10 Best Dr. Martens Sandals – 2020 Edition

Dr. Martens is a brand known for making chunky hi-top boots. Designed originally as workwear boots, they have quickly evolved into a staple in many girls closets. They’re popular as women’s shoes because they’re stylish, go with almost anything and are great for many different occasions. But, when summer comes around and the weather gets hotter, you might not want to be wearing a thick pair of winter boots.

This is why the best Dr. Martens sandals are a must-have. With their chunky design, they haven’t lost the special touch that makes them classically Dr. Martens, yet they’re perfect for warmer weather, paired with a summer dress for strolling along the beach. They are also much more breathable and lightweight than boots. If you’re looking for a pair of summer shoes, take a look at the features of these sandals that you’ll love, as well as our top picks.

Features Of Dr. Martens Sandals

Dr. Martens are known for standing out in the shoe industry because of their unique design. This doesn’t change when it comes to their sandals and they still promote certain features any Dr. Martens lover is looking for.


One of the most popular things about Dr. Martens shoes, no matter the style, is their sole. The sole on Dr. Martens’ shoes are always thick and chunky. They’re also often platform shoes, giving the wearer a bit of height. All of the Dr. Martens sandals we have reviewed below feature this classic sole.

Straps and Upper

The straps of Dr. Martens sandals are another thing that make them stand out from the crowd. Unlike regular sandals or flip-flops that may have only a couple of straps or very flimsy straps, in keeping with the well-known style, Dr. Martens sandals have thick, chunky straps. This not only ensures your foot is really strapped into the shoe so you feel stable while walking around, but it also means the shoe is much more durable and less likely to break.

Another feature of Dr. Martens shoes is the material used to construct the upper. This is almost always leather. This means again that the shoes are going to be much more durable. They are also going to be comfier to wear and softer against the skin.


Dr. Martens are known for their iconic yellow stitching on many of their shoes and boots. This is a result of a Goodyear Welt construction. The construction of a shoe is important because it affects the shoe’s flexibility, sturdiness and performance.

Goodyear welt construction is the most convenient and preferred method of construction because it involves stitching a welt, made of plastic, leather, rubber or other materials to both the upper of the shoe and the sole. Then the welt is attached to the outsole with a shoe cement or stitching and, thus, the whole shoe is anchored together. This makes for a very sturdy and durable construction, meaning your Dr. Martens sandals are going to last you a long time.


Along with the chunky outsole that gives great durability comes great traction. Dr. Martens often have a “zig-zag” sole that helps you to grip the ground easily, ensuring you don’t slip or fall. This is particularly useful because it means you can wear these sandals on multiple terrains, making them great for taking on vacation if you want to go exploring.

If you want to find the best Dr. Martens sandals, take a look at the ones we recommend on Amazon below.


The Best Dr. Martens Sandals Reviewed

1) Dr. Martens Nartilla Sandals

These Dr. Martens women’s Nartilla sandals have the same Dr. Martens lace-up design but are much more breathable, lightweight and perfect for the summer. Made with cowhide leather they are soft against the skin and resist blisters and chafing, while giving a secure and stable fit for walking around in. The high heel measures approximately two inches, giving that classic Dr. Martens height. The Welt stitching and grooved edges are again a classic of the brand and ensure these sandals’ durability. The sole of the shoe has excellent traction against a range of different surfaces. These sandals come in two different colors – black and white.


2) Dr. Martens Women’s Vegan Blaire Felix Fisherman Sandal

The Dr. Martens Blaire Felix Fisherman Sandal is a 100% vegan sandal. Made with Felix Rub off/ Soft PU, a non leather material, it is perfect for those who are vegan or against buying leather, but still gives the great leather feel that is soft against the skin and resists blisters. Again, these shoes have the classic Doc Martens chunky sole for extra height and durability, as well as the Welt construction with the yellow stitch detailing. The sole is a lightweight, slip-resistant zig-zag sole with a great grip, too. There are three upper straps as well as a buckled ankle strap that can be adjusted. This ensures you get the most comfortable, secure fit.


3) Dr. Martens Women’s Voss Hydro Fisherman Sandal

The Dr. Martens women’s Voss Hydro Fisherman Sandal are made with hydro, a smooth PU- coated leather. Available in a black patent design or a matte white and pink design, these shoes are designed to go with multiple different outfits. With one toe strap and two buckle straps — one adjustable buckle at the heel and one at the ankle — you can be sure to get a secure fit with these sandals so your feet are not moving around.

Constructed with Goodyear welt construction, these chunky sandals are durable and have the classic yellow stitching. They also have the lightweight, slip-resistant zig-zag sole that gives great traction and grip. These platform sandals measures approximately 1.5 inches off the ground.


4) Dr. Martens Women’s Blaire Patent Leather Fisherman Sandal

The platform of the Dr. Martens women’s Blaire Patent Leather Fisherman sandals measures 1.25 inches off the ground, giving you the classic Dr. Martens height. There is also the iconic Dr. Martens sole that gives great durability and traction, no matter what surface you are walking on. Even better, the yellow stitching is also present with the Goodyear welt construction, making them both durable and stylish.

The upper is made from patent leather and there are both toe straps and an adjustable ankle strap with a buckle to ensure you get a good fit in the shoe. There is also a soft and breathable lining, perfect for hot weather. The rugged design of these doesn’t mean they aren’t lightweight and are still great for a summer shoe.


5) Dr. Martens Women’s Clarissa II Brando Leather Buckle Sandal

The Dr. Martens Clarissa II Brando sandals have a leather upper with a leather ankle strap with an adjustable metal buckle for an adjustable fit. Featuring classic Doc’s DNA including grooved sides, signature visible stitching, and a scripted heel-loop, these shoes have a platform of 1.75 inches.

The Goodyear welt construction provides durability with an upper and sole that are heat- sealed and sewn together and there is also a soft and breathable leather lining. The lightly cushioned leather footbed provides underfoot comfort and the air-cushioned outsole is oil and fat resistant. It also offers good abrasion and slip resistance, perfect for multiple terrains. These shoes come in both a patent and matte design.


6) Dr. Martens Myles Black Brando Sandal

The Doc Martens Myles Black Brando strap sandal comes in more of a classic sandal style, with two simple straps on the upper. The buckles on the straps are adjustable so you can get a snug fit against your foot for stability. Made with a leather upper, this shoe is soft and comfortable against your skin and the midsole is air-cushioned for extra comfort and support. The sole is rugged and durable, with a lightweight, slip-resistant zig-zag design that grips multiple surfaces and ensures you don’t slip. The height of these platform sandals is 1.5 inches, offering you that iconic Dr. Martens style.


7) Dr. Martens Voss GLTR Sandal

Perfect for those who like a bit of glitter in their life, the Dr. Martens women’s Voss GLTR have a soft Hydro leather and fine glitter PU upper that will add a bit of sparkle to any outfit. Perfect for festival wear or just for wearing on vacation, these shoes will make you stand out in a crowd. They still come with the classic Dr. Martens design with a 1.75 inch platform that gives you a great height, and the Goodyear welt construction and yellow stitching that is stylish yet durable.

There are three straps on these shoes — one at the toe and two at the ankle and heel with adjustable metal buckles that allow you a safe and secure fit. The sole of the shoe, as with all the Dr. Martens shoes, offer excellent traction. These shoes come in a red, pink and black glitter design.


8) Dr. Martens Ryker Sandal

These slingback style sandals are the Dr. Martens Ryker sandals. With a full-grain Brando leather upper, these shoes have a waxy finish that give great style. The slide sandal design allows you to easily get the shoes on and off and there is a strap with an adjustable buckle so you can be sure they won’t fall off your feet.

With the classic yellow stitching and Goodyear welt construction, these still offer all the Dr. Martens qualities, including the ripple tread outsole. This ripple tread outsole is also constructed with a super-lightweight EVA material that protects and cushions your feet as you walk and at a height of 2 inches, the sole on these sandals gives you the platform you need to stand out. These sandals come in both a black and a burgundy color.


9) Dr. Martens Unisex Gryphon Gladiator Sandal

The Dr. Martens Unisex Gryphon Gladiator sandal is perfect for both men and women and comes in three different colors – black, burgundy and white. Made with Brando leather, this sandal has an ultra modern style that will make a perfect summer standout. It has one toe strap and two double buckle closures that ensure you get the perfect fit in the shoe. The Goodyear welt construction ensures durability and an air-cushioned sole gives oil and fat resistance, and offers good abrasion and slip resistance. There is also a lightly cushioned leather insole for all-day comfort, that helps to support your foot with every step.


10) Dr. Martens Women’s Carolyn II Sandal

The Dr. Martens women’s Carolyn II sandal gives a modern take on a the traditional leather sandals worn by fishermen. With a woven leather upper, this sandal has more straps than many of the other Doc Martens sandals in our list and allows you to feel protected and secure as you walk. The Goodyear welt construction still ensures this shoe is durable and sturdy and the sidewall stitch is still present, although it is not in the classic yellow color.

These shoes are lightweight and flexible and have an air-cushioned sole for maximum support and comfort. The sole has a height of one inch which is not as high as some of the other sandals in this list, but is great for those who don’t need a platform shoe. These sandals are available in a white and brown leather colorway.



If you’re a Dr. Martens lover and want to continue wearing their shoes in the summer, Dr. Martens sandals are for you. Giving you the same great style as the classic boots but a more breathable and lightweight option, these sandals have the chunky sole and leather upper that pairs them easily with any outfit. With excellent traction and a durable sole you can wear these sandals on any occasion, and we know you’ll love our top picks in the list above.