Best American Made Work Boots Reviews For 2020

Are you in search of stalwart work boots that are only made with premium quality materials? If you are, you are in luck because we thought it right to feature the best American made work boots in this article. All American work boots are tested for quality to ensure that they meet the standards and regulations for consumer satisfaction. They go through a standardized manufacturing process that also utilizes state of the art technology.

The upper part of these boots is mostly leather since it is the toughest material in the industry; it is easy to maintain, waterproof etc. The interior of American work boots is super soft and the insole is padded. The outsole is mostly padded with rubber.

The boots reviewed here are manufactured for durability, implying that they withstand impact, compressions, and other elements that may cause them to wear out fast. They also meet the required safety measures like the ability to improve traction and stability. This is to ensure you are comfortable throughout.

You have a variety of shapes and designs to choose from depending on your taste and preference. We have researched and reviewed the best American work boots for both men and women. But first, let’s check out the tips for picking out these top brands.


Why buy American made boots?

You should buy American made work boots because:

  • They are the most popular across the world since they are well crafted and designed to deliver the finest quality.
  • Most of the manufacturers rely on the best innovations to make the best work boots in the market.
  • To support the home grown businesses as a way of boosting America’s economy.


What types of boots and brands are made in America?

The many types of boots made in America are distinguishable by the material used to construct them. When shopping for American work boots, you will find some made from rubber, cement, nylon, and leather.

The top brands of work boots made in the USA include:

  • Chippewa
  • Thorogood
  • Golden Fox
  • Fusion Max
  • Keen
  • Golden Fox
  • Chukka


Features you want in this type of boot

When shopping for work boots, you need to confirm that it has the features that you need in your workplace such as ensuring your safety and comfort. Some of the features include:

Toe safety

Work boots should protect your toes against injuries and impact because some workstations are characterized by varying dangers. You can go for the steel, aluminum, or composite toes. Your choice will depend on where you work. Composite toes are ideal for places that should be metal-free. They also come in handy in places that are cold or hot because they are non-conductors.

Aluminum toes are perfect for people looking for lightweight footwear that is also protective.

The steel toes are heavy and good conductors of heat and electricity, which makes them perfect for tough work places. The American manufacturers fit them with toes caps to ensure the comfort and safety of your toes.


Metatarsal guards

If you work as a welder or have heavy objects falling around, you should go for work boots fitted with metatarsal guards. These will keep your toes and the upper sides of your feet safe at all times.



The outsole of the boots should be made from a durable material that is also slip-resistant and highly protective. Most American manufacturers opt for Thermo Poly Urethane (TPU) or rubber outsole.

The mid-soles are mostly made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) so it can provide adequate cushioning, flexibility, and stability.



You should also consider how well the work boots are constructed because it influences their performance and durability. American top brands rely on Cement and Goodyear® Welt construction mostly. These manufacturers are coming up with more effective and efficient innovations with the aim of improving the comfort of the boot wearer.



When buying any type of shoes, how well it fits you is an essential factor. You may get a well constructed shoe, but if your feet are too wide or too narrow, you will be uncomfortable in them. When buying leather shoes, you should know that they tend to stretch with time as they conform to your feet. However, shoes with a steel toe will remain tight hence the need to get the correct fit.


Review of the Best American Made Work Boots

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe

These American made work boots for men come with soles that resist electric shock. The heels can also withstand around 18,000 volts so you are safe. This makes the boots ideal for electricians.

They have a polyurethane Maxwear wedge sole that makes them super comfy and stable. The boots themselves are made of premium quality leather, which reflects their durability and value.


These work boots come in 5 different colors to give users a wide variety to choose from.
They feel good and comfortable to the wearer.


Some users argue that they experienced great foot ache as the boots broke in.



Chippewa Men’s Lace-Up Boot

These rugged handcrafted boots are among the most reliable work boots. They are made of leather and come in a Chocolate Apache color. They also feature a Vibram sole that is slip-resistant, longwearing, and lightweight.

The boots are constructed in the Goodyear® Welt innovation for flexibility and durability. They are made with simple fine lines that are complemented by the lug pattern featured in the forepart. The heel is designed to provide traction and stability.


They are constructed with premium quality materials.
The boots are highly reliable even in a crappy weather since they are perfectly crafted.


Some users argue that these boots do not hold up well in snow.



Golden Fox Work Boots 6″ American Heritage

These Moc toe wedge boots are an excellent choice for construction works. They come in a brun color and are unlined yet highly breathable to enhance the comfort of the wearer.

They feature an anti-fatigue insole that is comfortable at all times. The sole is also shock absorbing so you can walk fast, run, or jump in them. The insole is made of polyurethane, which cushions the boots for added support to both your arch and back. This keeps you going for long working hours.


These work boots provide dependable comfort.
They are true to size so fits pretty well.


They are only available in one color.



KEEN Utility Mt Vernon 6″ Men’s Work Boot

These work boots for men are highly reliable for tough work because they are constructed with a steel toe and are waterproof. The safety toe is designed asymmetrically so that your foot can be anatomically positioned for flexibility and comfort.

The boots have a direct-attach PU midsole that is long wearing and stable. The boots further feature a metatomical dual-density EVA foot bed, which ensures that you stay comfy all day long. They have a waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps the boots dry all day.


The safety toe meets the ASTM testing standards.
The toe box is super spacious for comfort.


Some users argue that the plastic heel guard does not push in as desired.



Red Wing Heritage Men’s Work Chukka

These men’s work boots are the ideal option for people going for a rugged yet handsome look. The design is casual so you can wear them to construction and various other occasions.

The outer part is made of leather for durability and so is the insole for comfort. The insole is padded to enhance the support and stability. They come in two sizes with respect to the width. They come in 6 different colors that you can choose from based on your taste and style.


The heel is nonslip for safety on wet grounds.
Once the boots break-in, they become extremely comfortable.


Some users feel that they are not true to size.



Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8″ Non-Safety Toe Boot

Are you in search of electrical hazard resistant footwear? If you are, these Round Toe MAXWear Wedge boots are perfect for you. They have shock-resistant soles and heels that can withstand over 18,000 volts.

They are made of leather and soles of synthetic material. Although the leather may get messy in wet conditions, it tends to dry very fast. They come in two colors: black walnut and tobacco oil-tanned.


They are comfortable right after unpacking so you do not have to wait for the break-in period.
They are true to size.


Some users feel that the work boots should have been waterproof.



Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8″ Work Boots

These work boots for men come with a Moc Toe that provides a safe toe box for the wearer. They are made of superior quality leather, which is tough and easy to maintain. The leather is breathable so your feet are comfortable at all times.

The insoles are made of synthetic material so they can stay comfortable, supportive, and stable.


These work boots are constructed using high quality material and design so they can last.
The boots are stylish.
They are sturdy and up to task.


Some users argue that the boots are not true to size especially if your feet are too wide or too narrow.



Justin Original Work Boots Men’s American Traditionalseel Toed Work Shoe

If you are looking for work boots that will serve you for a long time, you could get yourself this pair whose upper part is made of 100 percent premium leather that lasts. They have a rubber sole that is cushioning for the wearer’s comfort. They further come with a steel shank that provides toe safety and shoe strength.

These boots are lace up so you can adjust them to fit you properly. They are available in a Dark Mountain color, which makes them stylish.


The boots have a steel toe, making them perfect for tough tasks.
They are waterproof, which enhances their durability.


The boots only come in a Dark Mountain color limiting the options to choose from.



KEEN Utility Men’s Braddock Work Boots

For people looking for all leather work boots, these KEEN boots could be it. They come with asymmetrical steel toe that is a reliable and effective safety measure for rough tasks. These boots are designed with a nubuck waterproof leather on the upper side so they can resist wear longer. They also come with a dual-density EVA foot-bed that makes the lightweight.

The sole is both slip and oil resistant. The cushioning featured is longwearing and the toe box is spacious for comfort. Some parts of the upper side are made of textile, which makes the boots breathable.


The boots have mid-silhouette for ankle support and flexibility.
The waterproof membrane makes them ideal for severe weather conditions.


Some users feel that these work boots are a little too bulky.



Men’s & Women’s Fusion Max 8″ inch Tactical Desert Tan CM8994 Military Tactical Work Boots

These American made work boots are a great choice for tactical works. They feature a soft toe area so you are comfortable and your toes remain flexibility for ease of movement. The upper side is made of two tough materials: suede leather and cordura.

The nylon mesh lining will wick away all the moisture if you have sweaty feet. The polyurethane cushion is removable for ease of washing. They have a gel heel pad that is complimented by a shock eliminator heel cushion.


These boots are tough and they can take any tasks thrown their way.


If the upper side stains, it may be a bit hard to clean.



Before buying work boots, it is important that you do enough research to know the options available in the market. We recommend that you shop in the afternoon when your feet are in their largest. This will ensure that the work boots you acquire will always be comfortable. If you intend to wear them with socks, you should bring a pair or buy one so that you are certain about the fit.