their design. The best engineer boots for men add a stylish touch to a range of outfits, and, if you’re thinking about adding a pair to your closet, you’ve come to the right place. Below we have compiled a buying guide of what to look for when considering engineer boots and we have even included some of our top picks to choose from.

What To Look For In Engineer Boots For Men

Whether you’re looking for a boot to go motorcycle riding in, a horse riding boot or one to wear every day, there are a few factors for you to consider when purchasing engineering boots. Take a look at the most important aspects of the boots below.


The material the boot is made out of is going to affect the whole performance of the boot, as well as it’s durability. Leather and rubber are the two main materials used in engineering boots. Leather is known to be a material that lasts a long time and it was the material used back in the 1930s. This is because leather adds a layer of protection to the boot and it is a very rigid material that can withstand a number of conditions. The disadvantage to picking leather engineer boots is that the leather can stain when it gets wet.

Rubber is also a popular material used for engineer boots, but it is not quite as durable as leather. It is cheaper to manufacture which keeps the cost of the boots down and it can withstand just about every element. It is also easy to take care of and does not stain like leather, which is a bonus for a lot of people who live in areas where rain is common.


The sole of the boot impacts two main features of the shoe — the comfort and the traction. You want the sole of your engineer both to have good traction no matter what the purpose of the boot is. The shoes are not going to be much use if you are slipping on every surface because you can’t get a good grip. A rubber sole is best for this and it also protects you against oils and other material reaching the inside of the shoe. A rubber sole also gives you more spring in your step and can be better at shock absorbing, keeping your foot comfortable. However, another common sole material is steel, which also has it’s benefits.


We mentioned above that leather is a common material used for the upper and it is not always the best at protecting from water stains. This is where you need to decide how important a waterproof boot is for you. A rubber boot is going to be 100% waterproof, as is a boot that is made with pre-treated leather. It will be up to you to decide whether this is an important factor in your pair of boots.


We touched on this above when talking about the sole of the shoe. Your boot should have good traction. Good traction will ensure you grip the floor on a number of different terrains, preventing slips and falls. Engineering boots are a popular boot to wear everyday, which could mean you come across a lot of different ground surfaces and you want to make sure you have the right tread on the bottom of the shoe to ensure you don’t slip. This is especially important if you live in an area that is wet or an area with uneven ground.


The value of the boot covers a few different aspects. First of all, your engineer boots should be durable. If they aren’t durable then they aren’t going to last you a long time, which will end up being a waste of money. You should also check the versatility of the boot, so you know you can wear it in a number of different situations and get the most out of your money. Engineer boots can be expensive, but if you pick the right ones then you will have made a good investment.

If you’re looking for an engineer boot, take a look at our list of men’s boots below, all available to you on Amazon.


The Best Engineer Boots For Men Reviewed

1) FRYE Men’s Tyler Engineer Boot

The FRYE Men’s Tyler Engineer Boot is made from soft Italian leather with a washed finish. It has a smooth leather lining for a comfortable next-to-skin feel and there is also a cushioned leather footbed that provides you with added comfort. A combination of a leather and rubber outsole gives you excellent stability inside the shoe, as well as great traction against a number of different surfaces. The boots also have buckle accents at the shaft and the instep for a vintage look. This pair is available in three different colors.


2) Ad Tec Men’s 11″ Engineer Motorcycle Boot

This Ad Tec engineer boot is designed to be used as a motorcycle boot. With a mid-calf design, it protects not just your foot but also you ankle when riding, but it is perfect for a number of other occasions too. The upper is made from heavy duty full grain oiled black leather and the sole is made from rubber that offers not just good traction but also an oil-resistant surface. There are two straps — one of the side and one on the vamp of the shoe — both of which are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. There is also a padded insole for extra comfort.


3) Red Wing Heritage Men’s Engineer Boot

Made with a sturdy Goodyear welt construction, these Red Wing Heritage engineer boots are very durable. They have a 100% leather upper that offers comfort and support as well as excellent stability, and there are two straps on the vamp and the side of the boot for adjustments so you get the perfect fit. With the tall design, these engineer boots protect your foot, ankle and lower legs, making them perfect as a biker boot but good for a range of other activities too. There is also silver hardware on the straps that adds to the stylish design. The sole is made from rubber and offers excellent traction against a range of surfaces. These boots come in three different colors.



The Harley-Davidson men’s Scout boot was originally intended for horse riding but it is also a favorite as an every day shoe. Made from full-grain leather that has been treated with a heat and debris shield, this boot is constructed using Goodyear welt, ensuring strength and durability in the boot. Inside the boot there is a metal shank for extra stability and support for your foot and there is also a zipper down the side of the boot for ease at getting it on and taking it off. The bottom of the boot has a rubber outsole that is abrasion, slip and oil resistant, too. This boot comes in both a brown and black color.


5) Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot

The Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot is a versatile boot that can be worn in a number of situations. With a leather upper that gives durability and style, these 11 inch boots protect the lower half on your calf as well as your feet and ankles. They are easy to get on and off with a pull tab and the insoles have flex foreparts to provide maximum cushioning and flexibility so you can wear them all day long. The outsole is highly durable as well as being slip and oil resistant, perfect if you plan on wearing these engineer boots as motorcycle boots. These soft toe boots come in three colors.


6) Original Chippewa Collection Men’s 6-Inch Service Utility Boot

The Original Chippewa Collection boot is a little different to the other engineer boots we have listed here because it actually features laces. However, with it’s ankle boot style, it still offers the same support and protection as an engineer boot, so we thought we would include it. With a 100% leather upper, this boot has a Goodyear welt construction for excellent durability. The sole is made from rubber with a Vibram cork outsole to add to the durability, as well as offering great traction against a number of different surfaces. There is an insole built into the foot bed of the boot for comfort, too. These boots come in nine different colors for you to choose from.


7) Milwaukee Leather Men’s 11″ Classic Engineer Boot

These Milwaukee engineer boots are heavy duty boots perfect for a number of purposes. The upper is made from full grain premium 2.2mm cowhide waterproof leather, ensuring they are both durable and sturdy while also protecting your feet from any moisture. The outsole is oil and acid resistant with a thick non-marking and non-skid tread, great for all terrains. The welt construction of the boot further ensures it’s durability and the two side buckles are adjustable for a perfect fit. Even better, inside the boot is a Smart Mask climate control insole with a FlexPower toe design, ensuring your feet stay at the right temperature while also keeping you comfortable and giving you a spring in your step.


8) Dingo Men’s Rev Up Western Boot

The western style upper of this Dingo engineer boot is made from 100% leather and gives you ultimate comfort. There is a harness ring detail at the ankle for added style and a subtle side zip helps you to get the boots on and off quicker. The thick manmade sole not only adds to the western design but it also ensures the boots durability, giving you excellent support under foot as well as being slip-resistant for great traction on a number of different terrains. Perfect for a number of different occasions, these boots come in two colors — black and brown.


9) Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Shoe

These Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock boots are another shoe that don’t necessarily fall under the “engineer boot” title, but offer many of the same properties. Perfect for everyday wear, riding a motorcycle or doing construction work in, these boots have a classic design with a leather upper that is 100% waterproof. There is a dual-density polyurethane (PU) midsole for extra support and cushioning underfoot, as well as an all-weather thermoplastic urethane (TPU) outsole, great for lots of different situations. These work boots also come with a composite safety toe, making them a great boot for more dangerous activities and ensuring your foot is protected.


10) Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Mens Casual Engineer Boot

Polar Fox’s Wyatt engineer boots are crafted from durable synthetic leather for extra comfort, water resistance and breathability. Perfect for motorbike riding, horse riding or just everyday wear, these boots have a padded interior with a double-stitched exterior and a rubber sole for flexibility and support, as well as impact and slip resistance. There are two durable heavy duty metal buckles and a zipper to ensure you get the correct fit in your boot. With a water-resistant feature you can also be sure that your feet are going to stay dry no matter what you are doing. These boots come in both a black and a brown color.


11) Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots

The Bruno Marc boots differ slightly from a traditional engineer boot because they feature laces, but the overall shape, style and purpose is still the same. Designed for motorcycle riding, these have a faux leather upper for durability and a rubber sole that offers stability and excellent traction. There is a latex cushioned footbed for comfort as well as a cushioned collar. The classic cap toe and lace up design means you can adjust the shoe so it fits your foot correctly. These boots feature a zipper down the side for easily getting on and off, while also helping with a secure fit. They come in a range of seven different colors.


12) ARIAT Men’s Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

These ARIAT engineer boots come in a western cowboy style boot. The mid calf design offers you protection on your ankles and lower legs and the square toe with decorative stitching details give a stylish boot that can be worn with a number of different outfits. The upper is 100% leather and has a distressed design that further adds to it’s style. The duratread sole adds excellent durability and traction to the boot, ensuring you don’t slip, while also adding flexibility to every step. In the midsole there is Advanced Torque Stability technology with a composite forked shank, providing stability and comfort all day long. These engineer boots are available in four different colors.



With a stylish design, engineer boots are great for wearing on a number of occasions. Because of their easy and comfortable structure, these boots are going to make a great addition to your closet because of their versatility. Always look at the material that the boots are made of as well as their sole to determine the traction you are going to get, so you can decide which pair of boots are going to be right for you. We know you’ll love any of the pairs in our list above.