Best Combat Boots In 2021 – Guide & Reviews

For the men and women in uniform, combat boots are built to be durable, comfortable, and suitable for rugged and rough conditions. Combat boots can support your ankles, support your feet when carrying a heavy load, and protect your feet from dangerous plants and animals. Whether you are in the military or just a hard-worker looking for a durable shoe, combat boots are the way to go. Combat boots are also great for hiking, hunting, construction, and other work and activities in which the safety of your feet could be compromised.

Combat boots come in many styles with varying features based on the activity they are suited for. Men and women alike love their combat boots for the practical use they provide each day, as well as the edgy style that one instantly takes on when lacing up a pair of these bad boys. We’ve picked out the best combat boots to keep your feet protected and blister-free, while making you look tough, because duh, you are!


Best Combat Boots –  Comparison Table

Product NameProduct ImageMaterialsFeatures 
Ameritac 9" Side Zip Suede Leather Combat Desert Tan BootsRubber sole

Suede Leather
Easy to put on or remove

Gusseted tongue

Aggressive traction lugs
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Krazy Shoe Artists Combat BootsLeather uppers

Rubber sole
Vulcanized rubber panama outsoles

Moisture wicking vented holes

Classic combat jungle boot
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Danner Combat Boots100% Leather/Nylon

Rubber sole
Removable insole

Shank Material is made up of Nylon

Provides superior shock absorption
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FREE SOLDIER Men’s 8 Inch Tactical Side Zip Military Lightweight Combat BootsSuede leather

1000D Cordura fabric
Lightweight and breathable

Durable materials

Provide long lasting comfort
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5.11 ATAC Combat Boot100% Leather and fabric

Synthetic sole
Showcasing a durable construction

Featuring the 5.11 Shock Mitigation System

Integrated with semi-rigid heel
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Smith and Wesson Combat BootsRubber sole

Leather and nylon
Slip-resistant out sole

Engineered for traction

Steel shank reinforces that support.
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Free Solider Ultra Combat Mid Hiking BootFull-grain leather upper

EVA mid sole
Insole is anti-microbial

Quick-lacing system

Out sole is oil resistant
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Free Soldier Tactical Duty Work BootNylon

Rubber sole

Suede upper
Superior Abrasion-resistant performance


Slip resistance
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WWOODTOMLINSON Combat BootsSuede/Microfiber

Rubber sole
Maximum comfort and durability

Breathable mesh

Keep your feet cool and dry
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Smith and Wesson Tactical Combat BootsLeather

Rubber sole
Outstanding quality

Provide full protection without compromising on comfort

Gusseted tongue keeps dirt and debris out
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How To Choose the Right Combat Boots

Rule number one of tactical footwear is to never assume the “one shoe fits all” mindset. Different boots are made for different terrains. This includes climate. You don’t want to wear winter combat boots to your construction job in the summer. That is, unless you want your partner to kill over when you take your shoes off at night. That being said, some boots are better suited for terrains while others are made for job sites.

You may be wondering, “Why not just buy a work boot or a hiking shoe?” Combat boots offer more than the standard hiking or work shoe. Think about it, these are the same shoes that the military wears! It’s doubtful that they are going to skimp out on durability, comfort, and protection. They enter some of the roughest and toughest terrains. When you choose combat boots, you are choosing boots that are built to last.

There are several things to look for in a good pair of combat boots. When deciding which combat boots are right for you, consider the following:

  • The material of the upper (split-grain leather, full-grain leather, synthetics)
  • The material of the mid-sole
  • The build and material of the outsole
  • The lug pattern and toe protection

Each pair of boots will have its strengths and weaknesses, but those basic parts should be of good quality.

You may also want to look for these added bonus features depending on your needs and preferences:

  • easy on/off
  • color/designs/style
  • lightweight
  • gusseted tongue


The Best Combat Boots Reviews Lineup

1. Ameritac 9″ Side Zip Suede Leather Combat Desert Tan Boots

A sturdy rubber sole supports these basic, tan combat boots. These nine-inchers are built for tough conditions, giving you the freedom to maneuver and perform tasks distraction-free. The cow suede and nylon upper creates a polished and professional look, and is complimented by speed-hook lacing. The Velcro and zipper closures mean no untied shoelaces will be stopping you from getting the job done. Exceptional ankle support is facilitated by a the comfortable padded collar.

The lugged soles are built to repel debris and mud, while offering the traction you need to stay safe. These boots even feature a gusseted tongue to keep dirt and rocks out. Made for the great outdoors, these EVA padded boots will keep your feet dry, clean, and protected while you are out doing your thing. The con to this great pair is that although they are marketed for construction workers, they do not have a steel-toe, which is required on some job sites. Very suitable for lots of jobs though where tactile footwear is more applicable than toe protection.




2. Krazy Shoe Artists Combat Boots

This classic “jungle boot” design tells a tale as old as time and predates the second world war. These black beauties beg to be noticed while blending into the background at the same time. Mysterious? Maybe. Lightweight and breathable? You bet. These boots are made for walkin’…in the jungle that is. Designed with vent holes, these boots are well equipped for muggy and wet conditions. These unlined shoes keep your feet cool and the steel shank provides stability. These cool combat boots have a gusseted tongue to keep debris out while you are out there taking on the world.

The coal-black lugged sole keeps you from slipping in wet conditions, so you can take on slippery conditions with no qualms. Bonus holes added to the instep allow for proper drainage of moisture so you won’t get bogged down. Get ready to take over a tropical rain forest or water your garden while looking like a bad a** in these attractive combat boots. The only downside to these boots is that they are so lightweight. This causes them to be less versatile. These definitely aren’t the boots for you if you are looking to take a trek through Canada in the winter.




3. Danner Combat Boots

Danner took special care when designing this boots to make them ultra lightweight without compromising any of the benefits. Built with performance and comfort in mind, Danner capitalized on the pros of using synthetic material, making the boot quick to dry and light. Three layers of comfort combined with a speed-lacing system make the boots fit snugly and comfortably. Most boots this light come with an out sole made of composite materials, but the Danner combat boots features a pure rubber out sole, making them abrasion-resistant.

The 6.5 inch shaft provides adequate ankle support and good traction. They are made by the craftsmen at Danner with quality in mind. While these combat boots are no doubt functional, they may lack durability over the long-term because synthetics just don’t last as long. They are simply designed, so if you are hoping to glean compliments on your new boots, try the pair listed above.




4. FREE SOLDIER Men’s 8 Inch Tactical Side Zip Military Lightweight Combat Boots

Not only do these boots look good, they feel good too! With lightweight and breathable, yet durable materials, they will provide long lasting comfort. These boots were specifically designed to make being on your feet all day easier. There is good ventilation to keep your feet dry and comfortable in summer, and to drain away moisture quicker when they have been submerged.

The upper is made from suede leather with 1000D Cordura fabric, and the tactical sole is made to prevent slippage and resist wear. The EVA midsole is flexible and incredibly light, making it a little less enduring being on your feet all day. The combat boots weigh around 2.2 lbs, depending on the size. Speaking of which, make sure you check the sizing chart before purchase.




5. 5.11 ATAC Combat Boot

Made with the military in mind, this high-performing boot delivers everything you need to get the job done in a sleek profile. The upper of the boot is breathable, yet stable. The toe is constructed with full-grain leather, ensuring that your boots are sturdy and giving them a polished look. These simple and polished boots are available in black and coyote brown. The sole is synthetic and lightweight, and the eight inch shaft ensures adequate ankle support while running or traversing a rough terrain.

These boots feature a handy side-zipper, making them easy to take off and put on. The speed laces make the boots comfortable and well-fitting. The lining of the shoes incorporates and anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking lining, so your feet stay dry and clean during your work day. Overall, this is a great pair of combat boots ranked at military-grade excellence.




6. Smith and Wesson Combat Boots

These boots are quite literally “locked and loaded.” From the makers of some of America’s most popular firearms, the combat boots from Smith and Wesson will be the envy of all your hunting pals. The Breach 2.0 combat boot is a picture of quality and detail-oriented design. These boots may look tough, but they don’t fall short on comfort. The leather and nylon provide your feet with the protection they need during your work day. This boot features a gusseted tongue to keep debris out. The mid sole is crafted from a lightweight EVA material that supports your arch and a steel shank reinforces that support.

These shoes were designed so that your feet won’t get tired, even on the longest shifts. The slip-resistant out sole is engineered for traction on waxed surfaces, ladders, and other job site terrains. These combat boots are available with a six inch shaft and a nine inch shaft, so you can be well-equipped on and off duty.




7. Free Solider Ultra Combat Mid Hiking Boot

These combat boots were designed with the adventurer in mind. This boot is constructed with a full-grain leather upper and complimented with abrasion-resistant mesh. These boots are perfect for the weekend warrior of the woods who want the protection and feel of a combat boot without the extra high shaft. The protective toe and heel caps ensure the safety of your feet while you are trekking through the wilderness. These boots are available in a variety of colors including black, soil, and coyote brown.

Each pair is donned with real copper button holes, making them of high quality. The quick-lacing system makes them easy to put on and take off, so you can use that time doing what you love doing. These boots are equipped with an EVA mid sole, giving you the cushioning your feet need to work hard all day. The out sole is oil resistant and the insole is anti-microbial. These are great for hiking and outdoor adventures, but may not be suitable for extreme conditions in which combat boots are a must.




8. Free Soldier Tactical Duty Work Boot

Available in black and desert tan, these combat boots from Free Soldier use 1000D nylon to create a comfortable, abrasion-resistant boot. Your feet will stay dry thanks to the air vents. The out sole is lightweight and noiseless, making these combat boots great for stealth situations. The eight-inch shaft is supported by a speed-lacing system that keeps boots securely on your feet and sand and other debris out. The boots feature a gusseted tongue, giving you extra protection against sand, rocks, and other pesky debris and particles.

The heel is reinforced and the toe is double coated with suede to ensure the durability of the boots. The lugged sole is designed for both concrete and rugged terrains. These boots feature an EVA mid sole that is shock-absorbing for all-day comfort.





Built for long-lasting comfort and durability, these ultra-stylish combat boots will keep your feet dry and cool all day thanks to the microfiber mesh. Suitable for both the desert and the jungle, these lightweight boots allow you maximum mobility. The rubber out sole is designed to be slip-resistant, so you have to proper traction in slippery conditions. This pair of combat boot is specifically designed for those who are constantly outdoors living an active lifestyle. These high-performance boots will be there to support you on any job or adventure, rain or shine. Feel good and look good doing what you love with these awesome combat boots from W Wood Tomlinson.




10. Smith and Wesson Breach 2.0 Tactical Combat Boots

From Smith and Wesson Comes another great combat boot, in the form of the Breach 2.0 Tactical Combat Boots. These boots are made from full-grain leather and look great. Smith and Wesson combined detail, great construction, and attention to detail when crafting this boot. Nylon and leather construction make these boots durable without the sacrifice of comfort. The tongue is gusseted to lock out rocks, pebbles, dirt, and dust. An EVA mid sole cradles your foot while the steel shank supports it.

Your feet won’t get tired during your shift due to the carefully engineered support system in this boot. These boots are also equipped with Hydroguard to keep your feet dry in wet environments. All around, this boot from Smith and Wesson is a great choice for any hunter or nature-lover.