Best Ariat Work Boots For Men – 2020 Reviews

Finding work boots that perform can be a challenge, and that’s why Ariat International’s line of work boots for men has become a reliable go-to. Back in 1993, Ariat carved out their niche as manufacturers of specialized boots for equestrians. But that was then and this is now. Today, like Ariat womens work boots, their work boots for men aren’t just for those who ride horses anymore. Since the early ‘90s, they’ve significantly grown their brand to include well-crafted footgear that’s suitable for just about anyone who spends time in the Great Outdoors.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a work boot that wears well, moves with you, and stands up to your needs, a pair of the best Ariat work boots for men or women can be a solid choice. The question now is – which boot is right for you?

Your Ariat work boots need to be strong and durable to last through everything you throw at them. They need to be flexible and comfortable to wear all day every day. And it wouldn’t hurt if they were stylish and attractive, too, right? After all, you’re not an animal! Here’s a guide that will help you decide which Ariat work boot for men is best for your particular needs.


Best Ariat Work Boots For Men – Mini Guide

What are Ariat boots?

Ariat boots are made by Ariat International, a footwear company located in Union City, California. Founded in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, the company started out as their vision to reform the footwear industry for English and western riders. This vision was to provide ‘advanced athletic shoe technology and construction’ in order to make shoes that provide better fit and high performance, as well as optimized comfort while riding and on the ground.

Since then, Ariat International has developed into a brand that sponsors top teams and riders globally. And when both Ariat mens work boots and Ariat womens work boots are made with professionals in mind, it’s more likely there’s an Ariat work boot for just about everyone.

What features distinguish Ariat boots from other boots?

Because Ariat International’s original vision was to craft boots particularly for those who ride or spend a lot of time outdoors, their boots are constructed with active outdoor lifestyles in mind.

What distinguishes Ariat work boots from other work boots is their dedication to that active lifestyle, and it shows in their sponsorship of various top teams and rider events globally. For example, Ariat is the official footgear supplier to such well-known events and global governing bodies as FEI (Federation Equestrian International), United States Equestrian Foundation (USEF), Washington International Horse Shows, and Central Park Horse Show. But it’s not just equestrian sports of which they are official sponsors.

Ariat also is the official footwear sponsor of such western events as Professional Bull Riding (the PBR) and World Series of Team Roping (WSTR). In other words, Ariat mens and womens work boots are durable and comfortable enough to sponsor a number of global and professional sporting events.

Are Ariat boots waterproof?

Ariat waterproofs most of their boots, but there are some boots listed in this guide that don’t appear to have a waterproof lining but are considered ‘water resistant.’ However, in their FAQ, Ariat does provide instructions on how to enhance the level of water resistance with various waterproofing sprays they recommend. Check the FAQ for more information on their recommendations.

If you’re looking for work boots that are specifically waterproof boots, be sure to check the details Ariat International provides on each boot and also check the customer Q&A, since there’s really no better analysis of the construction and wear of Ariat mens and womens work boots construction than what comes from those who have worn them.

How should I care for my Ariat boots?

Naturally, as with any product, proper care is a best practice in order to get the most for your money. In their FAQ, Ariat provides recommendations on how to care for your both Ariat mens work boots and Ariat womens work boots in order to increase their lifespan. Read through the section on boot care and take special note of their suggestion to test whatever product you use on your boots on a small portion before using it on the entirety of the boot.

They also give links to videos that will teach you how to properly clean their western and English boots. Think of the recommendations that come straight from Ariat International as you would suggestions on caring for your car that come straight from the manufacturer.

Can I return my Ariat mens work boots?

Whether you’re purchasing your Ariat mens work boots or Ariat womens work boots online or in person, it’s always best to learn the seller’s return policy beforehand. This is important when you’re purchasing something you’ll be wearing, especially boots that you’ll need to wear every day for work or even just for leisure. Naturally, they need to fit well and move with you, so be sure to be particularly mindful of answers to these questions: Can I return for cash, or will I receive a credit? Will I have to pay for return shipping? Can sale items be returned?


What features should I look for in Ariat work boots?

When purchasing a pair of the best Ariat work boots for men, it’s important to know the most important features to keep in mind. When reading product details and reviews, pay particular attention to these elements:

Materials used

Some fabrics just wear better than others, and when it comes to work boots, leather often is best. But leather isn’t the only material that can be durable and wearable. Pay attention to the details provided by Ariat International, and always read product reviews in order to get a better idea of how each boot’s fabric wears and lasts.

Water resistance/waterproofing

Work boots, and in this case, the best Ariat work boots for men, should be waterproofed or at least water resistant. It’s probably not a good idea to purchase work boots that don’t have any kind of water resistance, since you’ll likely be wearing them in the outdoors.

For work boots that are water resistant, Ariat provides in their FAQ recommendations on enhancing the water-resistant properties of your boots. And when choosing products to enhance the waterproofing of your boots, it’s a best practice to take the suggestions of the manufacturer on which products to use. After all, they know what products work best on their own creations.


Your Ariat work boots not only need to move with your foot; they also need to be breathable. One of the best ways to learn about a boot’s breathability is to be aware of the lining. Mesh tends to lend breathability to a boot. But don’t take our word for it. Read the product’s reviews carefully to learn what purchasers are saying about how breathable the boot is and whether or not their feet are getting too hot or sweaty inside a particular pair of work boots.

Steel/safety toe

Safety is one of the biggest things to look for in a work boot. Men put their boots through a lot, both on the job and at leisure. Ariat steel toe work boots can be bring a reinforcement that provides extra precautions against heavy items dropping on your foot. As mentioned above, read the product reviews, especially since some reviewers comment that Ariat steel toe work boots may need a little more breaking in. Also, remember that Ariat square toe work boots aren’t necessarily steel toe work boots. So read those product details!


Ariat womens work boots aren’t the only work boots that have style. Because today’s man wants style in his work boots, too, the best Ariat work boots for men come in dozens and dozens of attractive styles. Those listed in this guide are top-rated. That means you’ll likely find a pair that not only fits your active lifestyle but your tastes and style choice as well.

Product details and reviews

Okay, it can’t be repeated enough – read read read! First, when purchasing Ariat mens work boots, be sure to read all the product’s details. The manufacturer provides these because they want you to know exactly what you’re buying. Just as important are the product reviews. Nobody knows how each boot wears better than those who have worn them! And don’t just read the bad reviews; be sure to read through 5-star through 1-star reviews in order to get as thorough a product review as possible before you make a purchase.

Best Ariat Work Boots For Men – Reviewed

Whether you’re looking for Ariat square toe work boots, Ariat lace up work boots, western-style work boots, or any other style from Ariat, you’re likely to find something on our list because all of the products reviewed on here are top-rated Ariat work boots for men.

ARIAT Groundbreaker Work Boot

PROS: The 100% full-grain leather foot, suede upper, and rubber sole make this imported western-style boot both attractive and durable. Ariat touts this one has an ‘extra comfort insole with higher rebound’ for a higher level of comfort. And the ‘Duratread’ outsole helps to give it greater wearability.

CONS: A few reviewers comment that the boots are a little small, so be mindful of reading these reviews and perhaps purchasing a size smaller.




ARIAT Workhog Work Boot

PROS: Another western-style boot, this one is both attractive and colorful because it comes in a number of rich options. 100% leather, Duratread sole, mesh lining, and ‘ATS’ or ‘advanced torque stability technology, give this boot its durable traction and wear.

CONS: A few commenters state seams don’t wear as well as some other Ariat boots.




ARIAT Catalyst VX Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot

PROS: This is a more high-end work boot that’s waterproof and heavy duty. The ‘Waterproof Pro’ construction is touted as having a waterproof full-grain leather foot, and the ‘Cobalt VX technology’ helps with temperature management and gives advanced support.

CONS: Price points can be a little higher than other Ariat boots. Also, a few reviewers comment that the boots are little difficult to put on at first.




ARIAT Intrepid Venttek Composite Toe Work Boot

PROS: This is a great-looking boot that takes western-style to the hilt. Made with 100% leather and synthetic sole, its full-grain leather foot and roomier toe box make it a solid choice for riding and other outdoor activities.

CONS: If you’re sensitive to a steel toe, these Ariat steel toe work boots may not be the option for you, as some reviewers state they can feel the steel toe a little too much.




Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-On Boot

PROS: These well-built, 100% leather imported boots are touted by reviewers as being sturdy with a ‘fit like a glove’ after breaking in. The safety toe is a great feature, and the ‘Duratread’ sole makes for solid wearability.

CONS: These may run a little narrow, so ordering a ½-size smaller can be in order. Again, always check reviewers’ comments as well as seller’s return policy.




ARIAT Terrain Waterproof

PROS: If you’re looking for shorter Ariat lace up work boots, consider these top-rated boots at an affordable price. The moisture wicking lining can help breathability, and the self-cleaning ‘Duratread’ outsole add to the durable wear.

CONS: Though they are waterproof, their short style can allow in more moisture from the top than higher boots.




ARIAT Overdrive 8″ Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot

PROS: Overdrive is a good name for these waterproof Ariat square toe work boots. Their 100% leather and mesh give them long-lasting wear, and their ‘ATS’ advanced torque stability technology with composite shank only add to their durability. As Ariat lace up work boots go, these are certainly attractive and stylish. And, the composite toe on these can stand up to a lot of what Ariat steel toe work boots do.

CONS: These may be a bit narrow and run a little small, so be sure to check seller’s return policy. If you can try them out in a store, that might work well for this pair.




ARIAT Groundbreaker 6″ Work Boot

PROS: These Ariat lace up work boots are touted as having heavy-duty oil and slip-resisting outsoles, so their durability performance is good. And their premium full-grain leather upper and their soft toe give them added comfort and flexibility.

CONS: A few reviewers comment that these don’t wear as well as some other Ariat boots. So, again, check the seller’s return policy.




ARIAT Catalyst VX 8″ Waterproof Metguard Composite Toe Work Boot

PROS: If you’re looking for good lace-up fit without the lace, these may be a good choice for you. The side-zip entry with front Velcro fit adjustment system on these makes them easy to get in and out of for convenience. And their 100% leather and rubber sole make these imported boots a solid choice for men who need high performance.

CONS: Though these are a top-rated performer, a few of the lower-star comments state they’re a little tough to break in.




ARIAT Rambler Leather Sole Western Boot

PROS: These Ariat square toe work boots are an attractive western-style that comes in several designs for optimum options. Their decorative stitching makes them stylish, and their Duratread sole, 100% leather, and ‘ATS’ advanced torque stability technology give them flexibility and maximum wear resistance.

CONS: Several reviewers comment that these run a little small, so you may want to order a half-size or size smaller than your tennis shoe.




Final Thought

If you’re a man who leads an active lifestyle, you need a boot that’s as active as you are. As a man, you know that work boots aren’t necessarily just for work. Because today’s work boots come in so many attractive styles, you can wear work boots for all manner of leisure activities. But whether you’re wearing them for work or pleasure, you still need your boots to last, and you need them to be comfortable.

Because Ariat International is a company whose vision is to craft boots specifically for your active lifestyle, Ariat work boots can be a solid choice for any guy who puts his boots through the ringer, and Ariat is likely to have a boot that will suit your needs.

Whether it’s Ariat square toe work boots, Ariat lace up work boots, Ariat steel toe work boots, western-style or any other style, these top-rated Ariat work boots for men provide a wide range of styles that work right for most guys. For best results, read all product details, and don’t forget to read product reviews before making any purchase.